Orlando Vacation Tips For Seniors

Orlando is best known for Walt Disney World, and this is why it’s such a popular vacation destination for families. Perhaps you’ve been there before, but now that you’re a senior, it’s been quite a while since you’ve visited. You’d like to return for a fun, exciting holiday vacation, but now that you’re a senior, you might be wondering if you can have as good a time as you did years before. The answer is yes.

Orlando Vacation Tips For Seniors

You may be getting a bit old for the thrill rides, but Orlando has much to offer in terms of fun adventure for you and others your age. Besides, with careful planning, you can enjoy a memorable vacation even if you bring the grandkids. Below, we offer a few tips for seniors wishing to return to the Orlando area, and we also talk a bit about planning your trip.

Orlando, especially the southern reaches of the city, is filled with hotels, vacation resorts, and real estate rentals. If you don’t want to break the bank, you can still locate and reserve a very nice hotel suite, resort guest suite, or vacation rental unit at an affordable price. A timeshare resale such as a Sheraton Vistana timeshare or a Sheraton Vistana Villages timeshare can be a great value if bought or rented on the resale market.

Look for vacation rentals and resort guest suites through the online timeshare and resort pages. You can rent a comfortable one- or two-bedroom suite from a current timeshare owner. Many of these are located on one of the Disney resort properties.

If you’re planning to visit with the grandkids, and if they are tween-age or older, check out availability of lock-off units. This way you can have your own private guest suite but with an adjoining set of rooms for the young ones.

Bundling Costs Saves Money 
Be sure to check with the Disney Fast Pass + online pages. Here is where you can combine your accommodations with admissions tickets to various theme parks and also reserve your lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants located within the parks. Remember also that timeshare rentals often are an all-inclusive package, meaning that you get discounts for admission to Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and more. You might even get complimentary ground transportation.

Sightseeing For Seniors
Walt Disney World may be a bit too hectic and crowded during the spring and summer months, but remember that Orlando has really nice weather during the off-season. These parks will be far less crowded during the winter, and you’ll find it much easier to get suitable senior discounts at the hotels.

Aside from Walt Disney World, consider visiting Epcot, perhaps the most senior-friendly of all the theme parks in the region. Spend a fun day strolling through the shops, dining at one of the many affordable restaurants, and going on a behind-the-scenes tour that explores the horticulture and architecture.

SeaWorld is annually voted as the best vacation destination for seniors in the Orlando Area. Even if you’re not coming with the kids, you’ll have lots of fun at the shark tunnel, manatees, and Arctic exhibits.

If you love your movies, you won’t want to miss Universal Studios. Although this is a very popular destination with younger families, you’ll find it far less hectic than Disney World. You’ll love exploring the ever-changing exhibits.

Above all, plan accordingly and don’t overdo it. Give yourself plenty of free time to rest up and relax in your hotel or vacation rental. Plan the whole trip in advance so you won’t have to make last-minute decisions.

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