Acquires Travel Guide of America

Travel Guide of America is Being Acquired by

Tim Schmidt, founder of Travel review blog, a leading educational website that helps travelers “live like a local” has acquired Travel Guide of America, a website that previously offered Road Trip Guides to people looking for advice while on road trips.

The website was originally built to offer travel tips, information on things to do in various cities, and to keep travelers educated.

The acquisition allows All World to expand their content and offer even more thorough guides for people traveling across the world. The acquisition will bolster it’s growing demand for USA travel tips, an area of need for the publication, which is  known for it’s first hand account of hotel reviews based on actual stays.

Earlier this year, Schmidt re-launched the website in more of a magazine format to appease younger travelers looking for information based on actual travel experience (not research.)

He brought on many new authors to the website, including his wife, Michelle, to provide different perspectives of travel of all types: adventure, food, dive bars, yoga retreats, and more.

About Travel Guide of America

The company published well thought out articles including guides on topics like “weekend trips to Alaska,” and “best mystery audio books for road trips.”

These articles will now be featured guides on, including the in depth coverage of DiscoverCars, a leading car rental company servicing over 145 countries.

About documents real life travel experiences through the lenses of people who have actually been there, and done that. Founded in 2015 by Tim Schmidt, the site has worldly guides to far away places like the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Iceland. Expert authors chronicle their experiences eating, dining, and engaging in adventure.  The website also feature in depth restaurant reviews that help people “live like a local.”

Recent excursions include the Grand Cayman Islands and next on the docket is a trip to the Costa Rica, where the following establishments will be reviewed.