Hidden Gems in Greece for the Non-Locals

Hidden Gems in Greece for the Non-Locals

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Hidden Gems in Greece

If you’re planning a trip to Greece and don’t want to have the typical experience, you’re going to want to seek out the hidden gems where locals spend time.

It’s truly the only way to have an authentic experience in your travels. And you’re likely to encounter more memorable moments with these hidden gems than you would on a tourist excursion.

AnoPetralona neighborhood

If you want to feel like a local while in Athens, you’re definitely going to want to spend time in the AnoPetralona neighborhood. You’ll get some great deals at the bars and pubs that line the streets, but the best part is rubbing elbows with the Athens locals while listening to local musicians. Your experience simply can’t get more authentic than this.

The best way to experience the AnoPetralona neighborhood is by feel. Just take some time to walk around and pop into any restaurant or coffee shop that suits your fancy.

Ilias Jewelry Museum

This is another Athens gem you won’t want to miss. You’ll find this jewelry museum in the old workshop of master IliasLalaounis, but you probably won’t find this stop on any tourist map. This is an especially important stop for anyone interested in jewelry making as you can learn a lot from Lalaounis’s daughter Ioanna who now runs the museum.

Athenian Riviera

In order to find the greatest Greek gems, you’ll likely want to step outside of Athens where most tourists will spend the bulk of time before heading back to the islands. And the Athenian Riviera is a majestic place to visit during any summer in Greece. The only thing that might be better is a hot air balloon adventure over the area to see it in its full glory. But we’re not sure that exists just yet.

Temple of Poseidon

With breathtaking views, the coastline beyond Athens is to die for. You might not expect these views, but you should definitely show up for them. The Temple of Poseidon is an important classical site in the Athens area, but it’s often overlooked by tourists because it’s off the beaten path. Still, it’s extremely easy to get there, and you’ll pass many small towns and restaurants along the way that are completely worthy of a stop.

Astir Beach

If you’re looking for a genuine Greek experience, you’re going to want to visit the beaches that the locals frequent. That means a trip to Astir Beach. Not only will you find this beach filled with locals, but you may also encounter some local celebrities. As you might expect, this is a high-end experience where you can expect great service. While you’re here, stop for dinner at the Nice n Easy Seaside for a delicious farm-to-table lunch or dinner.

Yiabanaki Beach

You might not be surprised to find two beaches on the list of the hidden gems. After all, you’re most likely visiting this country for its amazing beaches. But you probably don’t want to have the typical resort experience – not if you’re looking to live like a local.

You’ll find Yiabanaki Beach in a quiet residential area. Here, you can have an extremely laid-back and relaxing experience without the crowds or commercial structures. And when you’re ready for a bite to eat, you can bet there are delectable seafood restaurants in the area.

If you’re planning a trip to Greece, you may want to check off all the major sights and spend time on the Mykonos beaches, but you’d be remiss to leave this beautiful country without experiencing it like a local. There’s a reason why Greeks have such pride in their nation, and you can easily learn that reason by visiting these hidden gems.

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