Marriott Gets Into the Airbnb Business With Homes & Villas

In a new concept launched by my favorite hotel loyalty program Bonvoy, you can now earn and redeem points by renting homes and villas.  In this newly launched program, which I first read about on OneMileAtaTime, around 2,000 homes in the premium level will be offered at over 100 destinations across the Caribbean, Europe, USA, and Latin America.

This is a play to market home rentals to Bonvoy members and allow them to earn and redeem points when staying places that aren’t their hotel brands.

How to Earn Bonvoy Points With Home and Villa Rentals

First off, book through their official site,

  • You’ll earn 5 x Bonvoy points per dollar spent
  • Your elite member bonuses remain intact
  • Earn one elite night for every night you book if you are a Bonvoy member
  • The points post late – some reports say 3-6 weeks after your stay is completed
  • Elite members will continue to get the special amenity or points as a welcome gift

I’m definitely going to check this out, although with the last few stays I’ve had, like The Saint in Key West and the Ritz in Grand Cayman, it’s really hard to leave that property feel and go somewhere without the familiar grounds, famous lobby bars, and world class amenities a Marriott offers you.


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