15 Best Houston Road Trips: Weekend Getaways & Day Trips

It’s true to say that the last year has had its challenges, and most people have missed the freedom of travelling and enjoying breaks away from everyday life. With restrictions being lifted, many are planning road trips and holidays to make up for lost time.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the sunny south or are planning a visit, Houston has a plethora of sights to see and places to go.

Famous for its part in sending the first man to the moon, Houston is steeped in culture. AS the fourth-largest city in the USA, Houston boasts fantastic weather along with awesome beaches and a diverse population.

If heading off for some adventures read on to discover some trips  you can make in or near Houston

Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston science museum is a great place to visit for the day. There are loads to see and it attracts millions of visits each year. If the kids are into dinosaurs or wildlife, the museum has it all. The website has plenty of information about what to see and the best time of the day to visit. You’ll need to allow at least two hours to see everything, and they have great facilities for refreshments.

Green Acres Texas

If you’re meandering your way over to Texas, then be sure to stop over at Green Acres. A wonderful place to spend some quality time with friends and family, this park has everything you need for a relaxing getaway.

If you’re craving some time spent in nature surrounded by trees and mountains, Green Acres is the place to be. It has a unique selection of accommodation such as yurts, lodges and vintage vans.  Amenities include private fire pits for cozy nights and the odd roast marshmallow. For the sociable, there is a community barn with space to dine with others.

There’s a wealth of activities to fill the day such as woodland walks, outdoor games and cute donkeys to befriend. So wherever you’re heading, stopping off at Green Acres en route will make a wonderful addition to a great road trip.

Small Hill Country 

For those that like to move off the beaten track, travelling around the countryside of Texas is well worth a trip. With fewer visitors, you can find some hidden gems. There’s the option to start from San Antonio or Austin and then head over to Texas Hill Country Wineries. Wine enthusiasts will enjoy a trip around the vineyard and can sample the unique grape combinations that make them so popular.

If you’re planning on stopping over nearby, there is a great selection of local B&B and lodges that provide some creature comforts and offer a home from home feel.

After a relaxing night of fine wine and peaceful slumber, continue your trip and head over to Jacobs’ Well located in Wimberley. Jacob’s Well is a submerged large cave which is known as the headwaters of Cypress Creek.

It’s amazing to watch the well from the top and how bubbles rise to the surface of the water. For the brave thrill seekers, jumping off the boulder into the cave is a cool thing to do and tick off your bucket list.

Be sure to book a swimming session in advance, as it’s very popular in the high season. Bear in mind there are no facilities as the site is a natural, undisturbed area.


You can’t live in Houston without visiting the famous island of Galveston, if only to put a name to the song. If you’re on a road trip you can leave the car at Bolivar and jump on the ferry, alternatively you can fly from Houston airport.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Galveston, Moody Gardens ihasan all-inclusive option that’s fun for all the family. The kids will love the Aquarium that is home to a diverse collection of marine life. They offer up close and personal animal encounters, including penguins and River Otters. You can even immerse yourself in all things ocean related by heading to the 3 & 4 D theaters, get the popcorn out!

For moms and dads, the spa and golf facilities provide some much-needed downtime. There are a variety of packages that include couples massage, hydrotherapy baths and full body exfoliation. The golf course offers a large practice range, clubhouse, and shop.

For a fun family activity, take a day cruise around the island and view Galveston in its entirety. You can add a twilight cruise with dinner to celebrate a special occasion.

Another popular attraction ideal for cooling down from the Texan sun is Schlitterbahan a fantastic waterpark with slides, rivers, and water coasters. There’s an area for smaller children and thrilling rides for the older ones.

Holocaust Museum 

The HM is well worth a visit and plays an important role in developing an understanding of the cultural issues surrounding the area. A trip to the museum will help build an appreciation for all that victims of the Holocaust went through and provides an education to young and old alike about the atrocities of war.

The HM is the fourth-largest Holocaust museum and contains galleries, classrooms, and a library. In addition, it contains indoor and outdoor theaters and more than 50 screens with interactive terminals. It’s an important place to visit, either for a day or as part of a road trip around Houston.

Cascades Caverns 

When travelling from Houston be sure to swing by the Cascade Caverns. Guided tours around this area of natural beauty are recommended, and you’ll discover beautiful elements of nature.

If you’re on a road trip and camping, there’s the option to stay on the location of these beautiful caves and fully immerse yourself in the experience over a few days. Camping prices are cheap with great facilities such as grills, laundry, and free Wi-Fi. If you’re travelling with dogs, they provide a large area specifically for your canine friend.

A popular activity at the Caverns is the Adventure Tour, where you explore the inner depths of the caves over 3-4 hours. However, there are some restrictions and all people must be fit, not afraid of enclosed spaces and strong swimmers.

The caves are steeped in history, and it’s worth reading information on their website about the history of the land and the families that owned it.

