15 Amazing Things To Do In Idaho Falls During Your Vacation

If you’re looking to pay a visit to a city that is going to provide you with plenty of attractions and things to do, then a visit to Idaho Falls should definitely be on your radar.

When it comes to some of the more popular cities in the US, it’s very rare that Idaho Falls gets mentioned, when in reality, it’s easily one of the best places to visit.

So, to find out what you can do during your vacation to Idaho Falls, then here are our 15 recommendations for you to enjoy!

1. Idaho Falls Zoo

A visit to the zoo in Idaho Falls is an absolute must for anyone visiting the city, especially since this zoo is widely considered to be one of the best in the country, so what better way to get back in touch with nature than witnessing some of the most incredible wildlife and animal species in the world.

With animals from Africa, Australia, and Asia, then you definitely won’t be disappointed by the wide variety of animals on display here, and there are also a number of seasonal events put on throughout the year, so it’s always worth checking out the zoo’s schedule to see what’s going on!

2. Japanese Pavilion

Whether you’re a fan specifically of Japanese architecture, or simply architecture in general, the Japanese Pavilion located in Idaho Falls is a great way to transport yourself to Asia, and was created as a way of celebrating the link between Idaho Falls and its Japanese sister city Tokai-Mura.

Walks through the Japanese Pavilion are definitely recommended if you’re near the Snake River, as the Japanese Pavilion sits on an island in the middle, allowing you to take in the incredible structures, neat foliage, and amazing views of the surrounding natural environment.

3. Art Museum Of Eastern Idaho

Whether you’re taking a walk down the Idaho Falls river walk, or you’re an art lover looking for a great museum to explore during your time on vacation, then the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho is an absolute must and is deserving of attention from all generations of art lovers who are in the area.

With five different galleries, as well as a place for young children to express their creativity in the form of art, the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho is perfect for visitors of all ages, and will make for a wholesome place to visit during your time in Idaho Falls.

4. Yellowstone National Park

Although it isn’t in the city limits, you can reach Yellowstone National Park in under 2 hours from the city by driving, and although this might seem slightly strenuous, there is no doubt that Yellowstone National Park is easily one of the most impressive places to visit.

Whether you want to look at the amazing Old Faithful Geyser, or some of the spectacular wildlife that calls this national park home, then a visit to Yellowstone National Park is definitely worth the effort!

5. Harvest Fest

Although it’s often a sad feeling having to wave goodbye to Summer, what better way to do it than attending the popular Harvest Fest that takes place in Idaho Falls every fall time.

This event is not just an event for locals, as plenty of tourists make the trip to the city for this event specifically, and it creates an incredible sense of community and togetherness.

So while a trip to Idaho Falls is a great idea any time of the year, there’s no doubt that a visit in September is especially good!

6. Bank Of Idaho River Concert Series

If you’re around Snake River, and are looking for things to see or do, then why not check out the Idaho River Concert Series?

These concerts run all summer long, and are completely free too, which makes it one of the best things you can do in Idaho for free.

It makes for the perfect scene as the sun begins to set and the bands play to a crowd who are perfectly matching the vibe.

It’s almost hard to believe that these concerts are free, and they usually happen every Tuesday at 7pm!

7. First Thursday Gallery Walk

If you’re looking for other great free activities to do during your time in Idaho Falls, and you’re a particularly big fan of galleries, then a great way to see as many of them possible is to join in with the First Thursday Gallery Walk, this takes place over a 3 hour period, and is a great way to explore the incredible Art Scene in Idaho.With venues such as Eagle Rock Gallery, Artsy Aussie Gallery, and ARTitorium on Broadway, it’s hard to not find something that you love here, and each of these venues provide such a distinctively unique experience too.

8. Civic Center For Performing Arts

This venue has been at the heart of Idaho’s culture and arts scene for over 65s, so it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking to watch a show during your time in Idaho Falls, and no matter what you happen to see, the venue itself is an attraction in itself.

Aside from ballet performances and symphony orchestras, legends such as Johnny Cash and Louis Armstrong have performed here, so it’s definitely considered legendary!

9. East Idaho Aquarium

Looking for an attraction that is fun for all the family and still serves as an educational trip, then a visit to East Idaho Aquarium is a great way to get up close and personal with some of the ocean’s most incredible animals, all while learning more about their habitat and history.

There are even some petting and feeding experiences, which will make the trip extra special for your children, so definitely add it to your list of things to do in Idaho Falls!

10. Idaho Brewing Company

Something for the adults now, Idaho has also become captured by the craze of craft beer that has swept across the country, and if you’re an enjoyer of good craft beer, then a visit to Idaho Brewing Company is a great way to sample what they have to offer.

A visit to their tasting room is a great way to spend a summer’s afternoon or evening, and they even provide tours of the brewery to show you how it’s made too.

So if you’re a beer lover, you know what you need to do!

11. Collectors Corner Museum

Opening in 2003, the items featured throughout the museum tend to predate, and is the perfect place to visit for any hobbyist or collector, or just for someone who’s looking for a trip back in time to their childhood!

Complete with old PEZ dispensers, vintage coins, and plenty of stuffed animals and dolls, this museum is most certainly a reminder of the past.

The owners are always more than happy to talk about the history of the items too, which makes for a great educational experience.

12. Becker Pond Fishing

Looking for the best spot for fishing in Idaho Falls? Then it doesn’t get better than Becker Pond, which makes for the perfect place to visit for family and friends to relax and reel in some great catches.

Ryder Park can also help with providing you with all of the great that you’ll need, so just enjoy the moment and take in the incredible natural beauty of the surrounding area.

13. Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas

Horseback riding is fun, but have you ever thought about trying riding on the back of a Llama? No? We thought not!

This is a super unique experience and is an amazing way to form unique memories with your family or friends during your vacation in Idaho Falls.

You first meet the Llamas at a ranch before you ride them so you can get to know your new furry companions a little better, and once they trust you, you can savor the journey!

14. Villa Coffeehouse And Cafe

Whilst Idaho Falls is certainly a great tourist destination, some of the fun to be had here involves acting like one of the locals.

A visit to Villa Coffeehouse and Cafe is certainly a local experience in Idaho Falls, and is a great way to know the local people better.

Plus all of the delicious food and drink here is certainly worth trying out too!

15. Reed’s Dairy

Another place to visit for a great tasting treat is Reed’s Dairy, and with 60-plus years in the business, it’s safe to say that this local dairy farm knows precisely what it’s doing.

Serving the purest milk and plenty of delicious ice cream, this agricultural attraction is the perfect educational trip for the whole family, with the promise of some amazing sweet treats at the end too!


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this guide, and hopefully your vacation to Idaho Falls is a good one, enjoy!