Guide to the Nosara Beaches of Costa Rica

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Nosara is home to several beaches, not just the name sake Playa Nosara.  Today I’ll share with you an overview of all of the beaches of Nosara and talk about what makes each of them unique. For example, Playa Garza provides gentle waters for swimmers, and Playa Ostional is a sanctuary for sea turtles. So … Read more

Top Swimming Beaches Costa Rica

swimming beaches costa rica

Searching for the perfect swimming beaches Costa Rica has to offer? This guide takes you straight to the country’s top coastal havens, ideal for diving into warm, crystal-clear waters. Discover the serenity of Manuel Antonio, the family-friendly vibes of Samara Beach, and other hidden gems where calm waves and inviting sands await. Without the fluff, … Read more

Caribbean Beaches in Costa Rica – Which Ones are Best?

caribbean beaches costa rica

Looking for a serene escape to the Caribbean beaches in Costa Rica? Whether it’s the tranquil white sands of the South or the wildlife-rich shores of the North, this guide will lead you to the most picturesque and unique spots along Costa Rica’s Caribbean coastline. Expect to uncover pristine turquoise waters, lush tropical backdrops, and … Read more

Top 10 Beach Hotels Costa Rica

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There is no shortage of beach hotels in Costa Rica, but today I’m going to break down the many options available for travelers of all types and list off some of my favorite stays in Costa Rica. Discover accommodations that align with your preferences, whether it’s lavish amenities, family activities, eco-friendly operations, or surfing and … Read more

Playa Samara Costa Rica – Complete Guide

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If you’re wondering what makes Samara, Costa Rica, a must-visit destination, look no further. Nestled on the Pacific Coast, Samara captivates with its pristine beach, laid-back culture, and myriad of activities perfect for any traveler. This guide dives into Playa Samara’s charming appeal, from its abundant wildlife and snorkeling treasures to its community’s warm embrace. … Read more

Playa Panama Costa Rica

playa panama costa rica

Wondering if Playa Panama Costa Rica meets your beach vacation needs? This tranquil spot combines ease of access with a palette of activities perfect for families and serenity-seekers alike. Delve into what makes it unique, discover local secrets, and start planning without spoilers – your journey to Playa Panama Costa Rica begins here. What to … Read more

Playa Bejuco, Costa Rica – What to Know Before You Go

playa bejuco costa rica

Playa Bejuco, a tranquil Costa Rican beach haven, promises unspoiled landscapes and a quiet retreat from bustling tourist centers. Start planning your trip with our top tips on travel, accommodation, and how to savor Playa Bejuco’s unique natural beauty and local culture. Key Takeaways Playa Bejuco is a peaceful, natural retreat perfect for wildlife enthusiasts … Read more

Fort Lauderdale Beach Guide

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What can you do at Fort Lauderdale Beach? This bustling beach destination caters to every mood and pace, from tranquil beachside lounging and casual dining to high-energy water sports and exploration. Our guide offers you the essentials for planning your outing, highlighting must-see spots and not-to-be-missed activities, ensuring your visit is as laid-back or as … Read more

Playa Montezuma – A Must Visit Bohemian Beach Town

playa montezuma

Imagine a place where turquoise waves crash against pristine white sand beaches, and a laid-back bohemian vibe fills the air. Welcome to Playa Montezuma, Costa Rica’s hidden gem nestled on the idyllic Nicoya Peninsula. Key Takeaways Discover the hidden gem of Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula: Playa Montezuma! Experience its chill bohemian vibe and … Read more