Is the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Right for You? Pros and Cons

Nomad Lifestyle

Nomad people are known for enjoying a care-free lifestyle as they travel incessantly. This particular lifestyle has caught the eye of many people who want to escape the nine to five routine and enjoy more of what life offers.

However, even if one becomes such a person, they still need an income — this is where the “digital” part shines. By definition, a digital nomad is a traveler at heart who makes money online or has a job that can be done anywhere.

Therefore, if your job doesn’t tie you to a desk and you love traveling, this kind of lifestyle may be ideal. But, before you give it a shot, here are the advantages and disadvantages you have to consider!

Digital Nomad – the Pros

●    Always Traveling

Without any doubt, the best thing about having a digital nomad lifestyle is that you can be in a state of continuous exploration and travel. You can trek the world, visit every major city or landmark, and experience many cultures!

The only requirement is that you have a solid travel plan!

●    Working on Personal Terms

Being a nomad who has fully embraced the digital age means that you won’t have to deal with wage and hour violation claims and many other common job-related issues.

You are free to design your schedule and work whenever you feel like it. If you’re an evening worker, you can spend the first half of the day exploring the surroundings and complete your tasks in the evening.

Naturally, we don’t even have to mention that you can work wherever you might find yourself at that very moment – in a café, at the seaside, on the train.

●    Getting More from Your Paycheck

At the moment, you could be spending as much as 75% of your salary on monthly expenses and living costs. However, if you were to change your location, you could save more than 50% of the same paycheck.

This is because living costs vary around the world, which, in turn, allows you to either save more money or enjoy more things while traveling.

Digital Nomad – the Cons

●    A Sedentary Lifestyle

For many people, changing jobs doesn’t sound bad at all, especially if they’re given the option to travel all the time. However, if you plan to embrace this lifestyle, you must keep in mind that all of your future jobs imply spending a lot of time in front of a computer.

If you had only active, physical jobs, you might decide that sitting behind a laptop constantly to work isn’t meant for you.

●    Very Strict Discipline

Saying that digital nomads have to be strict when it comes to discipline is an understatement. They must be more than just disciplined and have an iron will. Why?

Because one could easily skip a workday for more relaxation, even though doing this once may not change things, doing it often will endanger your lifestyle and, most importantly, your income sources.

●    Work-Life Boundaries

It is often said that digital nomads travel 24/7 and work 24/7 as well. This is because this particular lifestyle blurs the boundaries between work and life. Moreover, a flexible schedule will undoubtedly make things worse!

The Bottom Line

So, is this the right lifestyle for you?

Well, if you have an easy time planning a trip with your current 9-to-5 job and don’t feel burnt-out at the end of the week, then it may be your salvation.

Digital nomads have to be always on their toes, ready to enjoy the next spontaneous experience to the full, but also to commit 100% to a project or a task they have to complete!

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