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Amazon Condo Complex, Jomtien

Amazon condo complex, JomtienI’ve been to Jomtien, Thailand a half-dozen times since to of my best friends in the world live there. It’s a fantastic place to visit for several reasons, one of which is the fact that Jomtien is a neighboring community to Pattaya, which is like the red-light Las Vegas of Thailand. But, despite all of the craziness and partying in Pattaya only 15 minutes away, Jomtien remains a sleepy beach community at heart, with a perfect mix of local Thais and their families, tourists, and foreign expats and retirees who live here. But Jomtien is also growing rapidly, and the vast coastline is getting filled in with massive new condo complexes. Increased traffic aside, that’s ok, because there is still plenty of room to spread out here, and it gives rise to unbelievable deals like I found at the Amazon Residences complex, where I’m staying this time.

Staying at the Amazon Condos

I actually had no hand in booking it, since my U.S. buddy who lives here now (retired from the police force in New York), booked it for me on Airbnb. I usually stay at one of his condos, as he owns two at Parklane and a nearby complex. But, this time when I was coming to Jomtien, his spare condo is rented, so he made arrangements for me to stay at Amazon.

I hate to tell him, but I never want to leave or go back to his condo, because this place is incredible! The major attraction, of course, is the pool in the common area. But even calling it a pool pales in comparison. It actually looks like a whole swim park, with about ten sub-pools, separated waterways, hidden grottos, man-made (with cement) beach areas, kiddie pools, etc. – all connected. There are man-made giant rock formations everywhere, including caves and areas that act as shade structures. Whoever made this pool had some serious chops.

They even have a massive waterfall that runs off of one of the bigger rock formations, and a long slide going from the top into the pool for kids to use! But far from a plastic and impersonal aquatic center, they managed to make it all look organic, with incredible palm trees, plantings and flowers throughout, and an organic wooden bridge connecting it all. The bridge leads from the front to the back, which is about as long as three football fields! It’s set up so the bridges and walkways that connect the front to the back aren’t linear, but winding and mazing in twists and turns so it’s really an adventure to get through.

They also have a gorgeous gym and fitness center on the third floor, directly looking out to the pool with floor to ceiling glass. My room is on the 5th floor of the 4th building (the place is massive, and there must be 750 units!), and has a pool view from a small balcony like every unit enjoys. The room is big enough for a couple or small family and ultra modern and practical.

The only drawback is that the restaurant, which offers amazing Thailand western food morning to night at the condo in Parklane, is pretty nondescript here. It’s run by a Russian dude, so the hours are really limited; the food, plain; the service cold as ice; and the ambiance nonexistent. But that’s ok, because I can walk 15 minutes to some great little local restaurants, and its still a fantastic place to stay – all for less than $30 a night!  Not bad for a travel blogger on a budget!

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