Ritz Carlton Hotel Fort Lauderdale Beach

I’ve been a loyal Ritz Carlton customer going back a few years. It’s one of my favorite hotel brands in the world, and I know when I book at a Ritz Carlton property, I’ll be taken care of in a first class fashion. (Except for that time in St. Thomas.)

The Beach Front Ritz Carlton Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Beach is literally my backyard. Living in the area, I know every nook and cranny of the place they call the Yacht Capital of the World. Fort Lauderdale is a very interesting place for many reasons, and that’s why I choose to live there.

For starters, it’s in close proximity to Miami. I lived in Miami Beach for seven years, and loved it. Let’s be honest, what is there not to love? With the gorgeous weather, amazing beach, lovely culture, variety of cuisine, nightlife, water, I mean where does it end?

For me, it ended when I had a child. I didn’t like that my money (which was an ample budget of $700,000) got me about 1,200 square feet and only two bedrooms at the time. I didn’t like that when you do that Google search for “sex offenders near me” the map was littered with offenders. You could literally spit in any direction and find someone who was a criminal. Aside from that, it’s a transient place that everyone should spend a few years in, but I don’t advise raising a family there.

So that’s a stone’s throw away, and I like it like that. Fort Lauderdale also has it’s own International Airport, a hockey team, and a more laid back culture than Miami with many more trustworthy people. It’s more of a place to relax and enjoy the scenery rather than a place to try to fit in and keep up with the Jones’s, if that makes sense.

Perfectly situated overlooking lovely Fort Lauderdale Beach is the Ritz Carlton. With an amazing pool deck, walkway access to the beach (this eliminates having to cross the street), and centrally located near all the action, this is the place I choose to make my staycations extra special.

You can expect the same quality that you will get in any Ritz Carlton. The rooms are on par with other properties, and I found the food offered above the usual standards. They had a fresh juice bar as well as all types of coffee in addition to the full breakfast buffet offered, which was on point.

For me, the lobby bar is always an attraction when I stay at a Ritz Carlton. In Fort Lauderdale, the bar steps up the game another notch by being a 360 bar that offers indoor seating as well as an outdoor element that allows patrons to enjoy the boardwalk and ocean view and enjoy spectacular people watching.

I have yet to try the spa at the Fort Lauderdale Ritz Carlton, but when I do, I’ll update the review.

Here are some attractions located around the property that I highly encourage you to take advantage of.

On the Beach:

  • Dirty Blondes: dive bar serving drinks and offering video games. Fun spot to hang out.
  • Elbo Room: world famous bar on the corner offering live music and plenty of people from all walks of life.

On Las Olas:

  • Louis Bossi:
  • Rocco’s Tacos:

This is one of the best places to stay in Fort Lauderdale for luxury travelers, and it’s a place I fully recommend if that’s what you are looking for.




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