Tips For Flying With Your Vape

Tips For Flying With Your Vape

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Vapes are changing the way people see smoking today. Smoking flavored vapor is the new deal, and the vaping technology has gained more fans than traditional tobacco today. First, vaping does not affect the liver, and internal organs like tobacco do. It also does not leave a stench on your body plus it has been scientifically proven that vaping helps reduce nicotine addiction. These and many more reasons are the strong convictions people have used to accept the vaping technology.

Are you planning to travel by air and you need your vape handy? You can take it along, but you need to understand some rules and tips that would help you travel with it without security harassment. A vape is an electronic device, and so it has the tendency to be detected as a threat in the airport. With more people making the switch to vape, airport security is becoming less strict, and they are beginning to accept vaping products through.

Here are some tips you should consider before stepping out to travel with your vaping device on air:


Even though many airports are beginning to get comfortable with people traveling with their vapes, you need to be very cooperative and friendly with the airport authorities. Don’t expect everyone to be as exposed as you are. Some airport securities staff may prove stubborn ask more questions; you don’t have to get angry with them. Be friendly with them and explain to them properly and they will surely allow you to travel with your vape.


Make sure your vape is properly packed with great care. It is advisable to dismantle the e-cigarettes in parts. Make sure the various components of the vaping kit like the battery and e-liquid is kept separately and in a safe place. Doing this will help prolong your battery life, and reduce problems you might face at the airport.


Doing this will surely get you into trouble with the authorities. Airports have strong laws against smoking, and even though vaping is not harmful to the environment like tobacco, you don’t want to get into the hands of the authorities explaining yourself.

Always consider others when you are in the terminal and keep yourself calm until you get to your destination. Also, don’t make the mistake of going to the bathroom for a quick vape session, you might not be lucky to come out without troubles.


If you have the means to buy another vape where you are going to or if there is a good supply where you visit, it is wise to buy your vape in the place you are traveling to. It will save you lots of stress if by any means your vape is rejected at the airport. When you buy at your destination, your vape kit can always be easily kept with a friend or a relative, and you can always go back to it when you travel again to the place.

These are just a few tips to get you through airport security and enable travel with your most beloved vape.

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