Costa Rica Hot Springs

I’ve tried most of the best hot springs Costa Rica boasts, and I am telling you, this is an experience you have to take part in if you visit Costa Rica. This guide reveals where you should dive in for soothing natural heat, from the majestic Arenal Volcano baths to secluded mineral-rich pools. I’l break down the soaking temperatures, health advantages of natural hot springs, and practical tips to enhance your geothermal journey in Costa Rica’s verdant paradise.

Many of these areas are great places to stay in Costa Rica, so if a hot springs vacation is something you are looking for, make sure to read the links to the hotels reviewed here to find out about rates and availability.

Hot Springs Costa Rica Overview

  • Costa Rica’s hot springs, resulting from geothermal activity, offer a range of experiences from secluded pools to luxury resorts, each providing therapeutic health benefits amid picturesque natural landscapes.
  • Options for hot springs experiences in Costa Rica vary widely, from Eco Termales’ Hidalgo family-operated tranquil retreat to Kalambu’s family-oriented water park, catering to preferences from serenity to adventure.
  • The health benefits of soaking in Costa Rica’s mineral-rich waters, alongside essential visitor tips for a successful hot springs experience, underscore the country’s appeal as a holistic wellness destination.

Exploring Natural Hot Springs

The Springs Costa Rica Bar
Side view of the swim up bar at the Springs near Arenal.

The breathtaking terrain of Costa Rica is a masterpiece crafted by nature herself, peppered with countless natural hot springs born from the nation’s dynamic geothermal vitality. These warming sanctuaries, fueled beneath the surface by volcanic activity, come in all shapes and sizes, from secluded streamside basins to luxurious thermal retreats. Yet they universally provide a serene haven for rejuvenating both mind and spirit.

Immerse yourself into these splendid geothermal baths where you’ll encounter water temperatures that vary pleasantly between 75°F and an enveloping 125°F – ideal for melting away stress. Renowned over millennia for their healing properties and ability to promote deep relaxation, these naturally heated pools invite you into peaceful seclusion against the dramatic panorama of Costa Rican vistas. Imagine lounging in temperate mineral-rich waters as the towering Arenal Volcano stands sentinel near La Fortuna—creating an incomparable postcard-perfect moment.

All springs throughout Costa Rica are pure manifestations of nature without man-made alteration. Consistently monitored to guarantee top-tier quality standards alongside utmost safety measures. So whether your journey includes brief interludes or extended periods submerged within this warm earthly embrace, tranquility coupled with reassurance awaits at every turn during your visit to Costa Rica’s hot springs.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable expedition through some of Costa Rica’s most bewitching thermal waters—a treasure trove offering distinctly memorable encounters set amid enchantingly steamy backdrops across this tropical paradise.

Arenal Volcano: The Epicenter of Costa Rica’s Hot Springs

Arenal Volcano Pic
This photo was taken from “The Springs,” a local resort.

The region around Arenal Volcano is renowned for its geothermal wonders, where subterranean magma keeps the local natural thermal pools heated. This volcanic activity results in a haven of hot springs that offer visitors distinctive and soothing experiences.

No matter if you’re embarking on a romantic getaway, taking a family trip or exploring solo, the assortment of hot spring experiences in the Arenal area caters to every type of traveler. With everything from serene resort facilities to secluded riverbank thermal pools available, each site presents an exclusive ambiance for bathing in temperate waters while revitalizing oneself physically and mentally.

Imagine immersing yourself in these therapeutic waters with views of the impressive Arenal Volcano stretching above. Such extraordinary encounters are plentiful here. The breathtaking scenery coupled with healing warm waters create an alluring atmosphere that stimulates both sight and spirit alike.

Los Perdidos Springs

Los Perdidos at the Springs

Tucked away among lush greenery, the Los Perdidos Springs are waiting to be explored. Contrary to what its name might imply—derived from the Spanish term for “lost”—the springs stand as a haven of wellness and serenity with amenities that include:

  • A collection of seven pools, each featuring distinct temperatures
  • Waters enriched in bicarbonate and chlorides while being low in sulfur content
  • Skin-healing properties due to their unique mineral makeup
  • An absence of strong sulfur smells, offering comfort for those who are sensitive

The waters’ special blend lends itself not only to skin rejuvenation but also provides comfort by eliminating harsh sulfur scents.

