Month: January 2019


Orlando Vacation Tips For Seniors

Orlando is best known for Walt Disney World, and this is why it’s such a popular vacation destination for families. Perhaps you’ve been there before, but now that you’re a senior, it’s been quite a while since you’ve visited. You’d like to return for a fun, exciting holiday vacation, but […]


New Bombay Royale

Have you tried Indian food? I really do, although I must admit I don’t eat it enough here in Southeast Asia. While you may find Indian food or Indian-inspired dishes in places like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, it’s not popular at all here in the Philippines, where I’m living. Quite […]

Air Travel

Jet Lag

I fly a lot; a ridiculous amount for someone who isn’t a business traveler. In fact, last year, I made 64 separate flights, although one of them was a hot air balloon and another, a helicopter. But the point is that living in the Philippines in Asia, I take advantage […]


Google Fi

Travelers. Adventurers. Expats. Wanderers. Digital nomads. As much as we’d like to think that we are a form of the new evolved mankind, refusing to be boxed in by any government, border, or the antiquated notion that one and only one place on earth is where we belong, we are […]