La Rana Dorada Panama Brewery in Casco Viejo

If you are looking for a Panama Brewery, or “Cervezeria” as it’ll be referred to in Spanish, look no further than La Rana Dorada Brewery in Casco Viejo, Panama.  This elegant brew pub was one of the highlights of my last visit to Panama, and it’s good to see the country embrace the craft beer culture after having so many years with their iconic local beers of Balboa and Cerveza Panama.

Visiting La Rana Dorada Brewery in Panama City

So this is located in Casco Viejo, which has a charm of it’s own.  I compare it to some of the buildings in Granada, Nicaragua, but it also has the same vibe I got in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  You’ll see locals and tourists alike walking, exploring, and dining at the local boutique restaurants, all varying with flair, culture, and culinary offerings.  You’ll see wine bars, lounges, outdoor bars, and many rooftop bars that line the town and make it an exciting, vibrant mix.

On a very hot May visit with temperatures in the upper 90’s and a humidity that was out of control, even for this Miami guy, the cold beers and cool air conditioning at La Rana Dorada was just what was on tap.  And on tap, well, was their wide variety of beers, which were as refreshing as their logo, which I became a big fan of.  I always enjoy good branding, and this beer got it right.

As for the beers, here was the selection they had:

  • Porter
  • Pils
  • Pale Ale
  • IPA
  • Grand Cru
  • Blanche

All beers ranged from 4.5% to 7% alcohol.  I had the blanche, and loved it.  I’m not a huge IPA drinker, but I like one once in a while (but only one or two, too many of them give me a headache), and when I tried it, it was right up my alley as well. It was just too hot to try the porter, but it gets really good reviews online and many people were recommending it when I was there.

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They also have a full bar, in case beer isn’t your thing.

blanche beer

With Panama being a pit stop to many countries across Latin America, serving as a major airport hub for International flights, it’s the perfect place to spend a day or two on your way to some adventure in Costa Rica, or maybe on your way to backpacking South America.  Whatever the case may be, make sure to stop by this brew pub.  Panama City is small, and easy to get around.  Casco Viejo is even smaller, and you can’t miss this inviting spot with the best air conditioning in the area!

I stayed at the J.W. Marriott, which will be another review coming soon.  If you are a traveler and aren’t into the program, get with the Bonvoy program, it’s the best rewards program for travelers, hands down.

la rana dorada panama

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