15 Cool Things To Do In Pismo Beach On Your Trip

If it’s your first time visiting Pismo beach, then you may feel extremely overwhelmed with the number of fun activities at your disposal.

Luckily, we are here to help! In this article, we will discuss the coolest things you can do to make the most of your time at Pismo beach. So, if you’re interested, read on for more!

1. Take A Stroll On The Pier 

Nobody should visit Pismo beach without going to the pier.

It may just be the most iconic attraction in the whole place, so grabbing a coffee and taking a stroll there is a must! This beautiful, wooden structure is around 1.4K ft long and stretches into the Pacific Ocean, which makes for an extremely beautiful view.

Not only that, but when you turn around you’ll be able to see the California hills that stretch for miles and miles, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else (for more California trips, why not check out what you can do in Carlsbad?) .

2. Strike A Pose!

Start preparing your Instagram captions now, because you’ll want to have them ready to go when you see the Pismo beach sign. This wonderful, huge sign lights up at night and is the perfect place to strike a pose and get those Insta pics.

Not only that, but the plaza where the sign is located is a great place to see the ocean, or grab some tasty street foods as snacks to recuperate and get ready for a fun-filled day in the sun!

3. Take A Sunset Walk On Pismo City Beach 

Pismo City beach is situated on either side of Pismo pier. It stretches far and wide and is perfect for a sunset stroll. It is also located close to many resorts and hotels, so it’s also the perfect beach to spend a full beach day, whether you want to catch a tan, play beach games, or eat ice cream and watch the wildlife.

4. Take A Trip To Dinosaur Caves Park

Towards the north of this town, you will find Dinosaur Caves Park. This wonderful park is situated in the Shell Beach area. In the 1940s, you would have found a huge concrete dinosaur with a sea cave inside its tail! Kids far and wide loved it.

Unfortunately, the dinosaur was removed and you can no longer access the sea caves. But it’s a cool place to take your children to teach them this tidbit of history, and you can still access the caves on a kayak tour!

5. Go To Margo Dodd Park

Right next to Dinosaur Caves Park is Margo Dodd Park. This wonderful park has amazing sea views where you can spot sea lions and even whales!

If you specialize in landscape photography, then you will love this park because it is home to many unique rock formations.

There are also many sea caves and tide pools to explore – and find plenty of seashells along the way! Not only that, but birdwatchers will be able to sit for hours watching the many birds that frequent the rocks.

Margo Dodd Park also has a gazebo. So, if you’re getting married, consider Pismo beach as your wedding venue!

6. See The Monarch Butterflies 

If you’re visiting Pismo Beach during autumn and winter, then you will be able to go to the Monarch Butterfly Grove and see all of the beautiful butterflies.

Black and orange butterflies will migrate to the coasts of California, and they love to spend time on the eucalyptus trees there (for more California trips, check out our guide to Pasadena). The Monarch Butterfly Grove is around half a mile south of Pismo Beach – it’s a must-see!

7. Explore Pismo Preserve

Just above Pismo Beach, you will be able to find the Pismo Preserve. This 900-acre preserve is perfect for introverted nature lovers as well as great lovers of the outdoors.

It consists of 11 miles of ranch roads and trails where individuals can bike, go horseback riding, or hike. On these journeys, you will see many beautiful deer in woodlands filled with old oak trees, or you can breathe in the salty sea air as you pass through many coastal ridges.

8. Have A Day At Pismo State Beach

Pismo State Beach can be found stretching over about 17 miles along the coastline. It is the beach home to the famous Pismo clams and you can spend your time digging to find one, as long as you have a saltwater fishing license! Just be sure you learn the rules of this activity before you go!

Not only that, but you can partake in many activities on this beach, such as surfing, fishing, and swimming.

9. Beach Campout!

If you’re going to Pismo Beach for a camping holiday, then Pismo State Beach is the best place for it. There are two camping grounds here, both of which are very popular and so it is essential to make reservations.

At Oceano Campground, you can stay in an RV or a tent and have easy access to the beach. You will also have easy access to restrooms, picnic tables, and a fire ring.

At North Beach Campground, you will be able to pitch tents and access the beach, hot showers, picnic tables, and restrooms.

10. Grab Lunch At Guiseppe’s Cucina Italiana 

Pismo Beach is home to plenty of delicious seafood. One of the best restaurants for seafood is Guiseppe’s Cucina Italiana.

Their clam pizza is a must-try! Not only that, but this wonderful restaurant also boasts an amazing selection of dishes, including stuffed mushrooms and roasted beet salad.

11. Experience Downtown Pismo Beach Wine Tasting

Pismo Beach is located close to the Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande, where you can experience a fantastic day of wine tasting.

However, you can also experience wine tasting in Downtown Pismo Beach, too.

A reputable wine bar in Downtown Pismo Beach is Tastes Of The Valleys. This bar has a wide selection of wines of both whites and reds.

12. Spend Hours Surfing Or Kayaking

If you love sea sports, then Pismo Beach is the palace for you! This coastline boasts numerous beaches, cliffs, caves, rock formations, and coves that you will be able to explore on a kayak.

The company Central Coast Kayaks even offers cave excursions that last for three hours at a time and are open to all.

Alternatively, you can go surfing either south or north of the pier (these are the best surf spots!) Pismo Beach offers surfing lessons that will last for 90 minutes and will cover all of the surfing basics.

13. Have Fun At The Oceanfront Parks

Pismo Beach has its fair share of oceanfront parks, some of which we have already mentioned. However, here are some of our favorites.

Palisades park has a beautiful recreational area overlooking the water. You can also have picnics and barbecues here! Alternatively, you can spend a few hours at Eldwayen Ocean Park.

This park can be found on Shel Beach and has many benches that allow you to enjoy the ocean view as your children play in the recreational area.

Then, there’s spyglass park! Spyglass park has a children’s playground, plenty of benches, and barbecue facilities to have a cookout as the sun sets.

14. Spend Time At Price Historical Park

If local history is your thing, then you need to check out Price Historical Park.

This place was set up to protect the home of John Michael Price, Pismo Beach’s founder! Price and his wife, Andrea, lived in this late 1800s home until they died.

Unfortunately, after their deaths, the home was left to fall into disrepair.

However, it was eventually restored and stands there even today!

The park itself features many other historic homes, as well as a lovely orchard, a windmill, and many exhibits that will inform you what life was like during the 1890s at Pismo Beach.

The park is free to visit, though you may make a donation if you wish to. It is open all day until dark and you can make an appointment to have a tour of the park before you visit.

15. Day Trip At Downtown Pismo Beach

Downtown Pismo Beach is the perfect place for a day trip. Here, you will find plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops, so you can spend your morning shopping, your afternoon at the beach, and then your night partying it up in one (or more!) of the many bars.

What’s more, you will be able to buy surfboards and essential equipment to partake in many water sports.

Final Thoughts

Pismo beach is home to many fun things to do, so you’ll never be bored on your trips there. You can spend your days relaxing on the many beaches and oceanfront parks of Pismo beach, or you can partake in an eclectic mix of watersports.

Not only that but there are plenty of places to stroll and explore on Pismo beach, from the iconic pier to the Monarch Butterfly Grove.

Pismo beach is also home to many fantastic eateries and bars. You can even partake in a wine-tasting experience without having to leave the town!

So, there you have it! With all of these choices before you, you are almost guaranteed to have an amazing time at the fantastic Pismo Beach!