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What Can You Do if You Get Injured While Using Defective Travel-Related Products?

What Can You Do if You Get Injured

Injuries can be the cause of more things than you could probably imagine, and, in most cases, we would never think of those things like the potential cause for a personal injury lawsuit.

On the other hand, most people think that injuries caused by products refer mainly to the lack of care of the user when making use of it. For example, a common accident results from leaving the oven or the stove turned on.

However, such accidents cannot be categorized as defective product injuries – as it’s clear who’s guilty. Let’s look at what you should do if you get injured while using defective travel-related products!

What are Defective Travel-Related Products?

All travel-related products can come with defects or malfunctions that could ruin your trip. For example, you may develop an allergy to that particular airplane-friendly shampoo bottle or a new mouthwash.

Or, upon purchasing a new, comprehensive travel backpack, you soon realize that thanks to its design/build, it causes you immense back pain that results in a visit to the doctor. In other words, injuries can come from any defective travel-related products. It’s ideal to keep this in mind, especially if you want to keep both you and your health funds safe!

What Can You Do?

According to product liability attorneys, the first and most important thing to do is to make sure that you’re safe – now and in the immediate future. Depending on the product’s defect, you may require medical care or might be subject to a severe allergy, irritation, and so on.

After you’re safe, you should look into your legal options.

  • The Consumer Protection Act is the primary means of protection for someone injured by a defective product. It states that when a person is injured by using a faulty or defective product, they are not required to prove the manufacturer’s negligence.
  • Regardless of the manufacturer’s excuses, if the product responsible for the injury was defective, the former is held responsible/liable.
  • In short, don’t be afraid to pursue legal action and contact a product liability attorney. They will explain everything you need to know to win such a case.
  • Keep in mind that the whole trial process and procedures behind this type of case can be quite lengthy, as both the product and the manufacture will be thoroughly tested, questioned, and so on.
  • But, if you’re sure that your injury was the product’s fault because it was defective, then you should consider legal action.


The Bottom Line

As you can see, the procedure is relatively simple. After you make sure that your health is not at risk, you can contact an attorney and examine your options. Initially, you’ll consider a settlement, but you might want to go to court if the stakes are too high.

Naturally, if you incur costly medical bills due to a defective product, you shouldn’t quit fighting until the ones responsible agree to cover them entirely.

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