Tips on Choosing Best Lord Howe Island Holiday Package

Lord Howe Island Holiday Package

If you thought paradise didn’t exist, you probably haven’t had a chance to visit Lord Howe Island. It’s the largest island from the Great Barrier Reef, situated 400 miles from the Australian coast. Thanks to Henry Lidgbird Ball, who found the island, you have a chance to experience a vacation like never before.

Lord Howe Island is a place where you’ll find the most impressive sights. It boasts some beautiful reefs, rain forests, great lookouts, and many other things for tourists enjoying beach holidays. Although small in area, the island is exceptionally rich in content. It’s possible to design Lord Howe Island packages you want, whether travelling alone or with someone, in the desire for adventure or leisure.

Go-To for Adrenaline Seekers

If you belong to those whose adrenaline flows through the body, Lord Howe should be on your bucket list. This island will be a perfect place to spend holidays for those passionate about water sports and adventurous activities. A week’s holiday package and accommodation in one of the guesthouses is the right thing to enjoy your trip, without costing you a fortune.

Scuba diving here is a memorable experience. One reason for this is that Lord Howe is a place where several water currents meet. This mix of cold and warm waters creates ideal sites all over the island to dive in and enjoy the view of the underwater richness of flora and fauna.

The marine life around Lord Howe Island makes it a must-see spot for tourists. Ball’s Pyramid is a place to be for those who want to feel an extra burst of adrenaline. There is a chance that you will come across sharks there, so if you feel brave enough to dive with them, go for it (but only with licensed guides and adequate equipment).

Romantic Getaway

Lord Howe Island is an absolutely stunning destination for couples. Travel agencies will give you great offers, and it’s up to you to decide how long you want to stay on this paradise island and what type of vacation you want. For the first visit to this fascinating place, a week is enough. That way, you won’t lose interest in visiting Lord Howe again.

If you prefer a peaceful, relaxing vacation, a beach picnic is an ideal activity to do with your loved one. You can also take long walks or bike rides, visit Marine Park or local museum, and swim in hidden lagoons. As no more than 400 people can be on the island at the same time, you’ll be away from the hustle and bustle.

There are several types of accommodation units in Lord Howe, depending on your budget and preferences. For those who want maximum privacy, opt for one of the many lodges or apartments. All these come with air conditioning, great meals, bike rent and are generally safe and secure. Usually, they are right next to the sea or tucked somewhere in central areas of the island.

Great as a Family Destination

Great as a Family Destination

Lord Howe has no crimes and low road travel. That adds to its charm as a perfect family destination. Also, it boasts a unique natural beauty with plenty of wildlife and scenery. For a holiday with kids, this small World Heritage-listed island offers so much.

Some ideas on tech-free vacation with kids check below:


If you’re going to a family vacation, you might want to choose a lodge or hotel. You will be able to completely relax and be carefree when it comes to food preparation. Perhaps your little ones (especially teenagers) won’t be thrilled by the fact that Wi-Fi, mobile signals, and even TV are a rarity in accommodation units. Make sure to inform them about that, so they can plan their activities during your stay.

But you can use the time spent on Lord Howe to get closer with your family. You can encourage your kids to have fun, play in the sand, swim in the lagoon, feed fish, dive with turtles, and use their imagination in the best possible way. Adults will enjoy golf, scuba diving or snorkeling, hiking Mt Gower, or simply have a sunset drink.

Nature Lovers Are Welcome

For those who want an exotic journey to enjoy scenery and wildlife, this remote piece of Australia has it all. Going to Lord Howe is a perfect break for nature lovers. You will be thrilled by the abundance of flora and fauna in such a small area.

Lord Howe Island is part of the Great Barrier Reef and home to many fish, coral, and underwater plants. Also, you will find an incredible number of seabirds here. You can have a close encounter with many rare, endemic breeds. You can go for bird watching, diving, or you can just marvel at the beautiful scenery.

Honeymoon in Heaven on Earth

Lord Howe Island features a tropical wet and dry island climate. The location makes it an ideal place for honeymoon vacations. It’s blessed with a crystal clear, sea-side atmosphere. If you’re eager to try something new, think of glamping on this paradise island. More on this accommodation type find out t this source.

There are some excellent restaurants to enjoy a variety of meals. While you are on holiday at Lord Howe Island, you can enjoy the local cuisine. Seafood is one of the popular delicacies here. You can try crab, oyster and clams. Desserts such as coconut puddings, fruit tarts and quiche are delicious, rich and delectable.

Most hotels at this captivating destination in Australia have their bars with a pretty good selection of drinks. But it’s a real pleasure to have a cocktail in of the quaint bars and cafes. After the day on a beach, it’s an excellent chance for a relaxing evening.

As you can see, Lord Howe is a great place to plan your holiday. It has something for everyone, whether you want a remote island experience or a different kind of getaway. It’s the perfect destination to spend a vacation at any time of the year. You can relax in complete comfort and let your hair down after a hard day.

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