At The Springs Resort and Spa—the esteemed residence encompassing Los Perdidos Springs—a 5-star indulgent experience awaits every visitor. With deliberate crowd management practices executed by the resort, guests can revel in a peaceful sojourn. There’s ample room provided for everyone’s relaxation needs ensuring an intimate encounter with these therapeutic thermal waters without the congestion typical at other hot spring locations.

Beyond just curative baths, Los Perdidos Springs is defined by its expertly groomed landscapes which foster an atmosphere removed from daily bustle. Amongst picturesque natural beauty complete with attractions like a playful monkey water slide, this sanctuary extends an invitation into both amusement and tranquility within its enchanting confines.

Tabacón Hot Springs

Tabacon Hot Springs
Yet another resort with hot springs on site.

This is another one in the Arenal volcano area. While you are in this area, make sure to check out the hanging bridges nearby volcano, and volcanic mud!

If you’re on the lookout for an environmentally conscious hot spring experience, Tabacón Hot Springs is your perfect destination. This resort stands out as a model of eco-sustainability and has achieved carbon neutrality while utilizing naturally heated river water to supply its thermal baths. Relax in the therapeutic waters at this springs resort knowing that your leisure pursuits are not compromising environmental integrity.

Within the confines of Tabacón Hot Springs, guests will find five different thermal pools offering a variety of temperatures ranging from 77-122 degrees Fahrenheit (25-50 degrees Celsius). These pools gain their warmth from Arenal Volcano’s geothermal energy, making them not just another natural hot spring, but also symbols of renewable energy utilization. Immersing yourself in these warm waters provides both physical comfort and supports ecological conservation efforts. Visitors can explore Rio Negro’s hot springs, which serve up yet more options for restorative immersion.

Adherence to green practices permeates every aspect of this Costa Rican retreat. It isn’t just about providing a place to bathe—it is about cultivating serenity while honoring nature’s gifts. As you enjoy the amenities offered by this premier hot springs resort against the backdrop of verdant landscapes and volcanic vistas, remember: here you become part of an ongoing commitment to sustainable tourism that cherishes and safeguards Costa Rica’s intrinsic splendor.

Your Ultimate Guide to Arenal’s Best Hot Springs Resorts

the springs

The region surrounding Arenal Volcano is renowned not only for its impressive volcanic landscape, but also as the location of some of Costa Rica’s premier hot springs resorts. These establishments provide guests with access to soothing thermal waters, catering to both those seeking a sumptuous stay or a tranquil retreat for the day.

A multitude of options awaits visitors at Arenal, from Paradise Hot Springs and its collection of eight varied thermal pools offering peaceful environs, to The Springs Resort Hot Springs where luxury is paramount. With an array of temperature-controlled thermal pools and jacuzzis set amidst romantic spots like the adults-only Shangri-La Gardens, there’s something tailored for every taste.

Beyond mere relaxation, many hot springs resorts in the Arenal area embellish their offerings with indulgent spa treatments. For adventure-seekers who’ve spent their energy ziplining or exploring, these resorts are ideal spots to rejuvenate in warm therapeutic waters. The breadth of experiences available ensures that anyone visiting Arenal’s hot springs can strike just the right balance between exhilarating activities and serene downtime.

The Springs Resort & Spa

lobby at the springs
This view is from the hotel lobby.

This was our wedding venue and it’s very special to us! Featuring a lavish resort with every amenity you could ask for, this place has a massive swim up bar, water slides, massage treatments, all amongst the backdrop of the active volcano. This is my favorite place in Arenal hot springs area, and perhaps the entire country of Costa Rica.

Eco Termales Hot Springs: A Family Legacy

Sometimes a video is better than 10,000 words!

Located in the heart of Arenal, Eco Termales Hot Springs has become an integral part of the region. It represents a commitment to serenity and privacy in hot spring relaxation, crafted with care by the Hidalgo family.

To maintain a peaceful atmosphere unlike more crowded hot springs resorts, Eco Termales controls admission numbers daily. This exclusive approach guarantees guests can indulge in a serene and personal experience amidst natural beauty.

