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5 More Travel Tips From The AllWorld Travel Pros

5 More travel tips from the AllWorld travel prosAt, we LOVE travelers! And there’s no better way to support you backpackers, adventurers, intrepid wanderers, and luxury vacationers than by giving you helpful tips. In fact, in this ongoing series, our staff of travel pros and experts will offer their best travel hacks to save you money, save you time, and make sure you have the best trip of your life. In part one, we covered our first 7 AllWorld travel tips, and today, here are 5 more.

1. If you’re unable to leave the airport or it’s just not practical, go to the swanky airline lounges and just pay for a day pass. It may not be cheap, but you’ll probably get great free Wi-Fi, drinks or even a buffet, have comfy chairs, and can even catch some ZZZs. Since you’re paying for the day, remember that you’re not necessarily restricted to the airline lounge for your flight that day. Look at all of your frequent flyer memberships and search online beforehand to investigate which one is nicest and will accept walk-ins. They may even throw you some special treatment or discounts if you contact them online beforehand and tell them you’re coming!

2. Speaking of layovers, maybe your flight has a layover in a really cool city that you’ve always wanted to visit, but it’s too short to leave the airport and explore (or you can because of visas, immigration, checked baggage, etc.) There’s a great trick that AllPro travelers frequently use to basically extend their trip or vacation, adding a wonderful new destination without paying a dollar more for airfare!

3.  Do a search for flights to your final destination like usual, but pay particular attention to the city where you’ll stop for a layover and the airline. Once you’ve narrowed down the right flight with an ideal layover destination, simply call that airline and ask them if you can book the flight, but with a two or three-day layover (or whatever) instead of just a few hours as listed on the online search. Airlines actually usually don’t mind doing this – even at no extra charge – and I’ve known travelers who stay in their temporary stop for almost a month before flying on!

4. Call your credit cards before you leave for two reasons. First off, ask them if there are any special perks if you use your card to book airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, or other travel arrangements. Many times, you can score double frequent flier miles or other promotions. Just as important, many credit cards offer a modicum of protection if you use them to pay, like travel insurance, lost baggage reimbursement, priority re-booking for canceled flights, etc.

*****The second reason you should contact your credit card -and all of your banks – is to get it on record that you’ll be overseas (if that’s the case). Unless you call and they make a note on your account that you’re abroad, your cards very well could be denied – or even canceled – when you first try to use them at the ATM or point of purchase. Credit card fraud is a HUGE problem around the world, and your bank or credit card company is just looking out for you when they raise a red flag and suspend your account for suspicion that it’s been compromised by international ID thieves.

5. While we’re on the topic of finances, it’s a great idea to have some “walking around” money in the currencies of the countries you’ll be setting foot on, even if it’s just a quick layover. You never know when you want to buy water, some food, or other sundries, without the inconvenience of finding a money change, standing in line, and getting smoked on currency conversion rates. So, before you leave your home country, just go into your bank and exchange $100 or so to these other currencies. It’s safe, convenient, and the rate will be better.

Don’t worry – we have far more travel tips coming your way! Bon voyage!

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