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As I sit here writing this, I just ordered another meal from Pasta King, my go-to restaurant here in Dumaguete. Before I hear a knock-knock on my door, I wanted to give them a quick review and offer that I highly recommend you give them a try.

The Dumaguete Pasta King Review

You’ll find the Pasta King restaurant located one street back of the famous Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete, so their location is prime. If you visit them for a meal (lunch and dinner only but open seven days a week), you’ll find the restaurant spacious, clean, the air con and wi-fi good enough, the staff polite and attentive, and, of course, the most important thing, the food good.

While I visit Pasta King sometimes once a week, it’s their delivery service that I really find valuable, and in fact, I probably order from them twice a week (yes, I am lazy and don’t like to cook.) There’s nothing better than good home delivery on a rainy night or a chill Sunday when you don’t want to go out, but too many restaurants here don’t deliver, are too hard to get a hold of, would take way too long to deliver, or charge a hefty sum. But Pasta King’s delivery is actually free! As crazy as it sounds, you’ll pay the exact same amount for home delivery within half an hour usually (and I still tip the driver well) as if you ordered in the restaurant.

Pasta King review

So let’s talk about the food. I’d say they are the second-best Italian restaurant in Dumaguete (Casablanca on the Boulevard is a pretty good European eatery, but is also expensive and doesn’t deliver.) When it comes to pizza, the franchise Yellow Cab is surprisingly good, but overall, I like Pasta King.

Their pizza is decent but not the highlight of the menu, which is their wide assortment of pastas. They have plenty with red sauces or white, penne, ravioli, homemade gnocchi (although that isn’t cheap), linguini, spaghetti, etc. I always get the Penne Basciola, which is in a rich red sauce with mushrooms and sausage and is so hearty. Add in the fact that they deliver chef salads or garden salads and it’s a perfect meal. But they also have chicken dishes, ribs (ordered them once and way too fatty, but that’s the Filipino style), and even fish. A lot of the dishes are offered in half or full orders, which allows you to not over-order or mix and match several dishes if you are eating with friends.

You can even order beverages like sodas, beers, or a bottle of wine with your order if you have nothing at home, and they can deliver the tiramisu off the dessert menu. I’ve found that I can enjoy a huge meal with two or three items plus tip all for about $10 or so U.S. for just me, or $12 or so for two people.

Pasta King remains on the top of my list as a great, consistent, and affordable meal that shows up right to my door and never disappoints on flavor!

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