Starfish Point Grand Cayman Review: I Visited and Reviewed with Pics

Starfish Point is situated on the northern tip of Grand Cayman, in close proximity to Rum Point. It’s easily accessible by car or boat, and the journey offers stunning views of the island’s coastline. As you approach, the anticipation builds, and you’ll know you’re on the cusp of a remarkable encounter with nature.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Starfish Point in Grand Cayman, and it was an absolutely magical experience. The beach is covered in hundreds, possibly thousands, of starfish, like something out of a dream. The crystal clear water and you can see the starfish swimming around just below the surface. It was an unforgettable sight.

I arrived at Starfish Point early in the morning, before the crowds had arrived. The beach was deserted, and I had the whole place to myself. I spent hours just swimming with the starfish and exploring the underwater world. It was so peaceful and relaxing, and I felt completely at peace.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and unforgettable experience, I highly recommend visiting Starfish Point, Grand Cayman, and that’s why I’ve written this review.

How do I get to Starfish Point, Cayman?

You’ll find Starfish Point on the north side of Water Cay Road. Starfish Point is about an hour’s drive from George Town by car, boat, or other means of transportation. It is a short distance past the Kaibo Restaurant, so follow the signs. There are restrooms and a parking lot as well.

What Kind of Starfish Are in Cayman?

The starfish you’ll encounter at Starfish Point are primarily cushion sea stars (Oreaster reticulatus), known for their vibrant red or orange color and distinctive five-arm design. These sea stars are gentle creatures that thrive in the shallow and warm waters of the Caribbean. Observing them in their natural habitat is a mesmerizing experience that brings you closer to the beauty and complexity of marine life.

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4-stop stingray eco-tour with George’s Watersports

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The 4-stop stingray eco-tour in Grand Cayman is one of the most popular tours. George’s Watersports, a well-known tour operator in Grand Cayman, organized it. One tour stop is Starfish Point, and you can be sure to get the best experience from George and his professional team. Learn more about the tour prices and dates when you book here. Only group tours are available for this tour.

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How to Treat the Starfish at Starfish Point

The orange starfish that live in these waters are numerous and vividly colored. Starfish should only be found in water because they enjoy breathing. While it’s tempting to pick up and handle these stunning sea stars, treating them with care and respect is crucial. These creatures are delicate, and excessive handling can stress them or cause damage.

Instead, enjoy the experience of observing them in their natural environment. If you do decide to interact with them, ensure your hands are clean and avoid lifting them out of the water. I strongly advise keeping them in the water because taking them out is against the law and can result in a $5,000 fine.

What I Like About Starfish Point

I enjoyed the quiet ambiance at Starfish Point. It is the best place for those seeking solitude and silence, especially during the early hours of the day. The water at Starfish Point is not very deep, which makes it a safe space for children to play and have fun. I also enjoyed watching young children play while their parents issued occasional warnings at the other end of the pool. The stingray, reef, and starfish tours were the highlights of my day.

What I didn’t like about Starfish Point

As much as I enjoyed the shallow waters at Starfish Point, I also noticed a rather sad occurrence that happened several times. Some adults didn’t respect the wildlife and didn’t mind trampling on the fish and reefs. There were also no authorities around to stop the vicious acts. After trying to lecture three people on the importance of keeping sea creatures safe to no avail, I left the place. I hope the next time I visit, there will be more orientation on the importance of protecting wildlife and sea creatures.

Guide to Enjoying Starfish Point and Things to Do

There are many interesting activities at Starfish Point, some of which you can enjoy on the beach or around the location. Here are activities to do and tips for enjoying a good time at Starfish Point:

  • Ensure to arrive early in the morning. If you love quiet and harmonious surroundings like me, you will love Starfish Point at dawn. There, you can sit down, enjoy nature, and hear the low tones of the sea creatures.
  • Go snorkeling! Every beach in Grand Cayman is known for offering a snorkeling experience; however, not all beaches in Grand Cayman have colorful starfish. Snorkeling offers the best starfish experience because it allows you to get to the shallow end of the water, with more colorful reefs and starfish.
  • Enjoy a swim, whether you are a swimmer or not. At Starfish Point, you can enjoy an amazing swim in the azure waters because the waters are not deep.
  • Rest under one of the palm trees. If you have had a long day hiking or engaging in other watersports, rest under any palm tree shades on the beach.
  • Touch a starfish or more! While it is completely wrong to pick up a starfish from its home (the water) and keep it away for so long, touching it gently and playing with it in the water is okay. You can take pictures of them lying in the water, too. They are beautiful and photogenic.
  • Come with a picnic basket! There are nice spots on the beach for a picnic. Come with your picnic basket and enjoy a good meal while watching the sea creatures.
  • Hire a tour operator for more adventure. While it’s fun to visit Starfish Point alone and enjoy a good time there, it’s even more fun, educational, and interesting to visit with a tour agency. You will get to go with a group of people (if you don’t mind), learn new things about the location that you wouldn’t have learned on your own, and discover new activities to add to your itinerary. Check out my tour operator recommendations above.

Are starfish dangerous?

Cushion sea stars are not dangerous to humans. Unlike other marine creatures, they are not venomous and do not threaten swimmers or snorkelers. However, it’s still important to exercise caution and respect their space to maintain the fragile balance of their ecosystem.

What to Watch Out For When Visiting Starfish Point

Watch out for the starfish and avoid stepping on them or picking them up. If you love seeing them and want to keep them alive, protect their lives by protecting their space. Also, stay careful when touching them; although they are not poisonous, their spikes could hurt you if they get in your hand.

Is Starfish Point in Grand Cayman free?

Starfish Point is free to access, one of its best features. Enjoying this natural wonder is free of charge. Starfish Point cordially welcomes everyone without regard to their ability to pay, whether they are lone travelers, romantically interested couples, or families seeking an enjoyable day out.

Where can I see starfish in Grand Cayman?

Starfish Point is a quiet retreat on the northern coast of Grand Cayman and is well-known for its profusion of vivid red cushion sea stars. You can spot vibrant starfish at Starfish Point, located on the northern coast of Grand Cayman, near Rum Point.

With the backdrop of the clear waters and the soft, white sand, these mesmerizing creatures produce an otherworldly scene. Since they can be seen best in the shallow waters close to the shore, Starfish Point is a great place to snorkel and wade in the beautiful shallow waters.


Starfish Point in Grand Cayman offers a remarkable experience that marries natural beauty with an up-close encounter with marine life. From the striking cushion sea stars to the tranquil ambiance, every moment spent at Starfish Point is a memory in the making.

As you plan your visit, remember to treat the marine life carefully, soak in the serenity of the surroundings, and create lasting memories that will stay with you long after you leave.

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