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  • US Expat Taxes

8 Things You Need to Know About US Expat Taxes

Most people never had to analyze their country’s tax regulations to understand how its tax system works. In fact, depending on education and such, most of the tax-related information is learned in either school or [...]

  • Lord Howe Island Holiday Package

Tips on Choosing Best Lord Howe Island Holiday Package

If you thought paradise didn't exist, you probably haven't had a chance to visit Lord Howe Island. It's the largest island from the Great Barrier Reef, situated 400 miles from the Australian coast. Thanks to [...]

  • Grey color in the interior design

Grey color in the interior design as an universal solution

For a long time, gray was associated with boring offices and government offices, but modern designers have found its secret power – to reveal muted shades and blunt too bright. Simply said, be the perfect [...]

  • Parents and Children

Travel Restrictions for Parents and Children after a Divorce

Going through a divorce with children in the middle is undoubtedly challenging. However, parents who genuinely want to be a part of their children’s lives will find out that things will still be difficult, even [...]

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Our ultimate travel guides are our first-hand travel reviews based on extensive travel and experiences in the destinations outlined below. In short, they are the places we've spent the most time in and can give expert travel advice about in terms of what to do, where to visit, what to eat, and how to live like a local. In the content below, you'll find links to every piece of content we've published about each destination including reviews of hotels, restaurants, destinations, and tourist attractions. As one recent reader said "You should charge people for this information!"

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