Sushi by Bou – A True Omakase Experience

Are you intrigued by the prospect of a chef-curated sushi encounter in the heart of New York City? Sushi by Bou offers a standout omakase experience, where sushi master David Bouhadana’s craftsmanship and a lively atmosphere seamlessly blend. This concise guide will escort you through what makes Sushi by Bou a unique culinary spot, without giving too much away, so your appetite for both knowledge and sushi remains whetted.

Key Takeaways

  • Sushi by Bou offers a distinctive omakase dining experience where guests trust the chef’s expertise to serve the freshest ingredients, with unique elements like a timed dining concept and an eclectic mix of craft cocktails complementing the menu.
  • The atmosphere at Sushi by Bou is an integral part of the experience, featuring speakeasy-style counters, exclusive seating, and a vibrant high-energy ambiance, further enhanced by the restaurant’s striking decor and prime location within Salt 7.
  • The reservation process is streamlined and can be done through online platforms or the VIP Sushi Guest List, with a range of payment options for the set-priced omakase offerings, and late cancellations incurring a 50% per person fee.

A Unique Omakase Experience at Sushi by Bou

Omakase Experience at Sushi by Bou

Sushi by Bou distinguishes itself in the bustling Ft Lauderdale sushi scene by delivering a unique omakase experience. Here, you won’t find a typical menu to choose from. Instead, the term ‘Omakase’ – meaning ‘I leave it up to you’ in Japanese – defines the dining philosophy here. You place your trust in the chef who curates a selection of dishes using the freshest available ingredients of the day. The man behind these culinary delights is none other than David Bouhadana, renowned for his pioneering work in sushi cuisine in New York City.

Expect a selection of sushi including:

  • Hamachi
  • Yellowtail
  • Akami
  • Lean Tuna
  • Maguro
  • Chopped Tuna
  • Botan Ebi
  • Spotted Prawn

All served in an atmosphere pulsating with high-energy vibes, providing a fun experience.

What makes Sushi by Bou genuinely unique is:

  • Its infusion of modern elements into the traditional omakase experience
  • The sushi counters are tucked within luxury hotel suites
  • The dining experience is timed
  • The menu is complemented by a range of craft cocktails

All of these elements combine to create a truly unique dining experience, utilizing similar technologies.

Traditional Sushi Omakase

Sushi by Bou’s traditional sushi omakase offers a sensory feast. This dining concept is all about trusting the chef to create a personalized menu based on the freshest ingredients and your preferences. It’s a fun and immersive experience that shines a spotlight on the chef’s expertise, and the use of fresh ingredients in their traditional sushi offerings.

Every piece of sushi served underlines the chef’s skill in selecting and preparing fresh ingredients. The chefs meticulously prepare a progression of various nigiri pieces, with each one highlighting the sushi chef’s skills. From the moment you take your seat at the counter to the last bite of sushi, you are part of a culinary performance that showcases the art of sushi making at its finest.

Chef’s Choice Menu

Sushi by Bou’s chef’s choice menu elevates the dining experience. It’s a dynamic relationship between the diner and the chef where the chef’s expertise is relied upon to discern the most suitable offerings for the diner. This method enables the chefs to showcase their creativity, proficiency, and understanding – ensuring that each dining occasion is distinct and engaging, without the need for phone calls or extensive menu discussions.

The chef’s choice menu reflects the changing seasons by incorporating ingredients at their peak according to the natural cycle of produce and seafood availability. You may find dishes featuring:

  • Hamachi
  • Yellowtail
  • Akami
  • Lean Tuna
  • Maguro
  • Chopped Tuna
  • Botan Ebi
  • Spotted Prawn

among others, selected for their seasonal freshness. And if you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to taste their optional cookies or other desserts to complete your dining experience.

High-Energy Atmosphere

Sushi by Bou offers:

  • A high-energy atmosphere that forms an essential part of the dining ambiance
  • A one-hour intimate chef’s choice experience
  • Craft cocktails and a selection of sake
  • Lively vibes that add to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience.

