Holiday Somewhere a Little Different

A lot of people tend to holiday in the same place every year. Many people head to Spain whereas others are happy to visit places such as Bali, the USA or Mexico. However, the world is full of some very exciting places and visiting somewhere a little different could make your holiday even more special.

Enjoy a Bike Tour in Croatia

The world is just starting to discover Croatia and how beautiful it is. Gone are the days of troubles when we were advised not to travel to this incredible part of the world. Croatia is a magnificent country with some amazing sights to see. You may wish to consider enjoying a bike tour in Croatia that will see you spend a week or so cycling from Korcula Island, for example, to the southeast of the country.

You’ll have the chance to stumble upon some Roman ruins, fishing villages that have an old-world feel and some spectacular views. You’ll also have the pleasure of enjoying a Mediterranean climate which helps to make your time in Croatia even more special.

Relax in Bora Bora

If you’re looking for a more relaxing time away you may want to visit bora bora. Located in the South Pacific and so beautiful it will take your breath away Bora Bora is the perfect destination if you want to holiday somewhere different. Visit Mount Otemanu which stands at 727 feet and looks out over the island. Enjoy a jet ski tour or take up some paddle boarding. Alternatively, you may want to lay on the beach and enjoy listening to the waves hit the shore.

Spend Some Time in Transylvania

While Transylvania may not be your first choice of holiday destination it is a region of Romania that is well worth visiting. Translated as “The land beyond the forest” Transylvania is surrounded by the Carpathian mountain chain and is full to the brim of cobblestone streets.

The century clock tower and secret passageways add a touch of mystery to the area and make it even more remarkable. While many people associate Transylvania with Dracula and all-things scary, in reality, it’s a beautiful, peaceful and friendly part of the world.

Enjoy Stunning Western Mongolia


Western Mongolia is full to the brim of wild landscapes, eagle hunters, and an impressive history. One of Mongolia’s most remote regions, this part of the world has a history that dates back more than a few thousand years. Full to the brim of mountain ranges, a saltwater lake, and cave paintings, Western Mongolia will stay with you forever. If you’re looking for a holiday that’s a little different, this is the place to be. Enjoy learning about how the locals earn a living and find yourself in awe as to how different this part of the world is to the places we call home.

If you’re looking to holiday somewhere different you may want to think about visiting Croatia or Bora Bora. Alternatively, you could spend some time in Transylvania or Western Mongolia. Each of these places is just remarkable and will ensure you have a holiday of a lifetime.

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