Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Las Vegas

It’s impossible to get the full Las Vegas experience in only a few visits. Tourists will always be shocked on the first trip. The follow-up trip will also contain some pretty memorable events, and of course a better understanding of the area. These ten shockers below are varied enough to surprise even the most experienced of travelers. The first on the list is Las Vegas weather, which for better or worse, some people still don’t prepare for!

Fun Facts about Las Vegas, Nevada

10. It’s Hot, But It Doesn’t Matter

Never forget that Las Vegas is located in Nevada, which is sometimes no better than Arizona when it comes to heat. Combined with the lights, electronics, people and smoking, las vegas weather can be a uniquely hot experience. On top of the heat, the humidity can be a thing of its own that you need to avoid. Staying hydrated is an unwritten rule of Las Vegas, but should always be followed. Dress appropriately, and always check out the weather even when there are no plans to spend it outside. The short walk from one place to another can seem like an eternity when heat and humidity are part of the equation.

9. Gambling Is Life

This shouldn’t be a shocker for most, but gambling is a big part of Las Vegas off strip attractions. The shocking part is just how much of it defines the culture. Everything is built around gambling, or is serviced in a way to funnel consumers to a casino. It is a wonderfully obsessive virtual salesman that knows where his bread is buttered. It is unlikely that a single trip will encompass all of the great games available in Las Vegas. But even on several visits, there will always be more to explore. Games show up in the most unconventional places, so it isn’t unheard of to spend hours playing slots in baggage claim.

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8. Transportation Prices Are High

Visitors that have grown accustomed to the Uber and Lyfts of their own state will be taken aback by taxi prices in Las Vegas. Taxis are still the dominant mode of transportation for most people that want to get the most out of Las Vegas. This is a good thing, since the taxi drivers will have all of the local information needed to get the most out of a single trip. That includes places to avoid, local prices and of course the best attractions. Uber and Lyft are available, but their prices scale accordingly to match the demand of the area. They are also limited in where they can pick up a passenger. A combination of taxis and Uber/Lyft transportation is the best way to experience the area without burning a hole in the bank account.

7. Smoking Is Expected

Remember those old movies or television shows where the characters smoked wherever they wanted? The same applies to Las Vegas. While the rest of the world has shied away from public smoking, Las Vegas encourages it. Strip clubs, casinos and bars are only a few of the places to light one up and not have to worry about getting in trouble. For non-smokers, there are sections to get away from the normal behavior of Las Vegas off strip attractions. But it is a lot easier for visitors to expect smoking areas since not all businesses will accommodate non-smokers. Think of Las Vegas as the bizarro area compared to the rest of the world.

6. Las Vegas Never Sleeps

There are 24/7 activities with no limits, and it is exactly how Las Vegas got its nickname. No clocks in the casinos is one of the little known facts about Las Vegas. Visitors can expect the same amount of action in the morning, afternoon and evening. The usual ‘last call’ that happens in a bar has no place in this city. This of course makes it the best tourist area in the world since planning is not restricted by time of day. Breakfast can be had at midnight and partying can be done in the morning. There are even services specific to doing things at odd times of the day and night. Travelers that are given an example itinerary are witnessing less than 5% of what Las Vegas has to offer.

5. Open Containers Are The Norm

Even in the wildest days of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, open containers are a big no no from law enforcement. Everything else goes, but it is easy to get ticketed for having an opening alcoholic drink in public. Las Vegas turns that law on its head and allows open containers in public like the city is one giant party. This is a jarring thing to see for visitors, but beware of some slight limitations. Open containers are for the strip, and glass is still largely discouraged. The last thing a visitor would want to do is step on broken glass while on vacation.

4. Public Intoxication

And with #5 out of the way, that brings us (naturally) to public drunkenness. People that think public drunkenness is exaggerated in the movies will be shocked to see so much of it in Las Vegas. There are plenty of people stumbling around with a drink in their hand, all with different personalities. The usual rules apply here, so lewd public conduct is discouraged. There are some interesting behavioral traits that should be avoided for obvious reasons. Anyone that has been to a bar can identify them, but thankfully they are not the norm in Las Vegas. The high amount of intoxication also points to the importance of the transportation services available in the area. Drunk driving is frowned upon, and is a less likely occurrence thanks to the hoard of car services in Las Vegas.

3. Adult Activities

This is the one thing that shocks a lot of people that come to Las Vegas just to gamble. Adult activities are pushed by local vendors and businesses. There are brothels, escorts and all types of shows centered around adult activities. Las Vegas is one of the few places where this type of activity is legal, although it is strongly regulated by the state. It isn’t difficult to separate the adult activities from gambling, but there will be offers that visitors have to turn down. Remember, Las Vegas is the best salesman in the world, and the ultimate goal is to provide as diverse an experience as possible.

2. Prices Are Not That High

One of the little known facts about Las Vegas is that the prices are not out of control. This is only half true, and points to a larger shock for people that opt for a return visit. There is always an alternative for visitors that are willing to look around. That means a beer for ten bucks from one place is only two dollars a block down the road. The price always goes up for convenience in Las Vegas, while low prices reward those willing to do a little exploring. The same applies for activities centered around gambling and adult fun – there is always a cheaper alternative. If time isn’t an issue, visitors should always make it a point to search for fun in Las Vegas that fits with their finances.

1. The Food Is Great

Las Vegas is a multicultural food experience. French, American, British, Italian and more are all represented in their best forms. For a familiar experience, the usual fast food places are available for a quick fix. But a trip to Las Vegas isn’t complete without sampling some of the best food the country has to offer. A few Michelin starred chefs make their home in Las Vegas, and it is easy to tell the difference in quality. There are even some popular chefs that pass through on tours, offering a taste of unique food that can only be found in Las Vegas.

Wrap Up

There is no other place that can offer the immersion of Las Vegas. It is the one place in the world where an adult can turn their brains off. Las Vegas is adult Disneyland, and it continues to get better. For a special kind of entertainment, this is the place to create lasting memories around.