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The Best Western Oxford Suites in Makati, Manila, the Philippines

The Best Western Oxford Suites in Makati, Manila, the Philippines. That’s quite a long name for one single hotel, but this place is always my first option for hotels whenever I’m in Manila. For good reason, I try to make sure I’m in Manila as little as possible – usually just passing through on international flights or special occasions. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I find the immense capital city (about 25 million people – so big that they split it up into separate cities but it’s really all still Manila) to be crowded, chokingly polluted, a little dangerous, and pretty expensive these days. But the Best Western is like my home away from home when I have to stay there.

Review of the Best Western Oxford Suites

The Best Western Oxford Suits is in Makati, which is the international business district of the city – a high-end consortium of offices, malls, shops, restaurants, bars, and stores. Blink sometimes, and you’ll think you’re in South Florida. The hotels can get expensive there, too, with $100 USD a night not even guaranteeing a 4 or 5-star luxury experience. But I usually find my favorite Best Western for about half that price on the travel websites (and then add taxes, fees, etc.)

Even at that reasonable price for staying in the heart of Makati, it’s well worth it. Other hotels can be consistent in what they offer here in the Philippines, but with the Best Western you get all of the cleanliness, modernization, and high standards of the international hotel chain. The rooms are spacious considering how expensive real estate is in Makati, the beds are firm and comfortable, and even the attached restaurant is fine for a room service snack or dinner down in their dining area by the lobby. (Ask what specials they have because those are usually the best value and really good.)

Getting the breakfast buffet at the hotel is a little bit expensive, and it’s just your standard fare with no bells or whistles. But it still may be worth it if you consider that many of the restaurants around the Best Western charge high tourist prices, too, and it’s not always so fun to walk around the streets there.

Speaking of which, I’d be remiss to mention something that can be a positive or negative depending on the person: the Best Western Oxford is located on Burgos Street, in the center of what used to be the red light district in Makati. I guess it still is at night, with a few establishments of ill repute on that street and hordes of women offering massages and probably more on the streets at night. But there are plenty of normal bars and restaurants too, and it’s in walking distance to a cool mall with even more entertainment.

In fact, I keep mentioning the “Oxford” because there used to be two Best Westerns in this neighborhood – one right in that mall complex. The Best Western Andotel (I think it was called) was an upgrade from the Oxford Suites and priced accordingly, but I always preferred this one. Others did too, I guess because the more expensive Best Western was acquired and renamed.

Strangely enough, when I’m up in Manila I just usually stay in the hotel to get a lot of work done, walking around a little during the day but staying in at night. (Their windows must be sound proof because I don’t hear too much of the music and racked at night). That’s why I appreciate that they also have a small but very decent gym inside the hotel, with all of the dumbbells you’ll need, a few nautilus machines, an exercise bike and a treadmill. They also have a spa area (never used them) in the hotel.

Even with the convenient location (not too far as the crow flies from the airport, although it can take a long time to drive anywhere in Manila because of the traffic), nice rooms, gym, and other amenities, I find the staff at the Best Western to be their greatest asset. Like I said, I’ve been coming here for years one and two days at a time, and by now they always seem to remember me, chat warmly, and even help me out with travel arrangements or special accommodations (like when I’m arriving at 3 am after an international flight!).

The Best Western Oxford Suites in Makati, Manila, the Philippines has my business as long as they want it – and they keep offering that good price for a great value.

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