Five thermal pools are dispersed throughout this springs resort, each offering different heat settings amid picturesque surroundings. The strategic layout ensures visitors have uninterrupted views across all pools for optimal selection of their preferred soaking location.

EcoTermales is not just about warm waters. It also features top-notch facilities such as an original Costa Rican restaurant on-site and mineral-rich waters abundant with magnesium, calcium, and bicarbonate that offer therapeutic qualities for a distinctive and fulfilling visit to these healing natural pools.

Titokú Hot Springs

titoku hot springs

Situated within the premises of Arenal Kioro Hotel and Resort, Titok Hot Springs presents a high-end experience for those looking to enjoy thermal waters. Both resort guests and outside visitors are welcome to this tranquil haven that boasts carefully heated pools amidst an atmosphere designed for supreme relaxation and luxury.

Titok Hot Springs features top-notch amenities such as:

  • Washrooms
  • Changing facilities
  • Storage lockers
  • Bar offering snacks and mixed drinks

These conveniences ensure you can relax comfortably in the warm embrace of the springs all day without any hassles.

The admission pass to Titok Hot Springs grants you:

  • Entrance to the hot spring baths
  • Use of quiet lounging areas
  • Admission into sauna and vapor chambers
  • Provided towels and bathrobes

With entry fees set at $33 excluding meals, or $52 including food, it is a reachable indulgence. Whether it’s relaxing post-adventure or just taking time out from daily commotion, Titok Hot Springs offers an ideal refuge for those seeking comfort and tranquility.

Baldi Hot Springs

Baldi hot springs

At the heart of La Fortuna lies Baldi Hot Springs, a destination celebrated for its harmonious blend of invigorating entertainment and serene relaxation set within an awe-inspiring landscape. Here you are greeted with stunning vistas, pools varying in temperature from toasty warmth to refreshing coolness, all within the soothing embrace of a peaceful ambiance unique to Baldi Hot Springs.

Maintaining high standards for safety and cleanliness is paramount at this retreat. Guests can unwind with peace of mind knowing that rigorous daily cleaning protocols keep the thermal waters pristine—perfectly complementing the natural purity found at Baldi Hot Springs. The resort boasts 25 diverse thermal pools enveloped by lush tropical rainforest and sparkling waterfalls—a backdrop ensuring every visitor finds their ideal spot whether seeking romantic seclusion or family-friendly fun.

Entry into this tranquil paradise comes with an affordable price tag: adults pay just $44 USD while children’s admission is discounted at $31 USD. This fee unlocks access to an entire day basking in luxurious facilities which include numerous soaking opportunities as well as dining options such as enjoying fare at the Pyramid Restaurant—all elements coming together to create a truly memorable hot springs encounter amidst nature’s splendor.

Discovering Budget-Friendly Thermal Escapes

In Costa Rica, the attraction of hot springs isn’t limited to those with small budgets. Affordable opportunities abound for enjoying these thermal havens. With options ranging from completely gratis to reasonably priced day passes, indulging in a warm thermal retreat doesn’t have to mean overspending.

La Fortuna presents various accessible choices for reveling in natural geothermal waters.

  • La Fortuna’s free hot spring access
  • Entry at Los Laureles Hot Springs costing $12 USD daily
  • Admission into Termalitas del Arenal set at $15 USD each day and includes lunch
  • Access fee for Los Lagos Hot Springs tagged at $18 USD per grownup

Beyond economical entry fees, visitors of Termalitas del Arenal can take advantage of added amenities like shaded picnic spots outfitted with barbecue facilities and water-powered massage chairs. Enhancing your inexpensive pass. Whether you’re keeping an eye on finances or just hunting for a thrifty yet blissful thermal journey, these cost-conscious alternatives make it possible for everyone to soak up the tranquil heat radiating from Costa Rica’s hot springs.

Los Laureles Hot Springs: Affordable Tranquility

Los Laureles Hot Springs

If you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly hot springs experience, head over to Los Laureles Hot Springs. At an accessible price of $9, it’s one of the most economical options in La Fortuna for soaking up relaxation throughout your day.

