Route 28, New York: A Scenic Road Through the Wild and Remote Central Adirondacks

If the routine of everyday life is beginning to grind you down, you may be contemplating heading off in the car or RV and taking a road trip to brush off the cobwebs. The freedom of the open road is a wonderful feeling, and there is so much to see in this beautiful world.

The secret to a great road trip is not to rush, after all, that’s what you’re trying to escape from. Planning the trip will help you ensure you get the very best from the trip and see all the wonderful things along the way.


Route 28 New York is a popular road trip choice and has much to offer in terms of sights and scenery and provides the opportunity for a great off-track option exploring the remote Adirondacks. Let’s see what awaits you on this adventure.

Where It Will Take You

The route starts in upstate New York, but can easily be picked up depending on your start location. It’s a semicircular route and begins with a fast expressway just to get you out of the city, this is the slightly less exciting part but quick at least.

You’ll need to drive through a few towns until you reach the North of Utica NY12, once you reach Forest port the routes split into 2 and HY28 will take you to the Adirondack mountains, this is where the fun starts.


The landscape through the mountains is truly remarkable. Route 28 will take you along beautiful forests and miles of wilderness. During this 35-mile stretch, you’ll see blue mountain lake, an ancient lake that is enjoyed by millions wanting to get away from the craziness of city life. Offering fantastic photographic opportunities, the Lake is a great place to stop off, stretch your legs and relax a little.

If you want to spend a bit longer at the lake, there are plenty of places to pitch up a tent, and you can watch the wonderful view at sunset. If you can, try to stay near the Raquette Lake, which is 99 miles (ca. 159 km) of shoreline and is a breathtaking sight.

There’s no end of forest trails and hiking routes on this journey, so be sure to stop at various points to watch all the wildlife and take in the view, pure bliss!

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Historical Excursions 

If you decide to stop off at Blue Mountain lake, you’ll discover all sorts of historical facts. The local hotel from 1882 was the first hotel ever to have electricity and was engineered by the famous Thomas Edison.

The hamlet is rich in history and if you have time, hop on one of the antique boats and learn from the expert guide about the lake, residents, and history.

Traveling Route 28 will also take you through The Old Forge, a hamlet with a mere 800 residents. Originally owned by the Brown family in 1798 and used as a farm, it was soon abandoned and Brown’s son- in -Law Charles Herreshoff opened a mine, kept sheep and opened the very first forge. The forge wasn’t successful, and Charles died in 1819.

Some people remained, and the first railroad was built in 1888. The old Forge officially became a village in 1903. It’s well worth stopping off at The Forge and embracing the old world feel of this ancient village.

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What To Do En Route 

If you’re seeking out thrills and challenges on route 28 you won’t be disappointed. The High Peaks certainly are remote and hiking presents a super demanding but energizing experience. With 46 high peaks, there are several trails to choose.

Never attempt exploring the wilderness alone, as you could get very lost climbing these mountains and end up starring in your very own survival movie; heaven forbid.  Be sure to follow all hiking rules and include gear for emergencies, maps, and compasses, as well as food and water for energy. These routes are not for the faint-hearted, but well worth it for the joy of exploring this magnificent part of the world.

For a more sedate option and if you’re traveling with kids, you could stop off at a Cooperstown mini golf and fun center. Get moving again with a round of crazy golf and a tour around the brewery.

They also have the awesome Sassy Cow Creamery where they use milk from local dairy farmers to make delicious milkshakes, and ice cream extravaganzas -perfect to cool down from the heat.

Comfort Breaks

If hunger pangs strike during your road trip, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of great places to stop for refueling. As you head for Little Milford, you’ll find a delightful little Inn that’s a popular place to stop for lunch.

They have a cute little coffee house and serve wings, burgers or a fine selection from the bakery. If you fancy savoring the experience, the Inn also has some rooms upstairs where you can rest and soak in the small town atmosphere.

The great thing about this scenic and remote route is you won’t be tempted to fill up on fast food. There are hardly any fast food joints on the way, so you have no choice but to enjoy local restaurants, which will add to the cultural nature of your trip. Plus, you get to meet and chat with the local residents, who are full of stories from times past.

If you’re heading down past Blue Mountain Lake, check out Sweeney’s Irish Pub of Indian Lake. It is a fun little pub with a selection of sandwiches and drinks. It’s a popular place and the perfect joint to chat with the locals about the area and get some insight into the best places to explore.

For a more substantial meal option, you could try Chef Darrell’s Mountain Diner, right in the middle of the Blue Mountain Lake area. This friendly diner offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with an extensive choice, a great place to stock up on energy for further exploration.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of amazing ideas for exploring route 28, but it’s a great start to your road trip adventure.