15 Cool Things To Do In Shreveport On Your Trip

Shreveport in Louisiana is bursting with fun things to do. From visiting an impressive aquarium to trying some of Louisiana’s best food, there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy.

This wonderful gem is located in the northwest corner of the state and offers visitors a variety of culture, music, food, casinos, and more!

Whether you’re traveling in a group, solo, with family, or with kids, this article will list 15 of the best things you can do in Shreveport when you visit!

1. The Shreveport Aquarium

The Shreveport Aquarium is located right on the downtown riverfront. It is home to over 3000 animals and offers an array of immersive experiences, one of these is a special dome you can walk through, where you can see all kinds of sea animals swimming above your head.

You’ll also get to experience replica shipwrecks, caves, and touch tanks. This is the perfect activity if you’ve got any small kids that need to be kept entertained!

2. The Agora Borealis

Located in a beautiful historic building in the downtown area, The Agora Borealis is an art gallery and market.

Here, you can see first-hand, the creativity that the locals in Louisiana have to offer as you’ll see markets that offer furniture, jewelry, paintings, pottery, and more!

This gallery also hosts art openings and all kinds of events, so you can go and visit something you’ve never experienced before! This is the perfect place to visit when you’re looking for a quiet place to visit.

3. Artspace

If you’re into the creative arts, then Artspace is the place for you!

This gallery hosts all kinds of events such as concerts, poetry readings, and exhibitions, and their roster is constantly changing, so you won’t miss the chance to see what the local artists in Louisiana have to offer.

Apart from showcasing local artists, this venue collects works from artists who are beyond the Shreveport area, such as Cuba!

4. Asian Gardens 

These Asian gardens aren’t just a walk in the park. They offer you a breathtaking walk through a multicultural garden.

There are all kinds of flower beds that represent different Asian cultures, so you can experience some beautiful landscapes of flowers, plants, statues, and more.

This is the perfect place to visit on a warm, summer’s day when you’re in the mood for something zen and relaxing.

5. Orlandeaux’s Café 

This establishment is the longest-standing African American family-owned restaurant in the whole of the United States!

It has been serving guests since 1921 and its food is truly exquisite. Their specialties are their famous-stuffed shrimp, their fish dipped in their tartar sauce, and their zesty gumbo!

After a long day of exploring the area, this is the perfect place to sit, relax, and have a delicious bite to eat.

6. Fatty Arbuckle’s 

If you want to experience some of Shreveport’s nightlife, then head down to the Red River District where you’ll find Fatty Arbuckle’s.

#It is one of Shreveport’s oldest lounges, and they often host live entertainment, block parties, and karaoke, as well as serving craft cocktails and delicious whiskey.

Their highlight is when they host their yearly St Patrick’s Day block party and summer concerts. Therefore, if you’re ever visiting around March (St Patrick’s Day) or the summer, visiting this venue is an absolute must!

7. Herby-K’s

This is a historic restaurant that can’t be missed on your trip to Shreveport. It’s the oldest restaurant in the city, and you’ll definitely be experiencing more than just a meal here.

Herby’K’s is a rite of passage, and no trip here is complete without visiting it. Their open-faced Shrimp Buster po’boy is a butterflied fried shrimp in a sandwich that’s served on some scrumptious French bread.

It comes with fries, slaw, and an incredible Shrimp Buster sauce.

8. Southern Museum Of Art Shreveport

This museum is a must-see for all visitors. It showcases a variety of collections from the University, as well as from other artists.  Here you can see some incredible collections of African art and artifacts that will blow your mind.

It is the only museum in this part of Louisiana that preserves the art and culture of the African and African American Diaspora. Therefore, it is definitely a must-see when visiting Shreveport.

9. Call To Action Mural

In between the Spring and Crockett Streets you’ll come across the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau.

The bureau has a breathtaking vibrant mural painted over it that has been named ‘A Call to Action’.

The mural contains scenes that tell the story of Shreveport. There are also several lighting features and the mural is also used to promote all kinds of events that are taking place within entertainment and dining facilities all across the area.

10. Davis Home Place

The Davis Home Place was built in 1916 and has been restored to the way it was back then. Now, people can go and wander through its halls and get a glimpse of what it was like to live in Louisiana in the olden days.

In the house you’ll get to see many of the household items that belonged to the Davis family when they lived there, such as oil lamps.

While you’ll need to call ahead and book your tour of the house, it is definitely worth visiting, and it is a great educational experience for any little ones you may have with you.

11. Air U Trampoline Park

Found yourself at a loose end with what to do on a rainy day in Shreveport? Why not visit Air U Trampoline park? Even if you haven’t got kids with you, this is still a truly enjoyable activity.

There’s an indoor trampoline facility here that has all kinds of areas such as foam pits that you can bounce around and fall into as you hold back your laughter.

You can also take part in group dodgeball games, or have some solo jump time. Whatever it is, this park will make you feel like a kid again!

12. Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport

If you enjoy testing your luck, then the Eldorado Resort Casino is the place to do that.

Here you get to choose a from a variety of betting games on a 30,000 square foot gaming floor. There are 1500 slot and video poker games, and 50 table games! The more of them you try, the more luck you’ll have!

While this isn’t somewhere you can frequent with children, if you’re in Shreveport with a group of friends, this is a great place to visit.

13. Holy Trinity Catholic Church 

This church holds the status as the oldest church in Shreveport. It was designed and built following a Romanesque style, and inside lies an altar that’s made completely out of Italian marble.

There are more than 60 window panes that have been beautifully designed with intricate designs.

This is a must-see in Shreveport, and you can take some wonderful pictures standing outside the gorgeous Cathedral with your loved ones.

14. Jubilee Zoo

If you find yourself with a free afternoon in Shreveport with nothing to do, then a trip to Jubilee Zoo is the perfect thing to do!

Within the zoo you’ll find an area where you can pet, and get close to some amazing animals, and many of the exhibits within it are interactive, meaning you can get up close to the wildlife.

There are also pony rides and safari rides that enable you to make your way around the zoo without having to walk for long distances.

This is the perfect place for kids, as there’s also an area with a bouncy castle for them to have some fun, and burn out some of that energy.

15. Elvis Presley Statue 

Any Elvis Presley fans need to run to this statue and take a photo with it immediately. It takes back to the 50s, where Elvis performed in Louisiana Hayride in 1954. This statue was created as a memory of that event!

It’s made entirely out of bronze, and it can be found in the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. Whether you’re on your own, with a group of friends, or with your kids, you need to take a photo with this statue.

Final Thoughts 

In summary, Shreveport is located in the north of Louisiana, and offers visitors a variety of fun activities to do.

You have the option of some amazing food joints, some fun activities, and a variety of art galleries and museums. Whether you’re solo traveling, with a group of friends, or with a family with kids, there are plenty of activities to keep everyone busy. If it’s a lovely day out, you can take a lovely stroll along the Asian gardens.

However, if it’s raining, you can visit some of the museums, or have some fun in the trampoline park.

This is a lovely part of Louisiana and you really won’t regret visiting it. We hope this article has given you some inspiration of making your next vacation, a Shreveport vacation!