Bobbys Free Speakeasy in Barcelona

Bobby’s Free is a speakeasy that will fool you for a barber shop if you don’t know of it’s existence.  The Bobby’s Free password changes frequently, and they urge you to go to their social media to find it, or you face the threat of not getting in.  I was recently there, and this is my Bobby’s Free review.

The Bobby’s Free Bar and Speakeasy in Barcelona

First off, you’ll find a gentlemen guarding the door, which should give you a hint that it’s some sort of bar or night club atmosphere behind it.  Certainly, a barber shop wouldn’t have a guard outside, would they?  Not even in Barcelona!

The Bartender at the W Hotel gave me a short list of places to go on my way to the game at Camp Nou.  He was very insistent about this one, and said “just trust me here.”  How do you not trust a guy who just made you three very eclectic tequila cocktails?  This guy was Italian and very quick to give me a road map to follow as he was also a futbol fan.

Following his list to an exact science, I tried a bar called the Dry Martini, which was nice, but not really what I was looking for at the moment.  Small tables had congregations of people who were yapping it up and exchanging stories, and I was looking for a bar since I was all alone.  The other places were Solange, which was very nice, with a wide variety of craft cocktails, but quite empty at 6:30 PM.  The last place, Paradiso, I didn’t have time to visit.  Who cared though, because Bobby’s Free was the place “had to” check out – no questions asked.

Bars in Barcelona

I get dropped off and see the sign. Looks like a bar you’d see in Chicago.  Except, I walk in and am greeted by a facade that mirrors a very small barber shop.  Two men are reading magazines while the stylist tries to push me in the chair and ask me how I want my hair cut.

“No, I want to drink,” I replied.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” he replied.

As I insist that I not only read about this bar online, heard about it from the bartender at the W, and that I actually spent 30 seconds of my life trying to find the password, he starts chuckling.  By now, he knows that I know about the game here, but he also knows I don’t know the password.  He can tell I looked for it, but not very hard.

“What do they call alcatraz,” he asked?

“Uhhhhh….not really into history,” not sure man.

“It’s also the name of a famous wrestler.”

“Rick Flair,” which is usually the answer to any wrestling trivia question, was dead wrong.  He chuckled as my half-sober, bundled up in Barcelona F.C. gear smiling face could tell there were people behind the walls behind us, but I couldn’t get in.

“Oh, the ROCK,” I yelled.

Then he asked me to “find the door.”  As I gasped and looked around, a bar back came out to ask him a question, and my quest was over. I was in!

Drinks at Bobby's Free

Once inside, the bar is nothing special, but it’s private and very comfortable.  I sat at the bar and sampled three drinks, all which took longer to make than they did to consume.  The menu was made out of an old record, but other than that, I don’t recall that much about this place.  It was a great time with amazing drinks, and I even had an app, but you guessed it, I forgot.  Hey, when you are in Barcelona for only 24 hours, and have a game that has been on your bucket list for years that you have to go see, you get yourself amped up.

Bobby’s Free did just that for me.  I will be back, will take better notes, but I will not promise sobriety.

Until the next episode, safe travels!  


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How to Get Into Bobby’s Free the Easy Way

Just go to their Instagram or social media.  They constantly update the code and make it easy, they just want you to work for it!  (Not to mention it’s a great way to gain followers.)  You can also visit their website and find it front and center.

Pics of Bobby’s Free Bar

The Front Door
“Barber Shop.”
Drink Menu
Craft Cocktail
I wish I could remember the name of this one.
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