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Destination weddings are something that many couples take advantage of when they tie the knot.  Personally, I’ve been to weddings of all shapes and sizes.  My cousin got married on a farm in Wisconsin.  My friend Tom had a wedding in his backyard in Minnesota, complete with a cover band.  I’ve been to weddings in Costa Rica, and even Colombia.  I’ve always thought that destination weddings are the the best way to get people just a bit more excited.  Today I’m going to share with you a new venue that just came on my radar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, called St. James 1868.

St. James 1868 Event Venue Details

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the is venue is a multi-purpose venue that can do much more that weddings.  Although it’s a premier wedding venue in Milwaukee, it can also be used as a corporate events space, as well as a place to have gatherings for a celebration of life.

The elegant venue is a 150 year old church that has been repurposed with European elegance that makes it a perfect venue for that perfect wedding.  St. James 1868 features two different connected, yet separate venues, which I’ll dive into next.

The Abbey

Featuring original Tiffany stained glass windows, this property features hardwood floors, antique lighting, and a contemporary look and feel.

Enjoy seating up to 250 of your closest friends and family members in the dining area for the reception, and enjoy the English-style courtyard that offers a great experience for cocktails.

The private wedding suites are of the most intimate luxury, featuring a stylist station, mimosa bar, sitting area, ping pong, a flat screen, and much more.  There is no more entertaining set-up in Milwaukee for wedding parties to get ready!

The Hyde

The lofted space with converted windows gives off great natural lighting.  This was a converted gymnasium, but you’d never know that looking at the two story space.

This venue will cater up to 160 guests and has a well appointed wedding quarters area.  The chef’s kitchen is exposed, allowing your guests to take in the culinary greatness in an interactive environment.  The elevated terrace provides a perfect cocktail hour or area for a smaller outdoor ceremony.

Like the Abbey, there are private wedding suites for the bridal party to get ready in.

Culinary Experience

You and your guests will be treated to the finest culinary experience in the greater Milwaukee area.

Stay Near

Inquire about the properties near by lodging options, located just steps away from the venue.  Short term apartment rentals are available.  Four apartments sleep up to 24.  Take the worry out of managing transportation to the event venue out of the equation.

the royal palace

For more Information on booking your next wedding or event in Milwaukee:

St. James 1868 

833 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI  53233

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