Yachats, OR: A Beautiful, Remote Little Town on the Central Oregon Coast

Even if you’ve visited the state of Oregon before, you might not have heard of Yachats. That’s because Yachats is a very small city, which more closely resembles a town in terms of its size.

However, just because Yachats is small doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting. In fact, Yachats is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the state, and there’s so much to see and do that the area will feel much larger than it actually is.


If you love being near the ocean while being able to shop, visit art galleries, hike in nature, and enjoy relaxing dining experiences, Yachats is the place for you!

Keep reading to find out more about this beautiful, remote Oregon city and start planning the trip of a lifetime!


Oregon is a state located in the Northwest of the United States, right on the West Coast. In comparison to most other states in the U.S., Oregon is very large – in fact, it’s the 6th largest state in the country.

Yachats is almost exactly central to the Oregon coast, in the Southernmost part of Lincoln County.

Yachats is surrounded by some of the most iconic and highly populated coastal cities in the United States, with Newport just 37 kilometers North and Florence the same distance to the South.


Being a coastal location, it should come as no surprise that Yachats is one of the most scenic cities in Oregon – and, indeed, in the country as a whole!

The city’s name is derived from the Yachats River, and it is thought that its etymology translates to ‘dark water at the foot of the mountain’. This translation encompasses several components of Yachats’ scenery.

From the coast, you can look out and see mountain peaks and cliffs with waves crashing into tide pools – the ultimate coastal view. If you want to drink in the natural scenery while getting some exercise, we recommend the wheelchair-accessible Captain Cook trail, which takes you along the shoreline at low tide.

However, there’s more to Yachats than just beaches and craggy coastlines. If you know where to look, you can also find beautiful woodland areas, such as the Cape Perpetua Campground (for more, see ‘Accommodation’). The Cape Perpetua visitor center provides plenty of opportunities for hiking through the forest, with 11 trails to choose from depending on what you want to see.

The Sea Lion Caves are definitely worth visiting as well. This wildlife sanctuary is the perfect place to take in incredible views and observe protected marine life. However, the chances of seeing any sea lions during the Fall are significantly reduced because of the animals’ migratory behavior, so if this is a priority for you, make sure to schedule your trip earlier in the year.


The history of Yachats can be pretty harrowing to learn about, but doing so is an important part of fully appreciating the significance of the city.

Yachats, unfortunately, was the site of many atrocities committed against Native American tribes throughout the early 19th century.

This is something that tourists should bear in mind when visiting the area out of respect. We recommend downloading the Yachats Tour App, which was funded by the city itself and provides ‘then and now’ comparisons of buildings and information about important historical events and figures.

For an in-person learning experience about the history of Yachats, we recommend visiting the Little Log Church history museum.


There are plenty of fun, recreational activities to pass the time during your stay in Yachats!

Of course, if you visit during the summer months, you’ll probably want to spend a lot of your time on the beach. However, if you get tired of lounging in the sun, you can head into the town to explore and take in the cultural aspect of Yachats.

Art galleries are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Yachats, including the Earthworks Gallery, the Touchstone Gallery, the Wave Gallery, Dancing Dogs Pottery and Art, and the Laughing Crab Gallery.

Whether you love shopping in general or are looking for a souvenir of your time in Yachats, there are several gift shops you can peruse. Some of our favorites include Dark Water Souvenirs, Planet Yachats, and Toad Hall.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for somewhere you can completely unwind and destress in a luxurious atmosphere, the Overleaf Lodge and Spa is the perfect venue for you. Overleaf offers a variety of wellness-based services, including warm soaking pools with a view of the ocean, professional massages, an exercise room, and even reiki.

Food and Drink 

If you’re a total foodie, and a seafood lover, in particular, you can rest assured that you won’t go hungry during your time in Yachats.

First of all, the weekly farmer’s market is the perfect place to pick up fresh, delicious produce. However, if you’d prefer a sit-down meal, you can take your pick from a selection of cafes, inns, and restaurants offering excellent cuisine and a great service experience.

Luna Sea Fish House is a favorite with Yachat’s locals and tourists alike and serves some of the best seafood in the city. We also recommend the Drift Inn for a cozy ambiance, homemade food, and delicious cocktails. Beach Street Kitchen delivers an al fresco dining experience, complete with local beer and cider.


If you’re considering coming to Yachats for an outdoor adventure, there are a few campsites you can choose from.

Aside from Cape Perpetua Camp Ground, which provides opportunities for hiking, whale watching, and wildlife viewing services, there’s also Tillicum Beach Campground and the Sea Perch RV resort.

If you’re more of a hotel kind of person, the Overleaf Lodge and Spa, the Yachats Inn, and the Adobe Resort are all excellent options.

Final Thoughts 

Before you pack your bags and head off to Yachats for the ultimate coastal vacation, be sure to download the Yachats Tour App!

If you’re planning on staying for longer than a daytrip, remember to book your camping spot or room in advance because Yachats is becoming more and more popular with tourists every year.