7 Reasons To Explore Australia With A River Cruise

Australian River Cruise

Australia is one of the best places to visit globally because it combines natural attractions and gorgeous cityscapes. Still, you might want to enjoy the nature side and the city side of this country separately.

There are different approaches you could take to do this, especially if you want an exciting ride on the wild side. One of the best ways to start exploring the Land Down Under is to get on a river cruise, like the ones you could see on This form of sightseeing is prevalent for the reasons below.

1. It’s A Great Way to See Nature 

First off, Australia’s geography and environment are impressive marvels of nature. The landscapes are breathtaking, but the country’s flora and fauna are also marvelous. Some of these plants, insects, and animals can only be seen in Australia. You could get the chance to see some of these creatures while you go ashore at specific points.

2. It’s A Unique Experience 

When it comes to visiting a different country, there are more conventional ways to do it. And the problem with this is that it can get boring, and you might be wondering if there’s another way to explore Australia more uniquely.

Unlike riding a tour bus and walking around, cruising is such a novel idea. If you haven’t gotten on a cruise ship before, starting with a river cruise would be a great introduction. And because the ships are smaller, they can maneuver better in smaller bodies of water, such as rivers.

3. It’s Calming and Less Tiring 

In comparison to regular touring, getting on a river cruise is so much more calming. Being on the water can be a serene experience. Plus, you don’t have to get sweaty and dirty all the time from walking around.

This is perfect if you’re not the type to go on hikes or if you’re not able to walk around too much. You might even be surprised at how gorgeous the sunsets can be when you’re on a river cruise. Instead of ending each day tired in an inn or hotel, you could enjoy it lounging about onboard.

River Cruise

4. It’s Convenient and Flexible 

The next thing you’ll be surprised to know about river cruises is that they’re convenient and flexible. All kinds of amenities are provided, and trained crew provide the best care and services to the passengers.

In terms of the tour packages and the planning, you also get some flexibility. There are private excursions if you want to travel to Australia with a separate group. Moreover, there are also different packages so you could choose to stay for only a few nights, or longer. So, whether you’re a backpacker or a solid cruiser, there’s a type of river cruise experience just for you.

5. Accredited Cruises Are Safe 

Many are worried about the safety of river cruises because they are smaller than cruise ships that go out to sea. However, as long as they are accredited river cruises, you could rest easy. They go through strict safety precautions. Even the crew is trained for any mishaps that could happen. The passengers are also given a short training on some safety measures and drills just in case.

6. You Could Get Cheaper Prices 

If you aren’t convinced yet, then lower prices might finally be the one to change your mind. Looking online for cheaper deals is now easier because everything can be searched at a click of a button.

You could also keep your eyes peeled for last-minute tour packages because these are some of the most affordable prices you could get. In general, you could get notifications for any future promo deals so you won’t’ miss out on chances to save your coin.

7. They’re Pre-Planned Tours 

Planning tours on your own can be a pain in the neck. If you’re going on holiday, you don’t want the extra stress of managing your schedule. To avoid this, a pre-planned tour will do the trick. They’ll have everything planned out for the passengers, including meals and the spots for sightseeing. So, you won’t have to think about what to do in an entire day. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and take in the gorgeous Australian landscape.


There are tons of reasons for you to justify going on a river tour. But when it comes to Australia, it’s much more apparent. It allows you to see the country through a different and unique experience. Besides, who doesn’t want a convenient and relaxing vacation? Nonetheless, the best reason to get on a river cruise in Australia is simply that it’s fun.

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