La Rana Dorada Panama Brewery in Casco Viejo

la rana dorada

If you are looking for a Panama Brewery, or “Cervezeria” as it’ll be referred to in Spanish, look no further than La Rana Dorada Brewery in Casco Viejo, Panama.  This elegant brew pub was one of the highlights of my last visit to Panama, and it’s good to see the country embrace the craft beer … Read more

Stache Drinking Den – America’s #1 Speakeasy!

stache drinking den

Exploring Fort Lauderdale’s Stache Drinking Den, you’ll find more than a bar – it’s an experience. With its Prohibition-inspired decor and a lineup of live music, it’s where classic cocktails and unique vibes meet. Get ready to discover a drinking den that thrives on its character and pours passion into every glass. Update:  this was … Read more

McSorley’s Fort Lauderdale Beach Pub

mcsorleys fort lauderdale beach

I first wandered into McSorley’s Fort Lauderdale because I was hanging out on the beach just in front of it on a scorching Summer morning.  My first thought was “this is a dark bar near the beach.”  A few minutes later, I’m watching English Soccer while having a pint and talking shop with some guys … Read more