15 Cool Things To Do In Park City On Your Trip

Traveling South of Salt Lake City, you’ll find Park City – a destination primarily known for its skiing.

At Park City, you’ll be welcomed by powdery and daring slopes, as well as cozy and comforting ski villages where you can warm your mittens.Plus, it was even used as the competition site for the 2002 Winter Olympics!

That said, there is much to do besides skiing when you visit the area also. Beneath the cold, snow-capped mountains, you’ll find that Park City is packed with tourist attractions ranging from art galleries and museums to ghost tours and escape rooms.

From testing your bravery on a zipline through trees to sitting down and enjoying some aged whiskey at a distillery – there is something for everyone at Park City.

In addition, there are tons of outdoor activities to take advantage of, including stargazing, sledding, camping, sleigh riding, and kayaking.

With this in mind, in this guide, we have outlined 15 of the best things to do while in Park City. Ready to have an unforgettable vacation? Then carry on reading!

1. Park City Main Street Historic District

Featured on the National Register of Historic Place, the Main Street Historic District is known to constrain over 40 buildings constructed in styles of the Spanish Revival, Victorian, and Queen Anne.

In 1898, a fire broke out that destroyed many of the older buildings in the neighborhood, however, today, you wouldn’t be able to tell that the area has even been touched by flames.

The neighborhood has been reinvented into something completely new with lively hubs for drinks, food, music, art, and, of course, shopping.

Lining the streets are dozens of independent boutiques, not just big businesses. Plus, there are plenty of cafes, too, where you can stop and grab a quick bite.

2. Skiing In Deer Valley

While most people travel to Park City for its famous, and feather-like snow, if there’s not much snow in the forecast on your visit, then don’t panic. At Deer Valley, you can experience some just as enjoyable runs.

That said, keep in mind that there is a limited number of tickets available each day – this helps to minimize the crowds.

The first thing you should do when you hit the slopes is head to Jordanelle, a steady cruiser that takes you into a perfectly groomed run to get you warmed up.

3. Sundance Institute

Out of all the attractions in Park City, Sundance Institute isn’t one to miss! This is something that you may already be familiar with thanks to the annual 10-day life festival held in the city.

Although, besides this, you can also take a look at the workshops, fun events, movie screenings, and classes taking place.

The institute itself is a nonprofit organization dedicated to backing the arts. When it comes to film-making and film, it takes a civic approach, ensuring that the community is given back.

4. Take A Drive Across Guardsman Pass

Just minutes away from Park City’s Main Street is the super-scenic pass of Wasatch Mountains, offering incredible views.

This route is open between summer and fall, however, in mid-summer is when it is in all its glory with wildflowers sprawled across the mountainside.

This is a windy mountain route that links Park City with Big Cottonwood Canyon – home to the Solitude and Brighton ski resorts.

5. Utah Olympic Park

One of the biggest and grandest attractions in the whole of Park City is the Utah Olympic Park – built specifically for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

This multi-million-dollar sports complex provides visitors with the option to participate in sliding, skiing, ziplining, bobsledding, tubing, and much more!

If you’re looking to get your blood pumping, then there is sure to be something here that can help. Thrill seekers can test their limits with treetop obstacles and ‘drop towers’.

On the other hand, families with small children can let their kids loose in the splash pads or take a family tandem rise through the alpine slides.

Essentially, there is something for everyone!

6. Park City Museum

Park City is one of the only towns in Utah that wasn’t established by Mormons. Conversely, in the 1860s – when silver was first discovered – crowds of prospectors flocked to the area in hopes of striking richness.

Therefore, like other mining towns, Park City is packed with rambunctious and wild histories and stories – one way of doing this is at Park City Museum, situated on Main Street.

Here, you can learn about everything from the town’s extensive mining history through interactive exhibits, the transition into a world-class skiing destination in the form of a film, and you can even explore an old jail.

7. Freshie’s Lobster

Just because Park City isn’t on the coast doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer some of the best seafood you can find in Utah!

At Freshie’s Lobster, each day fresh fish is flown in from Maine – providing guests with a topical menu even in the middle of the blizzardous mountains.

Here, the main attraction is, of course, lobster. As such, there is a range of lobster-based dishes you can choose from.

8. Visit High West Distillery

Even though Utah is considered a dry state – due to the dominant religion of the state forbidding the consumption of alcohol – there are various award-winning distilleries situated in Park City.

One of which includes High West Distillery which was awarded the Distiller of the Year in 2016 by Whiskey Advocate.

Just outside of town, you can take a tour and explore the distillery or simply sample some goods at the downtown saloon.

Just keep in mind that the state forbids any free alcoholic samples, therefore, you should expect to pay a fee during these tours.

9. Red Pine Adventures

If you’re looking for something that will satisfy your thirst for adventure, then you can’t go wrong with Red Pine Adventures.

Here, you are offered two types of horsepower: winter snowmobile rides and summer horseback riding.

Whichever you choose, you will be provided with the opportunity to explore rugged and beautiful landscapes including canyons, hills, forests, prairies, and forests.

10. Woodward Park City

If you’re looking for the perfect day out with the children, then look no further than Woodward Park City – an action-sports center like no other.

Here, you can teach your kids how to ski or snowboard for a fraction of the cost of a big resort. Plus, there are tons of other indoor activities, too, including trampolines, pump tracks, parkour zones, skate parks, and much more.

11. Rockport State Park

Classified as one of the best reservoirs in the area, the Rockport State Park is situated approximately 20 minutes north of Park City.

Here, the possibilities for adventure are endless. From swimming, kayaking, camping, stargazing, and much more – you’re only limited by your imagination.

12. Grub Steak Restaurant

For more than 40 years, this family-friendly restaurant has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Grub Steak Restaurant is known for producing some of the best steaks in the area, along with some stellar game and seafood entrees, too.

With live weekend entertainment, Western decoration, and a large rustic fireplace, the atmosphere here is unmatched.

13. Park City Mountain Coaster

During late spring, once all the snow has melted, Park City Mountain Resort transforms itself into an epic ski resort – providing guests with a summer of sporting fun.

Here, you can experience mountain-biking trails, thrilling mountain roller coasters, and scenic chairlift rides.

Both kids and adults need to test out the whirl of the toboggan-style coaster where you can control your desired speed.

14. Wasatch Brew Pub

Located on the top of Park City’s historic Main Street, you’ll find Wasatch Brew Pub – not only the first craft brewery in Utah but in the whole of the US, too.

In the early 1980s, it was founded by Greg Schirf who moved to Utah from Milwaukee and discovered the state had no brewery of its own.

Named after the mountain range that resides over east Salt Lake City, the brewery itself is often surrounded by controversy due to mimicking Utah culture.

In addition to its award-winning brews, you can also choose from a range of weekend brunch and pub classics.

15. Egyptian Theatre

One of Utah’s most colorful and oldest establishments is the Egyptian Theatre.

Here, you can explore the exterior bedecked in golden columns made to portray King Tut’s tomb. Plus, there are plenty of hieroglyphics, scarabs, and lotus leaves that surround the area too.

Final Thoughts

Skiing isn’t the only thing you can do when visiting Park City. While there are plenty of opportunities to test the snow, save some time for some other activities, too.

Whether you’re walking downtown, tasting some of the local delicacies, or even testing your limits of adventures at one of the local parks – then you’re in luck. Park City provides this and more.