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Venue Hotel For years, I stayed at the Best Western hotel every time I was in Manila, which I talk about here. Passing through for a few days at a time, the location of the hotel in Makati and the gym and other amenities (as well as the price) won me over. But there was a second Best Western hotel not far off – only a few blocks walk. The Best Western Antel was definitely a step up, as it had a high-end look from the outside and was smack dab in the middle of a thriving mall and entertainment complex.

I always wanted to stay there, but the price and my comfort level with the other Best Western always saw me booking there first.

Well, a year or so ago, the Best Western Antel changed its name to the A Venue Hotel, and I also decided to try something new, so I’m staying with them during this visit to Manila.

I’m happy to report that three days into it, they haven’t disappointed. I arrived around 5 pm after a hellacious travel day from Thailand, and the clerk checking me in took pity on me and upgraded me to a one-room suite for free. Boom!

My Review of the A Venue Hotel in Manila

Up to the ninth floor, I was impressed at the set up of my suite. While it wasn’t big, it was modern, spotless, and well designed like a mini apartment, complete with kitchenette and flat screen TVs in the living room and the bedroom. The bed was also one of the most comfortable ones I’ve ever been on in Asia, and I slept like a baby my first night!

They also have breakfast available of course, but I chose not to pay the $8 or so and go get breakfast at the many restaurants and shops right outside. But there isn’t much open early in the morning so I actually will get the breakfast next time.

The hotel also has a nice swimming pool and hot tub area to catch some morning and afternoon sun, and I was pleased to discover that there’s a gym, too. The gym isn’t anything fancy at all but there are dumbbells up to 25 kg and a flat bench, a lat pull down machine that’s functional, and plenty of floor space if you want to do plyometrics or other exercises. They also have a few treadmills and an exercise bike, although they look a little old.

The best part of this hotel is the location, as I mentioned. The Century City Mall is a small but high-end shopping complex right on the back side of this same lot, and there’s even a Trump Tower there! There are also plenty of bars and restaurants in the two-story plaza around the hotel, and I recently told you about one of my favorites, The Cabin. It’s also super convenient that there’s a supermarket right across the street from my hotel so I can buy water, fruit, and beer, but I did find that the hotel’s restaurant room service is good and surprisingly affordable.

Even better, there’s a big night market in the parking lot right outside the hotel so you can try local food, browse around stalls and shops, and hear a local band playing every night!

The A Venue hotel is well worth the price and will become my new home away from home in Manila.

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