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Peter is a digital nomad who largely writes from Asia, Europe, and South America. Always following the "vibe," he sets up shop in hostels and AirBNB's and continues to entertain us with wild stories from life abroad.

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Solo Travel
Solo Travel

9 Best Countries for Solo Travel

Find out the top destinations for solo travel.  These places are ideal places to travel to for people traveling solo for their first time. As someone who started traveling alone years ago, I understand the fears that can go into exploring somewhere new.  My first time traveling abroad solo I […]

Best Hostel in NYC
Hostel Reviews

Best Hostel in NYC Revealed

Planning a trip to New York City soon? If so, you’ve probably realized that accommodation is definitely not cheap. In fact, it’s often hard to find great deals on accommodation because of how busy and popular NYC is. When we look for cheap accommodation, we’re usually searching for things like […]