Many of us want to make our lives as easy as possible when we are planning a trip. Not only do we want to find low-cost airfare and hotel accommodations, we also want to make it simpler than ever to get low-cost rental cars, airport taxi accommodations, and even restaurant reservations.

When you visit a typical travel site, you are not going to be able to take advantage of all the options mentioned above. On the contrary, you may find a site that will help you find low-cost hotel accommodations and nothing more, like Or you may be able to find a travel site that only deals with getting you the best price on low-cost airfare. But if you want to get everything all under one roof, you’ll have a much harder time finding that unless you know where to look.

That’s where comes into the picture. You see, this website is owned by Booking Holdings, which is the current name of the former Priceline Group. Not only do they own this very successful travel website, they also own,, and So, as you can imagine, this big league player knows a thing or two about the travel industry and they can definitely help you get low-cost accommodations anywhere around the world.

As far as is concerned, many people really enjoy using this website because it helps you find a package deal for all of your travel related expenses and needs, which will certainly help you save money over the long run. Plus there’s the convenience factor by being able to rent hotel rooms, book flights, and get airport taxi and restaurant reservations all at the same time.

If you aren’t thoroughly convinced that is the right website for you, we’d like to try to persuade you to think differently. So we’re going to take time to provide a full review of this website below. When we’re through, you can determine if this is the right travel reservation and services website for you or not.

What’s Great About

As you are about to see, many people really appreciate and like using for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most popular reasons for taking care of your travel related services on this website include the following:

  • you can book reservations with airport taxi services
  • you can secure restaurant reservations with ease
  • you can make hotel reservations for your trip
  • you can rent cars directly on the website
  • you can take care of all of your flight accommodations with effortlessness
  • you can get bundled travel related services and accommodations for a low price on this website

Clearly, there are many reasons to consider taking advantage of the excellence travel services provided by And the one reason why so many people seem to really like this website is the ability to bundle packages together to take care of many of your travel related needs at one time for a low, low price.

If you’re really looking to save the next time you have to take a business or personal trip, it’s certainly in your best interest to consider using Not only will you be able to take care of your hotel and airfare while you are here, you can also rent a car, make hotel reservations, and have a car waiting for you at the airport immediately once you exit your flight. It’s this type of service that makes this website so special and so popular with travelers all around the world.

What’s Not so Great About

Unfortunately, there are two negatives about this website that some people can’t seem to get over. They do not provide their members with updates about specific price changes, which could make it difficult for you to get the best deal possible unless you are glued to the website 24/7.

But on the other side of the coin, if you know what you want and you’re willing to book your trip right away, you should be able to get an excellent deal without needing to come back to the website over and over again. This issue seems to be with people that are constantly on the lookout for the absolute best deal possible at all times. And this might not be you, because you may just be looking for a great deal without having to get the absolute best deal.

So if you do not like the fact that their unwilling to send you updates when prices change, then this might not be the ideal travel site for you. You may prefer to choose a different site that does provide updates to let you know when prices are going to be changing on a specific deal that you’re interested in. So that’s definitely something to keep in mind and it may be reason enough for you to choose a different travel site over

The other reason why some people prefer to avoid is because they do not have a rewards program in place. Many avid travelers like to use credit cards and other things that will provide rewards, because they’re going to do so much traveling and the rewards build up and help them get free things. Unfortunately, with you aren’t going to get any rewards whatsoever, so if you do like to use websites that only provide rewards, this isn’t going to be the best option to meet your needs and as we mentioned earlier, it might be best to choose a different travel services website instead.

What Type of Results Can I Find on

When you visit this website and use their search engine, you will be able to look at a wide variety of different types of results to meet your needs. This is a good thing because it’s always good to have multiple options available because you don’t want to have to limit yourself to only a handful of choices.

As an example, if you’re looking for sleeping accommodations, they provide a wide range of hotels for you to choose from. But that is not the only results on their website, because they also provide various apartment and hostel options in the results as well.

So, let’s say you do not mind bunking with other people while you are traveling, and your ultimate goal is to save as much money as possible during your trip. You might not mind ending up in a dorm style hostel if it happens to be the most affordable option. And since makes this kind of information available to you during a search, you’ll know if this is the right choice to meet your needs.

Another cool thing about searching this website is the different bundled packages they make available to you. You can get a flight and bundle it with a rental car to save money. Or you could bundle your flight with hotel accommodations as well. Or you can go all out and bundle airport pickup, rental car, hotel accommodations, airfare, and restaurant reservations altogether as well. By paying for so many services as part of the same package, you are definitely going to find some incredible deals that are absolutely worth it. Plus you’re also going to save time by taking care of all of these different reservations at the same time on the same website.

Is It Possible to Filter Results While Searching on

Some people using travel related websites worry that will not provide filters to make it easy to find what they need. But they are sadly mistaken if they think they aren’t going to find the right filters, because this website offers filters that led you look through results based on landmark proximity, amenities, and price.

Not only that, you’ll be able to look at the results on a map, which is very helpful because it will show you if you are in the area or neighborhood that you want to be in. This makes it very easy to find the ideal accommodations that are perfectly suited to your needs, and you’ll find that these filters make searching through the results simpler than ever.

Should I Really Choose for My Travel Related Accommodations?

At the end of the day, only you can truly answer this question. But we’re going to help you make this decision by reiterating some of the reasons why is a great travel website. We feel this is the best option if you’re looking to:

  • bundle flights, hotels, cars, and other accommodations together
  • make restaurant reservations part of your package deal
  • save money by bundling travel accommodations together to get the lowest price

And on the other side of the coin, might not be the best website if you are concerned with:

  • a lack of an existing rewards program
  • the inability to get instant updates about price changes

All in all, this is an excellent website. We highly recommend if it fits your particular criteria.