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Taking A Look At Launceston Accommodation Spots To Help You Unwind


If you have ever been away for a long weekend to a place that, if you didn’t know about it you would miss it as you drove on by, that was tucked away in the mountain or countryside simply minding its own business, then you will know immediately where I am going with this.

Those tranquil places that you see photographed so well in travel and blog magazines that you wish you could go to, where the grass although real looks impeccably artificial for the outdoors and the sun rays peak in ever so considerably so as not to blind you as you wake up to the day.

These are the types of venues where all your troubles seem to take care of themselves, your worries a world away in the city you left behind, and you look forward to a day filled with nothing and everything your heart desires.

Finding your slice of heaven.

More often than not, people tend to think of relaxing and finding physical as well as mental peace with endless services and amenities, and sometimes this helps, but in most cases, Mother Nature can do all this for you.

Finding the right place to stay can change your world for the better, clear up your mind and thinking which we all tend to overdo, and help keep your sanity, especially if you are a working mom trying to juggle and balance work and kids schedules and somehow still manage to get dinner on the table by 7 o’clock.

For me, my ideal setting tends to be surrounded by trees at the back and on the flanks with an open field in front as far as the eye can see. This may be home to the birds who sing me morning lullabies, jolly golfers walking the course in the crisp, early morn sunshine, or vast amounts of lush green trees softly swaying in the breeze against the mountain backdrop.

The main objective is to be rid of the day-to-day busy, never-ending schedules that can consume our days as they all roll into one. And what better way to find this than by relocating to a villa in the countryside, even more so that is home to a country club where the amenities are yours for the taking if you so wish, the best of both worlds, what’s not to love?

To find your slice of the pie and to get a glimpse of what could be, check out where your dreams don’t have to stay dreams but can become the reality you deserve. Life is too short to wait on the sidelines, seize the day and get ready to put your feet up in the sunshine with a good book. Am I right?

You may end up enjoying your new-found freedom and what was planned to be a week’s stay soon turned into a 6-month excursion that changed your life. These are the experiences worth living for.

Launceston Accommodation

What to look for.

Living on a ‘resort’ as opposed to a generic, stock standard residential block there comes a level of service we may not always be used to, but if this is the newfound life you are embarking on it may be the norm you need to get accustomed to.

Certain aspects come with living and owning a property on a country club estate, some more appealing or necessary to others, some not as much, nevertheless, they are offered and thus we will look at a few today.

You can take a quick moment too to click here and see some tips for when you do plan on making the move, this way with these handy tips and tricks you will be one step ahead of the game, and moving day will not be as stressful as you may have thought.

  • The round-the-clock security detail is usually available, not necessarily specific to your villa in particular but for the area and surroundings, and with a quick phone call would be at your service in no time. They also patrol the neighborhood in the unlikely event there was any suspicious behavior or characters.
  • The thing I love about villas in a cul-de-sac or mountain slope is the view options, no matter which villa you own or are renting you always have a great background to look at. It may be the mountain in all its glory, it could be the rippling river that runs alongside the property and bike track, or endless green fields that seem to go on forever, but one thing is for sure there is always something for everyone.
  • There always seems to be something going on, and with all the lovely neighbors around there is forever a barbeque to attend. Bike ride paths are around the properties for families, golf courses for those who enjoy strolls along the greenlands while hitting a ball semi-well, and evening events with live music and entertainment are on the agenda most months. There is something for everyone.

Children grow up with wonderful memories whether it be that you stayed in the actual club resort or near to it (read here for a story about growing up alongside a country estate) but either way there is an experience to be had. If you have an opportunity my advice is to take it and live your life to the fullest.

A final thought.

Living in a well-manicured, attended too, and looked after area is not too much to ask for in life, especially if you have worked hard for most of your life and you have the financial means to do so.

If this comes in the form of living on a country estate-or next to but within proximity to use of and enjoy the facilities- then so be it, we deserve to treat ourselves for all the man-hours we have put into society, is it not? So enjoy it while you can.

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