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Sky Gallery

I’ve been to bars, restaurants, coffee shops and other establishments all over the world (ok, more than my fair share of bars). Many of them have cool, fun, and funky designs and furnishings. In fact, I see that these establishments outside the U.S. are incredibly creative, defying all traditional norms (and also discarding any worries of liabilities). Meanwhile, in the U.S. we have boring and standard places like TGIFridays where we put a few old license plates and some swag on the walls and call it personality. But anyways, there are many amazing places abroad to eat, drink, and hangout, but Sky Gallery is really one of the most unique ones I’ve ever seen.

Hanging out at Sky Gallery

It’s not easy to find, and you definitely won’t just happen upon it by accident. Sky Gallery is located in Pratenak, a hilly micro-neighborhood by the seaside cliffs in Jomtien, which is a suburb of crazy Las Vegas-style Pattaya. You’ll have to walk down a steep road, seemingly getting lost, to find it, and enter through a big hotel lobby. The hotel is very impressive in its own right, but you’ll keep walking through the ornate lobby and out the back – and then you’ve arrived at Sky Gallery.

Ahhhhh hahhhhhh release the doves! Seriously, it’s that amazing. For one, there are two giant rectangular swimming pools that are top notch. You don’t need to stay at the hotel to use the pool, the restaurant or bar, or just hang out – anyone can come in and mix and mingle Past the pools, there’s a big grassy area that leads up to the edge of the cliff with the ocean below. They have outdoor couches, chairs, and really cool bean bag-like chill areas all over the place so you can lounge right on the grass.

Right on the edge of the cliff, there are also plenty of wooden tables and chairs, and they even have a man-made beach area with white sand and bamboo wicker furniture, so you can sit and chill with your feet in the sand! Amazing!

Further to the left of the grassy area are a few palapas, one of which is a truly amazing bar, with hanging plants and modern décor. By itself, that outdoor bar would be one of the nicest I’ve ever seen!

But believe it or not, we’re just getting warmed up! Go further to the right past the grassy area and you’ll wind along the cliff to another sitting area that’s remarkable. This one is built on a series of wooden decks that extend out over the cliff with the ocean below. They’re also built around giant and beautiful trees (I think they’re called acacia?) that look to be hundreds of years old. It’s truly a sight to behold.

The bad news? The food is so-so, and the service is slow. It’s also expensive, but you don’t mind paying more for that view. I had dinner there once at it was good, but it was like a banquet setting. But when I’ve had breakfast, it was all cold and bland and runny, and took forever to flag down the frantic waiter to order or pay my bill.

But it’s still well worth it because the food at Sky Gallery is just an afterthought. So go check out Sky Gallery to catch a sunset or chill on a sunny day and have some drinks, and get your camera ready because you won’t be disappointed!

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