What’s in Your Camping Survival Kit, Complete Checklist

A survival kit is a crucial requirement when camping. The contents of your survival kit can mean the difference between life and death for you. However, when you start packing, you can miss some crucial tools. It is, therefore, important to have a complete checklist to ensure you have all your survival gear before setting out for camping. Luckily, we have prepared a list of the essential things you need for camping survival.

Survival activities are likely to involve a lot of cutting. You will, therefore, need a perfect knife or multipurpose that contains a knife. A suitable knife should be able to sharpen sticks, skins animals after hunting, and cuts ropes and strings. Ensure you have a reliable backup in case you lose one knife.

  • Emergency Survival Whistle

It is highly advisable to have a whistle around your neck all the time when camping. In case you get lost, you can use it to alert people who may be nearby. Your voice may not reach far and hence may not be useful in this situation. The good thing is that plastic whistles are lightweight. They also float on water and are rust-resistant.

  • First Aid Kit

One of the vital things you should have in your survival kit is a first aid kit. Also, you should ensure your kit is easily accessible at any time. Having a first aid dedicated to your vehicle is also a great idea. A general first aid kit will work fine.

However, it is vital to supplement your kit with essential items such as pressure dressings that stop bleeding in case of injury. If you do not have experience or formal training in handling medical kits, ensure you carry a first aid pocket manual. Familiarize yourself with the content to ensure you are well prepared in case of accidents.

  • Compass and Map

You should have both the compass and a map in survival situations. Having a map and a compass is not enough. You should be able to read maps and use compasses. They are handy tools for navigating into safety. These tools are lightweight and hence, easy to pack. You can find simple courses online that teach basic skills of navigating maps and using compasses.

Compass and Map

  • Water

On average, a human can only survive less than 72 hours without water. Fundamentally, water is an essential requirement for survival. However, water is bulky, and carrying a huge amount of water may derail your performance. Most likely, you will find enough water on your camping site. The problem is that drinking water in the wilderness straight from the source can make you sick.

You should, therefore, carry water filters with you. Additionary, ensure you get high-quality water cooler especially if you are camping in hot areas. You need quality and portable coolers that can intake both drinks and food while going camping.

But, when buying this essential kit, do in-depth research over the internet. Customer reviews and ratings will help you know which cooling kit to buy. For example, if you search Tom Hanson’s guide on, you will get a well-explained outline. Last note is, never assume anything, check for reviews before making your final decision.

  • Firestarter

When camping, you should be able to start a fire to combat cold night, cook meals, and fight predators. A fire starter is, therefore, an essential item that you must add to your survival kit checklist. In fact, you should have numerous ways of starting a fire, including match strikers and Bic lighter.


  • Rope/ Cordage

Cordage refers to things like nylon string or metal wire. It is an important addition to your survival kit, especially when you need to climb steep places. Cordages are also used to tie firewood bundles or drag a game after hunting. Ensure that you have a high-quality cord that is lightweight.

  • Flashlight

Most people forget flashlights when preparing camping survival kit checklists. Nobody would want to wander in the wilderness. A reliable flashlight can be very helpful if you find yourself in the dark. You can find useful and efficient torches that come with small and lightweight designs.



Camping should be fun. Globo Surf has some great survival kit recommendations.  However, you should have a full survival kit just in case you run into problems. The list above will help you when preparing a camping checklist.

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