Deluxe Iceland Review

When you visit a country as special and unique as Iceland, you want to make sure you do it the right way.  I spent several months online searching for tour operators that would do a custom tour and private experience for my girlfriend and I, and after sifting through many options, I decided to choose Deluxe Iceland.  Today I’ll share with you my experience and tell you why you’d be a fool to look anywhere else when you book a private excursion in Iceland.

Best Luxury Tour in Iceland
Congrats to Deluxe Iceland, winner of the “Best of Iceland” for luxury tours.

For starters, it’s important that you know what we set out to do.

We wanted to do a one day journey that allowed us to get in a hike, visit the Blue Lagoon, and hunt for the Northern Lights.

Most of the tour operators offered these types of trips, but over a weekend.  Unfortunately, we were only in Iceland for a weekend and wanted to enjoy Reykjavik as well, so we wanted to cram all of these events into just one day, even if that meant waking up early and staying out late.  Deluxe Iceland was very eager to design a custom experience that would check all our boxes and give us the privacy of being on our own and without other parties along the way.

I’ll say that I have no problem in groups, but I didn’t want to do a group hike and find out that an elderly visitor wasn’t as able to scale a mountainside as I was, therefore causing massive delays along the way.  Let’s face it, when people experience new things it’s always hard to know how long they will be entertained by them, and some people will want to stay longer and some will naturally want to retreat out of fatigue or boredom, so having our own transportation is ideal.  This way we can spend as much (or little) time on each excursion as we desire.  Plus, the ability to have our own space is definitely a nice bonus.

This video below shows a few of the things we did on our tour of Iceland.  While it’s far from everything we accomplished, it’s a brief overview of just some of the things we got to experience.

Deluxe Iceland Travel

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Just because I believe in full disclosure, here is my travel itinerary along with prices for everything.

Download sample itinerary and invoice

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing of an experience this was.  If you are visiting Iceland, and are looking for a luxury tour guide and operator, look no further than Deluxe Iceland.