3 Hubs for Country Music Lovers

If you love country music, maybe you have a dream of visiting all the places strongly associated with the genre. The cities associated most strongly with country music have such strong ties to the genre and such rich histories filled with the music, singers, and musicians who created it.

If you are creating a grand tour of country music hubs or even plan to possibly move to one in the future, there are several cities you should be aware of. Put these cities on your agenda and enjoy a road trip to these outstanding country music hubs:

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is the home of the Grand Ole Opry, as well as the Ryman Auditorium (building that formerly housed the Grand Ole Opry). Many country music legends had their starts in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry. Nashville also has the Country Music Hall of Fame, making it a huge hub for country music. 


Country music lovers come here to see the Grand Ole Opry show and take in all this country music hot spot has to offer. The Johnny Cash Museum is also located in Nashville. If you love country music, put Nashville on your list, see if you can get tickets to the Grand Ole Opry, and visit a honky tonk in the city. If you decide that you like the city so much that you want to stay, there are plenty of Nashville houses for sale

Austin, Texas

Austin is known for its many music festivals. Plan a trip to Austin to attend South by Southwest or Luck Reunion, which is hosted by Willie Nelson, a true “outlaw.” Austin also has plenty of venues for live country music.

So if you like the “outlaw” vibe, plus music festivals and live music in general, Austin would make another great stop on your tour of country music hubs. Even if you can’t make it specifically for a festival like Austin City Limits, there are plenty of other small venues to catch some live country music in the city.

Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri is widely known for its live performances, including country music. In fact, Branson is so well known for performances that it has earned the nickname “Live Entertainment Capital of the World.” If you want to take in one of these legendary performances, be sure to check out a show at the Grand Country Music Hall in Branson.

Aside from country music, Branson is also known for its natural beauty, various outdoor recreational activities, and location in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. So if you love country music and the outdoors, Branson would be an amazing city to add to your list of country music hubs to visit. 

If you love country music, be sure to visit Nashville, Austin, and Branson. These cities are filled with music and history and would welcome country music lovers to their various live performance venues, museums, and festivals. Plan a trip to hit all these country music hubs, and you might just find one that you want to plant roots in.

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