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Sinsuvarn Airport Suite Hotel

Flying in and out of Bangkok is a common occurrence for most travelers who are coming into or through Southeast Asia. In fact, it’s a key gateway to the Orient, with more flights in and out daily than any other airport.

So if you have an overnight layover in Bangkok or just want to rest and refresh (and get some sleep and adjust to the time change) after a long flight or before heading back home, I suggest getting a hotel near the airport.

The Sinsuvarn Airport Suites

First off, so you don’t get confused, there are actually two big airports in Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi Airport is the biggest and newest and typically where international flights arrive and depart, and Don Mueang International Airport (don’t let the name fool you) is mostly for domestic flights.

But when it comes to flying out of Suvarnabhumi Airport, like when I head back to New York, California, or the like, I make sure to get an airport hotel the night before. It saves me 2-3 hours on a bus and waiting around, and allows me to get a good night sleep. And by far the best true airport hotel I’ve found is Sinsuvarn Airport Suite Hotel.

It’s hard to know how far these hotels are from the airport when you’re booking them online, but this place isn’t far – it should only be a 10-minute drive at most.

But you might have some problem informing your taxi driver where it is, so do this: include this address:

73 Soi Latkrabang 30, On-Nut Latkrabang Rd., Lat krabang,, 10520 Lat Krabang, Thailand

But they’re going to be confused because they usually don’t read English writing, of course, so it’s a good idea to have the map on your phone in Thai, or even better, give them the phone number and let them call the hotel.

Once you get close, you’ll see plenty of restaurants, cafes, shops, night markets, and 7-11s (of course) along the main road, but the hotel is actually down a bump dirt road.

But from there, you’ll really like it. I was actually pleasantly surprised how nice and convenient it was. In fact, I don’t remember staying at many nicer hotels for about $27 a night, especially when you consider that it’s in a prime location by the airport in a major city.

The staff was attentive and made sure to get me all checked in and carried my bag up to my room, and I was impressed how big the room was. The bed was huge, the furnishing nice traditional wood in the Thai style, but they still had freezing cold AC, a modern TV, and big windows with a view. I didn’t go out, but ordered a feast to the room and got some rest for the next day’s early flight.

There was also free Wi-FI that worked perfectly. And while the bathroom and shower were a little bit outdated, everything was spotlessly clean and plenty nice. They also have a big swimming pool on the premises and offer other amenities that are perfect for travelers, like international calling, currency exchange so you can get your US dollars (or whatever), a very reliable wake-up service, breakfast and coffee in the morning, and a free shuttle to the airport.

I actually messaged my friends who live in Thailand, telling them to recommend this hotel to anyone who’s coming and going and needs a place to stay near the airport!

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