What sets Los Laureles apart is its policy that allows visitors to bring their own refreshments and meals. This unique aspect provides an edge over other local hot spring destinations by enabling guests to relish a whole day immersed in leisure without being concerned about racking up high resort bills.

Despite its low cost, Los Laureles doesn’t skimp on quality offerings. The site boasts several pools with varying temperatures, water slides for some spirited fun, and sports facilities — all set within comfortable surroundings. Whether you wish to unwind in soothing thermal waters or are after more dynamic activities, Los Laureles Hot Springs delivers an excellent experience at great value.

Family Adventures at Kalambu Hot Springs Water Park

Kalambu Water Park

Travelers with family members in tow will find a perfect combination of thrill and leisure at Kalambu Hot Springs Water Park. The park caters to all family demographics by featuring attractions such as water slides, play platforms, and engaging water cannons for an exhilarating time suitable for any age.

For varying ages within the family unit, the park has curated specific areas:

  • A kiddie pool equipped with miniature slides and playful splashing features designed for little ones
  • Intense sliding rides meant to offer older kids a rush of excitement
  • Pristinely kept changing facilities
  • An inviting zero-depth entry communal pool suitable for families
  • Convenient amenities including a bar you can swim up to and an accessible dining option

Within these lively activities lies sophisticatedly maintained infrastructure ensuring your visit is nothing short of delightful.

Nestled among La Fortuna’s hot springs destinations, Kalambu Hot Springs Water Park stands out as part of this diverse selection that ranges from serene soaking pools to vigorous aquatic escapades catered towards family enjoyment. Here at the epicenter of Costa Rica’s renowned hot springs locale, whether it’s solace or spirited fun you seek, your kin is guaranteed an unforgettable encounter.

Paradise Hot Springs

paradise hot springs

Paradise Hot Springs is an enchanting destination, particularly at nightfall. The resort features eight distinct thermal pools, hydromassage amenities, and is enveloped in a verdant tropical setting that achieves a peaceful atmosphere as dusk descends.

Visitors have lauded Paradise Hot Springs for its pristine and varying-temperature pools set amid a natural and quaint environment with sparse crowds. The area also boasts swim up bars nestled within luxuriant foliage. In this serene oasis, guests are invited to unwind in tepid geothermal waters, rejuvenate their senses, all while basking in the subtle radiance of multicolored lighting.

Although it exudes an exclusive boutique charm, Paradise Hot Springs offers reasonable pricing with day passes covering extras such as towels and lockers. Despite the calming evening allure being well-regarded by patrons—the gastronomic offerings have yielded reviews that range from glowing to lukewarm.

Nevertheless, the calm aura complimented by therapeutic warm springs water bathing experiences makes Paradise Hot Springs stand out amongst Costa Rica’s hot spring retreats—ideal for those seeking an unwinding escape during nighttime hours.

Combining Adventure with Relaxation: Hot Springs Combo Tours

For those who crave excitement but also seek moments of calm, the hot springs combination tours in Costa Rica are an ideal choice. These excursions expertly weave heart-pounding pursuits like zip-lining or trekking with tranquil periods spent in soothing hot springs, offering an equilibrium of exhilaration and repose.

Consider opting for experiences such as the Vandará Nature Pass and AMA Extreme Canopy Tour that provide a diverse array of activities including:

  • Ziplining
  • Therapeutic mineral mud baths
  • Scenic hikes
  • Rejuvenating soaks in hot springs

Alternatively, guests can experience the Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Canopy + Arenal Cano Hot Springs tour, which presents an opportunity to soar on ziplines with vistas featuring the impressive Arenal Volcano followed by a session unwinding within balmy waters offered by nearby geothermal hot springs.

These all-encompassing expeditions not only fulfill your desires for thrill-seeking adventures and peaceful relaxation. They’re designed with your convenience at their core. Benefits such as provided transportation from hotels in proximity and meal options allow you to immerse fully into these delightful experiences without any concerns about details or planning.

The Health Benefits of Costa Rica’s Mineral-Rich Waters

The thermal waters of Costa Rica provide not only leisure and excitement, but also a multitude of health benefits. These springs abound with mineral-rich waters that include elements such as sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which are beneficial for skin health.

