The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Abroad

moving abroad checklist

When you decide to relocate to a foreign country, it’s a decision that you cannot take lightly and it will have a profound impact on your life. This decision is often exciting, and scary, and it leads to careful planning. While moving abroad will certainly lead to exciting new opportunities and enriching experiences, it is … Read more

The Dark Side of Living in Costa Rica

the dark side of living in costa rica

Pursuing the ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle in Costa Rica has its hidden complications. From the rising cost of living to intricate bureaucracy and unexpected safety concerns, the dark side of living in Costa Rica is an essential but often overlooked topic that needs to be tabled. Having lived in Costa Rica myself I felt obligated to … Read more

What is a Digital Nomad?

digital nomad life

A digital nomad is an individual who works remotely, using digital technologies, while traveling to various locations. This lifestyle offers freedom of movement without sacrificing productivity, allowing individuals to explore the world while staying economically active. If you’re considering a shift from the conventional 9-to-5 routine to an existence that interweaves work with travel, understanding … Read more

Planet Express Reviews

Planet Express

Wondering if Planet Express is the shipping solution you’ve been searching for? Our Planet Express reviews explain why this is a package forwarding solution that we recommend for anyone moving abroad or shipping items abroad. We base our findings on actual user experiences, comparing key features and costs with no added fluff – helping you … Read more

USPS International Shipping: Costs, Times, and Tips

usps international shipping

Seeking details on usps international shipping? Costs, delivery options, and how to get started are key elements you need. This article delivers a direct and concise breakdown of USPS’s international services, providing clear cost estimations and essential tips to streamline your international shipping process. Maybe you are making the move abroad, or maybe just looking … Read more