The country of Mexico has beautiful landscapes of a contrasting nature and it is a nation that has many rich traditions. The beauty of this amazing place is that it’s truly an exceptional place to live and a land with a rich history, interesting people, and other exciting facts that we’ll tell you about below.

An Overview of the Country of Mexico

The great thing about this wonderful nation is that it’s made up of beautiful cloud covered forests, gorgeous deserts, and snowcapped mountain peaks. It borders the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean on two coastlines, and the magnificent villages within this indigenous population still speak their native tongues.

There are also many other amazing places to see while visiting Mexico. You can spend time in the colonial cities as you get to know them better. These cities have many beautiful architectural structures and welcoming plazas that are perfect for natives and visitors alike. And as you should probably know already, many of the towns in Mexico have their own very unique traditions and ways of living, which make them extra special for anyone looking to visit and learn more about the amazing culture.

Mexico is also very intriguing because of its ancient past. Yes, it is home to the Aztecs and Mayans, which consists of two exciting pre-Hispanic cultures. They have traditional festivals and these cultures still permeate aspects of modern Mexican life. So you get a flavor of old world tradition and New World lifestyles all combined into one when you visit many of the wonderful towns, cities, and villages in this excellent country.

The Food in Mexico

We wouldn’t be doing Mexico any justice at all if we didn’t mention the amazing food that this country has to offer. The traditional cooking is second to none, and depending on which region of Mexico you happen to visit, they have their own tasty, unique, delectable culinary flair. You can enjoy enchiladas, empanadas, tacos, and other cuisine that you would typically find in many Spanish and Latin American countries. So if you love food then you’ll absolutely love visiting Mexico because of the incredible options made available to tourists enjoying the beautiful country.

Mexican Population

The people in Mexico are also very friendly, which is great if you plan to visit the country and want to take in the local flavor. The people are unique, open, and very kind to visitors. In fact, many of the towns really love it when tourists visit and they are willing to greet them with open arms. So if you’re looking to learn more about a particular culture in the amazing country of Mexico, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit because you’ll learn something new, get to know the people on a personal level, and have an experience of a lifetime while traveling to this amazing place. You’ll see beauty, culture, customs, and learn a unique language if you’re interested in finding out more about the local population and the indigenous people in Mexico.

Some Quick Facts about Mexico

We’ll now tell you about some important facts to know about Mexico. First of all, the country has a population of 110 million people. When compared to the United States of America, which has a population of around 325 million people, it’s about a third of the size population wise.

The landmass of Mexico takes up 1,900,000 km², which is a relatively large portion of land if you happen to take a look at Mexico on the map. The average GDP per person, in US dollars, is $7800 and the adult literacy rate in Mexico is at 91%, which is very good because it shows that more than nine out of 10 adults are literate in this country. Obviously that’s important when it comes to getting a good job, taking care of your household expenses, and other important aspects of anyone’s life.

Another interesting fact about the country of Mexico is that there are many languages spoken within. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that there are about 50 languages spoken in Mexico. So you can visit many different parts of the country and you may not necessarily know the language because there are so many different variations and dialects that it’s hard to keep up with the differences.

Time Zones in Mexico

Did you know that the country of Mexico actually has three different time zones? There’s Pacific Standard Time, Central Standard Time, and Mountain Standard Time. This is a very similar time zone structure to many of the states on the West Coast of the US.

Mexico Geography

Geographically speaking, Mexico is located in Middle America. The country itself borders the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea and this is located between the US and Belize. On another border, it is on the North Pacific Ocean, which is located between the US and Guatemala.

There are many beautiful mountain passes in Mexico, and when they drop off they lead to humid low lands. The eastern part of Mexico connects Central Mexico and Central America together.

The People of Mexico

There are many wonderful people in Mexico speaking a wide range of languages. Out of the entirety of the population, the main majority of it is considered a Spanish-speaking country. So you will obviously run into many different dialects of Spanish languages when visiting this great nation.

It’s estimated that about 60% of the entire Mexico population is of an ethnicity known as mixed which is mixed Amerindian – European ethnicity. There is a very small amount of people from other nations including China, Japan, Lebanon, and Turkey that make up about 1% of the population. 9% of the population is of European descent and come from nations like France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Russia. And that leaves about 30% of the population to consist of Amerindian peoples that are basically people native of the land and haven’t had mixed children with any of the European or other cultures.

Speaking Spanish in Mexico

As we’ve alluded to on a number of different occasions so far, this country is predominantly Spanish-speaking, although there are 50 different dialects in total. So it obviously makes sense to learn the language because you’ll find it very useful while spending time in the country. Plus, Spanish is a popular language in many other countries as well including Canada and the United States of America.

When people describe Mexican Spanish, they typically look at it as a colorful language and many even believe that it has a singsong tone. So, the fact that the language has a great flow to it should make it easier for you to learn and speak. This is probably the reason why so many people speaking Spanish often speak very quickly. It’s the singsong quality that makes it really fast, and if you’re just learning the language, this also makes it harder to understand in the beginning because they are talking so quickly.

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As mentioned, there are many different variations of Spanish being spoken throughout the various regions of this country. One such variation is known as the central southern variant and it is spoken in all Oaxaca. With this variation, the consonants are fully pronounced and the vowels are actually less strengthened because of it.

Many of the indigenous languages in the region are the reason for the musicality of the language. The musical influence comes from a particular indigenous dialect known as Nahuatl. Another important thing to know about the indigenous populations of Mexico is that when speaking they often speak in more hushed tones. This is especially true when compared to their neighbors in Canada and the United States. They are more soft-spoken and less flamboyant with their speech, unlike many Canadians and Americans.

The Climate in Mexico

Mexico also has a specific climate. The weather is temperate and clear in the interior of the country, and often experiences really hot summers. On the coast of Mexico, the weather is typically more moderate and it’s cloudy. On the coastal areas, the interior winters are also very cold and partly cloudy.

In the city of Oaxaca, as an example, the climate is affected by its 5000 foot elevation within the Valley. This is great for this incredible part of Mexico because the weather feels like it’s spring all year round. Even in the middle of the winter, the climate is quite mild and the temperature is in a range from 70 to 75°F. On winter days and nights in this region of Mexico, you can expect the temperature to range between 45 to 60°F. As you can imagine, this is a very comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable temperature all year round. It’s never really too hot or too cold, which makes this an excellent place to visit if you’re trying to get away from the freezing cold winters.


There are many reasons why travelers should consider visiting Mexico. The climate is amazing, the unique cities are interesting and exciting, and it’s ultimately just a great time for all visiting this wonderful country right below the United States of America.