Beyond their impact on skin wellness, the rich minerals found in these springs offer therapeutic effects for various ailments. They contribute to the alleviation of dermatological issues including psoriasis, acne, and rosacea. They aid in addressing joint discomforts as well as muscular pain. The warm temperatures fused with the abundance of minerals encourage endorphin release—easing stress levels—and serve as natural micro-relaxants for neuromuscular systems within our bodies.

Proven by research studies are the painkilling attributes along with anti-inflammatory effects and muscle-soothing qualities inherent in hot spring baths—which play significant roles not just in enhancing beauty regimes but also aiding recovery post-physical injuries. Thus immersing yourself into Costa Rica’s geothermal pools is more than an indulgent pastime—it’s simultaneously a form of therapy that fosters both bodily nourishment and mental rejuvenation towards improving one’s overall state-of-being.

Planning Your Visit: Essential Tips for Hot Springs Enthusiasts

Preparing for your excursion to the thermal waters of Costa Rica? Ensure a seamless adventure with these key points.

Pack wisely for your outing. Essentials include a comfy swimsuit, sandals, towel, drinking water, extra clothing, and something cozy like a cover-up or sarong to move between pools comfortably.

Choosing the right time is vital. To make the most out of your hot springs visit in Costa Rica’s blissful setting aim for the dry period spanning December through May. Circumvent the rainy stretch from late May until November to dodge weather disruptions during your soak.

Maintaining serenity at hot springs is paramount. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Tread carefully on surfaces that may be slick.
  • Leave glass items behind.
  • Steer clear of smoking.
  • Keep low noise levels.
  • Hold off swimming post-meal by an hour minimum

If you are unsure about anything while there, don’t hesitate to reach out for resort staff help.

Adhering to these suggestions will pave the way towards an unforgettable experience at Costa Rica’s rejuvenating hot springs.

Others worth checking out include Rio Negro hot springs, Los Lagos hot springs, both offering natural pools offering an intimate hot springs experience. There’s also eco termales hot springs, titokú hot springs and vandará hot springs, which can make a Costa Rica vacation so much more memorable.

Especially if you are traveling to Costa Rica during your winter back home – nothing beats a swim up bar in a hot pool! When you visit Costa Rica, make sure to get in a hot pool or thermal river and enjoy the natural wonder of Costa Rica hot springs.

I’ve also made an overall guide to packing for Costa Rica, so if it’s your first time visiting, check that out here.


Immerse yourself in the healing, mineral-rich waters of Costa Rica’s hot springs, a delightful consequence of Arenal Volcano’s geothermal activity. Paradise Hot Springs promises serene nights and complements an array of offerings from opulent resorts to cost-effective thermal retreats and enjoyable water parks suitable for all ages. There is something at these hot springs for every visitor, whether it’s adventure you seek or relaxation you crave. Don’t delay. Begin planning your trip now to experience the unique combination of wellness benefits and peaceful enjoyment provided by the inviting hot springs of Costa Rica.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim in hot springs in Costa Rica?

Certainly, the springs in Costa Rica are suitable for swimming. The warm temperatures of these hot springs in Costa Rica make them an inviting spot to soak while their mineral-rich waters offer a natural means for revitalization.

Where did the Kardashians go in Costa Rica?

The Kardashians stayed at the luxurious Villa Manzu in Costa Rica, hosted by My Private Villas, during the filming of Season 13 of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. They can be seen enjoying the beautiful private villa in “Family Trippin’” episodes.

Are hot springs free in Costa Rica?

Indeed, Costa Rica offers complimentary access to hot springs like those found in La Fortuna, Arenal. You can have a soothing experience at these natural spas without the need for financial outlay.

What part of Costa Rica has hot springs?

Natural hot springs near the Tenorio and Miravalles Volcanoes stand as two of Costa Rica’s premier locations for rejuvenating baths, offering a prime opportunity to indulge in the tranquil pleasures provided by these thermal waters.

Are there budget-friendly hot springs options in Costa Rica?

Certainly, in Costa Rica, affordable hot springs are available for enjoyment. For instance, La Fortuna offers complimentary access to its thermal waters while a day’s visit at Los Laureles Hot Springs costs merely $12 USD.

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