The Best International Private Aviation Destinations

Once reserved for the selected few without money worries, private jet travel has become a far more affordable option for many travelers who are looking for a boosted level of convenience compared to commercial flying. With this rise in popularity, the industry’s growth has jumped to new heights. Here are five of the best destinations for those looking to travel via private jet. This is the perfect inspiration for those yearning to travel in style, escaping the cold season in search of the sun. Take to the skies and see how you can make luxury travel your go-to.

best places to fly private jets

The Maldives

The Maldives has been a repeat destination for those who travel via private jet charter for many years, thanks to its stunning archipelagic nation of 26 breathtaking atolls. You’d be hard-pressed to find an itinerary that offers more privacy than a private flight to the remote atolls of the Maldives. Passengers will arrive at one of the many sparsely populated luxury resorts where they can indulge in water adventures, speed boat traveling, onshore activities, and many island-hopping opportunities. Take to the skies via seaplane and whisk across vast islands where you can watch passing whale sharks from above, then take a break on land and surf the waves. Guests savor European cuisine in a six-course set dinner menu with 180-degree views of coral gardens at the famed Ithaa restaurant five meters beneath the surface with a romantic chef-prepared dinner on the beach.

Bora Bora

bora bora

From turquoise waters to luxury resorts and snow-white sandy beaches, there is no better destination than Bora Bora. This island is brimming with romance, offering a blissful ambiance perfect for newlywed honeymooners. Established around an extinct volcano, Bora Bora is known for its beautiful lagoons — enjoy snorkeling trips, private boat cruises, guided jet ski tours, and beach picnics.

St. Barts

Its high-end restaurants, designer stores, and quintessential lush hills accented by red-roofed homes have made this Caribbean island a favorite among jet setters with its European vibe, flawless beaches, and plenty of privacy. Private jets and yachts are popular means of transportation because direct commercial flights are not available.


Aspen has become the perfect oxymoron combining the glitz and glamor of luxury living with the wonders that nature has to offer, with over 75 years of allure for wealthy travelers looking to spend the holidays skiing through the mountains of the U.S. The skiing speaks for itself, but Aspen is also home to many biking and hiking trails on the famous slopes through the summer months. 

Aspen is the playground for the elite, home to high-end boutiques, pop-up bars from many New York brands, plus art and food scenes competing with some of the largest cities in North America. If traveling via private jet luxury is your thing, why not continue the feel with your stay at one of the many historic properties filled with luxury and stately-inspired interiors? 

Picture heated gondolas and farm-to-table dining brought directly to your door via delivery or private chef. Private snowboard and ski lessons are available during the winter. You can also book warmer-weather activities such as horseback riding, fly fishing, helicopter tours, hiking, and cycling excursions with guided tours.


Bali has been a popular destination for travelers and backpackers for decades, offering thousands of sights and wonders, endless beaches, aquamarine surfs, temples, and emerald jungles filled with wildlife and waterfalls. 

As the private aviation industry continues to grow from strength to strength, islands like this are seeing people beat the crowds and fly in the most convenient way possible. Bali offers something for everyone, with activities for surfers, yogis, design lovers, beach bums, and celebrities. 

If seclusion is more your thing, Bali has many opportunities to avoid tourist hotspots with fast-track customs availability, private vehicle hire, and trips to remote beaches such as Nyang Beach — a lesser-known tourist hotspot. The Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall or the Tukad Cepung waterfall offer unexplored natural areas for visitors to explore. 

It is possible to arrange helicopter tours on Menjangan Island and world-class snorkeling at seven of the island’s dive sites, which can easily be reached by a private chartered boat.


Fly The New Way

Flying via private plane is the new way to travel. The industry is seeing more and more people choose this option, and for good reason. The new affordability and removed stresses of commercial flying are enough to make anyone fly via private jet charter, especially when you consider all the wondrous destinations available. This is just a small selection of the international destinations you could venture to via private jet; the world is your oyster, and the possibilities are seemingly endless.

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