If you absolutely love to travel and love talking about traveling on your website, you may be looking for some of the top affiliate programs to promote in the travel industry. More often than not, you might hit a brick wall because you either cannot find the best affiliate partnerships, or the partnerships you do find aren’t worth your time and effort because they don’t pay a whole lot of money.

It’s time to put an end to wasting your valuable travel website traffic on affiliate promotions that aren’t going to make you any money. With the Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN), travel agents and travel bloggers have a unique opportunity to promote high-paying affiliate promotions on their website with Expedia API integration.

So, if you’re looking for an affiliate program and B2B partnership, you should seriously consider partnering with Expedia for a couple of different reasons that include:

  • they offer some of the most competitive affiliate rates in the industry
  • they grant you the opportunity to promote worldwide accommodations
  • they’ve spent years in R&D to develop the most cutting-edge, robust API technology around
  • they deliver quick conversions through customizable solutions engineered just for their affiliates
  • they provide enterprise class integration services and B2B support to all of their valued affiliates

Still not convinced that it’s worth it to partner with the Expedia Affiliate Network? With more than 400,000 worldwide properties, 650,000 deals, 15% discounts for customers, and over 100 experts contributing to your success, you can’t miss making money as an Expedia affiliate. But to help ease your troubles, we’ll provide an even greater in-depth look at the Ean.com affiliate program below.

Is Expedia’s API Integration Going to Help with Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts?

Many people have been wondering about the power of the Expedia API integration and what it can do for their affiliate marketing efforts. As a member of the EAN – the Expedia Affiliate Network – this solution wasn’t available all that long ago. In fact, you had to use a chameleon solution that was often difficult to integrate into your content.

Setting up the API is no longer the difficult task that it once was. With this new integration solution, it’s actually possible to convert one of your readers into a buyer directly from your website. This is good because in the past you needed to send your website traffic directly to the Expedia website, but now with this current setup you can convert buyers right on your site which is good because it eliminates a big step that your customers would have had to take by visiting Expedia.com.

Why is this so valuable? Many people were unhappy because they had to take their traffic off of their site and send it to Expedia. This is no longer the case because you can now make money as an affiliate directly on your website with the Expedia API integration solution. By eliminating this step in the sales process, you will have an easier chance at converting readers into paying customers, which will ultimately provide you with a healthy affiliate commission.

So if you run a travel blog or you operate as a travel agent, it’s definitely in your best interest to begin promoting Expedia on your site or through other channels. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you will have a chance to make more money doing what you love, either working as a travel agent or talking about your latest trips and vacations on your blog. So stop wasting your valuable website traffic and use it to put big money in your pocket throughout the year instead.

The Power of the EAN Hotel Inventory

The amazing hotel inventory available from the Expedia Affiliate Network is the reason why so many people love providing these offers to their readership. You see, on any given day there are more than 400,000 properties and hotels available for your readers to rent all around the globe. This makes it easier than ever to find offers that are perfect for your growing online audience, and they’ll thank you because of all the incredible deals you have shared with them.

Guess what? The EAN network has more than 5000 affiliates at this point in time, which proves that it’s definitely worth it to promote their products. Otherwise they would not have so many affiliates and you would know that it wasn’t worth it. In fact, current estimates say that the Expedia Affiliate Network currently processes about 145 million rooms each year, which means that there is plenty of opportunity available for you to get in on the action.

The cool thing about becoming a partner with the EAN network is there are many incredible last-minute deals and flash deals for your readers to take advantage of. If somebody needs to get a hotel room for one night, Expedia often has the best inventory; so many people have a chance of taking advantage of these incredible deals. It would be a shame if you missed out on these healthy affiliate commissions because you chose not to share these deals with your readership and customer base.

At this point in time, the best thing about being an Expedia Affiliate Network partner is they’ve now made it possible for members of this elite group to access their entire inventory. Just set up your website with the integrated Expedia API library, and you’ll have no trouble having your hotel inventory automatically updated and you won’t have to do a thing. The API takes care of all of the heavy lifting on your behalf. You just focus on bringing readers to your blog and website and let Expedia convert them into paying customers, which of course you will get a healthy commission from.

EAN Is the Best Travel Affiliate Program on the Web Today

As mentioned a few times earlier, you’ve probably attempted to partner with other travel affiliate programs and your results were less than stellar. In some instances, you may have been unhappy with the experience because they did not provide a comparable affiliate payout based on the traffic and sales you’ve delivered to the program in the past. You wanted to get paid more for your hard-earned work and you should have been.

In other cases, maybe some of the travel affiliate programs you’ve belonged to in the past didn’t live up to the hype. They did not have solid hotel inventory, their deals weren’t that good, or you might not have liked the experience for a number of other reasons. Whatever the case may be, just know that when you join the Expedia Affiliate Network, you are becoming a member of an elite group that actually gets paid well for delivering their customers to Expedia.

This merchant is great because the payoffs are good and you’ll be happy with your cut of the action once the deal is complete. Since it operates on a cost per sale (CPS) model for affiliate promotions, you’ll have your account get credited with the commission as soon as the purchase is completed on yours or Expedia’s website.

So, if you’ve done everything in your power to cultivate a responsive, trusting audience, you are going to attract high quality traffic that will make the most of your promotions. On the other hand, if your blog or website is getting untargeted or unhappy traffic coming from different parts of the web, you may not be able to convert these people into paying customers. But once you harness the power of Expedia, you should have no trouble converting readers into sales as part of the EAN promotional network.

Your Readers Can Take Advantage of the “Pay at the Hotel” Feature

Believe it or not, some travelers are now requesting the ability to pay for their rooms at the hotel as opposed to paying for it online. This may seem like a negative feature to some, and it definitely possesses its challenges. But it also has certain benefits that we’d like to tell you about as well. They include:

  • Not every hotel makes the “pay at the hotel” feature available, and so far only a few are available in the Expedia inventory.
  • You’ll need to implement a separate process in order to use the “pay at the hotel” feature.
  • Since customers aren’t required to pay upfront, you will have the ability to convert more customers quicker because no cash needs to change hands yet.
  • On the downside, many affiliates are reporting that lots of these “pay at the hotel” customers are canceling, which means you aren’t going to get any affiliate commissions.

Overall, it seems like there are many negatives to the “pay at the hotel” feature. You may not even want to make it available on your site, but I wanted to point it out to you so you know that the option exists.


As you can see, many travel agents and travel bloggers are making great commissions as members of the EAN Expedia Affiliate Network. If you have high quality travel traffic, it’s in your best interest to join this network sooner rather than later so you can quickly make a mint.