Best Happy Hours in Fort Lauderdale

ft lauderdale happy hours

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Best Bars in Fort Lauderdale 2024

fort lauderdale bars

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Costa Rican Gallo Pinto Recipe

costa rican gallo pinto recipe

Gallo Pinto, the traditional Central American dish loved for its simplicity and rich flavor, holds a place of pride at breakfast tables across Costa Rica and beyond. But what exactly makes Gallo Pinto a staple in this region, and how do you cook it to perfection? Dive into the history, essential ingredients, and cooking secrets … Read more

Timpano Las Olas (Review)

timpano las olas

Seeking a standout Italian dining experience at ‘Timpano Las Olas’ in Fort Lauderdale? Get ready to dive into what makes Timpano a cherished gem along Las Olas Boulevard. From innovative dishes and craft cocktails to sophisticated ambiance and attentive service, our guide is your front-row ticket to understanding why Timpano ignites the taste buds and … Read more

Catalina Island, Costa Rica: Diving Paradise and Wildlife Haven

catalina islands costa rica

Looking for an unparalleled diving experience or a wildlife adventure? Catalina Island, Costa Rica, might just be the treasure you’re seeking. Known for its crystal-clear waters filled with an array of marine life and dive sites that cater to all levels, this Pacific gem offers more than just underwater exploration. Read on to dive deep … Read more