Caddo Lake State Park 

Caddo Lake located in the East of Texas Is a popular spot for those seeking some relaxation and time with nature. There are 46 campsites with lots of options for campers with tents, caravans, or RVs.

Caddos Lake covers 26,810 acres and consists of gentle bayous, backwaters and wetlands.  And is the perfect spot for nautical activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Watch out for the Alligators, though; a prime spot for our sharp toothed friends! In fact, it’s home to a diverse range of wildlife and provides habitats for thousands of plants and animals.

Children’s Museum Houston 

For a child focused treat for the kids, check out the Children’s museum. Chock-full of fun activities and things to see, it’ll keep the kids entertained for hours.

For smaller children, there is a soft play area, and a very cool city of kids. Children can fuel their imagination and choose where they would like to work using some role play and interactive experiences.

There are hands-on activities for older children such as secret spy games, perfect for inspiring little minds whilst having fun.

Nasar Space Center, Houston

For a fascinating day trip for all the family, head over to the space center. For science and space enthusiasts, this is the perfect way to answer all those fundamental questions such as when will we visit Mars? How does gravity work ? Is there life on other planets? Ok, so not all questions will be answered.

The center is full of interesting facts and galleries. Explore the space suits that enable men to walk on the moon. Learn about the amazing engineering behind spaceships. Find out about projects currently on the go and watch live presentations of all the work being undertaken at the International Space Station, mind-boggling stuff!

Lost Maples State Natural Area

If you choose to head off on a road trip during the fall, you won’t be disappointed. Autumn is a wonderful season and Lost maples is a spectacular place to visit. There are miles of trails to follow, and you can observe the beautiful changing colors in the surrounding areas.

You can camp locally at a reasonable price with all the usual facilities and equipment available. At night, you can join a star party and watch the stars through giant telescopes, a fun evening indeed!

The best time to visit is October – November, where you can see the big Maple trees in all their glory. The park is also home to a large selection of birds and wildlife that can be spotted by the beady eyed. A wonderful, relaxing retreat from daily life.

Cypress Valley 

For a unique and special weekend getaway, Cypress Valley offers a rare treat. The accommodation is set deep in the trees and provides a wonderful, unique way to spend the night. The treehouses offer the feeling of being fully immersed in nature. Glorious!

During the day, there’s plenty to keep you busy. For the thrill seekers, book a Canopy session. Zip through the aged Cypress trees, 100 feet (ca. 30 m) high, and enjoy the freedom of flying through the air.

If that’s not enough, you can head on a Canopy Tour where local guides will teach you all about the local area whilst providing a bird’s eye perspective. The tour includes zip lines, sky bridges and rappels.

An adventurous experience for sure, it’s great for facing fear of heights and taking in the beauty of the trees.

For those more inclined towards gentler activities, head out to Cypress Valley’s small lake for a cold water swim and have fun with the nice gentle rope swing. There’s also a lakeside pool for floating around relaxing  away the day with a book. Then head off for a nap in a hammock, what’s not to love?


A wonderful little city to visit during any road trip, Fredericksburg has much to offer. Known for its German heritage, it’s ideal if shopping is on the itinerary. Fredericksburg has a diverse array of shops including fashion, antiques, art, and gifts. You’ll find many unusual shops and could easily spend a day wandering around and chilling in the cafés. They also have an amazing selection of restaurants to suit any tastes, and the wineries are worth a visit to. Depending on the time of year, you will also see festivals and markets, as well as live music and a buzzing nightlife.

Mayan Dude Ranch

For the cowboys and cowgirls, how could you resist a trip to Mayan Dude Ranch. Start the day with a huge cowboy breakfast and spend the day meandering through the countryside with the glorious resident horses. Lunchtime is usually spent by the pool, making new friends and listening to good ole country music. If you’ve got the energy you can even play some sports on location such as basketball, volleyball or ping pong.

Evenings are spent listening to bands and county dancing. They put on various entertainment throughout the year that includes lots of music, dancing and laughing!


If your road trip takes you quite far out of town, then be sure to visit Marfa. It’s a fair old trek, but a favorite destination for those that enjoy the journey. As a remote little town, the pace of life is slow and relaxed and is the epitome of an old-fashioned American town.

Surrounded by desert and mountains, it’s home to a mere 2000 residents.

If you visit during the famous Marfa light festival, you’re in for a treat. This little town has been home to a rare phenomenon where red, blue and white lights seem to dance on the horizon with seemingly no source. Each year in September, the people of Marfa come together to celebrate their unique town with a few days of great food, fun, entertainment and good company.

Rancho Pillow 

If you’re planning a special get away with a group of friends or family, Rancho Pillow is a dream come true. Located in southeast Texas amongst farms and ranches, it offers a unique blend of artistic brilliance and side open spaces.

Book one of the unique accomodations with everything needed for a fantastic break. There’s a wonderful heated saltwater pool and several outdoor games are available. A huge firepit is ideal for nights around the fire, spending quality time with loved ones. They even have a poetry library in the barn for the creative visitors.