The unique atmosphere reflects the fun, disco, and pop-art theme of the restaurant. Bold textures, dramatic architectural features, and adventurous ornamentation create a unique and memorable dining experience for guests. The restaurant’s location within Salt 7, a prominent restaurant on Las Olas Blvd, adds to the fashionable and welcoming atmosphere.

The central sushi bar further enhances the intimate and lively dining experience, ensuring that guests do not feel rushed during their meal.

The Speakeasy-Style Counter

Speakeasy-Style Counter

At Sushi by Bou, the ambiance plays as crucial a role as the food in the dining experience. The timed speakeasy experience featuring sushi offers an intimate setting with restricted seating, allowing guests to observe and engage with the chefs as they craft the sushi. This setup allows for better communication between the chef and the guests, ensuring a personalized dining experience.

The timed dining concept ensures that each guest receives the freshest sushi possible, while the reservation process ensures that each seating is exclusive. With options of 30 and 60 minutes, the experience is fast-paced, yet relaxed, allowing guests to fully savor the flavors of each dish. Reservations can be made in advance, accommodating both intimate experiences and larger group functions.

Timed Dining

Sushi by Bou’s timed experience enhances the omakase experience. With options of 30 minutes for smaller parties and 60 minutes for larger parties, the experience is as immersive as it is efficient.

This method of timed dining contributes significantly to the freshness of the sushi. Techniques such as shime optimize freshness, while a refrigerated sushi case preserves the quality of the ingredients. The chefs at Sushi by Bou use timers as part of their daily routine, enabling them to efficiently coordinate the speakeasy-style dining experience.

Exclusive Seating

The seating arrangement at Sushi by Bou contributes to an exclusive ambiance. The features that create this ambiance include:

  • The sushi counter, with its velvet draping and seating, creates a lavish and comfortable ambiance.
  • Full-length leaning mirrors add to the sense of exclusivity and luxury.
  • Ornate art house-inspired decor enhances the overall atmosphere.

The seating arrangement is designed to provide an intimate dining experience.

  • Cozy couches offer a more private setting
  • Communal tables facilitate social interaction
  • Private seating options are also available, offering an intimate counter and lounge setting

Reservation Process

With its straightforward reservation process, securing a spot at Sushi by Bou is a breeze. Guests can reserve a table through various online platforms such as OpenTable, Resy, and Yelp. Alternatively, they can register for the VIP Sushi Guest List on the establishment’s website or communicate directly with their reservations team via text.

While reservations are encouraged to be made at least 24 hours in advance, there’s also flexibility for spontaneity. However, keep in mind that a last-minute cancellation or no-show within the 24-hour reservation time window prior to the reservation will result in a 50% per person fee.

Craft Cocktails and Imported Sake Selection

Craft Cocktails

A perfect beverage to match the food is essential for a complete dining experience. At Sushi by Bou, guests have a selection of craft cocktails and imported sake to choose from. The featured signature cocktails include:

  • BBQ Eel
  • Shiso Southsider
  • Yuzu Honey Bee
  • Old Fashioned Pearl
  • Roku Martini
  • Kyusho Cove
  • Classic Highball
  • Citrus Highball
  • Ginger

Sushi by Bou also offers a selection of sake that’s been imported from various regions across Japan. This diverse selection provides guests with the opportunity to explore a range of sake options, showcasing different styles and techniques from different geographical areas.

Signature Cocktails

Sushi by Bou’s signature cocktails are not just drinks, they represent an ideal fusion of art and science. Expertly crafted, these beverages offer smooth and adaptable flavor profiles that complement the flavors of sushi, thereby elevating the overall dining experience.

Whether it’s the BBQ Eel, the Shiso Southsider, the Yuzu Honey Bee, the Old Fashioned Pearl, the Roku Martini, the Kyusho Cove, the Classic Highball, the Citrus Highball, or the Ginger, each cocktail is the result of careful selection and expert mixology.

The man behind these unique creations is Joe, the expert mixologist at Sushi by Bou, who brings his passion for flavors and creativity to every cocktail he crafts.

Imported Sake

For sake aficionados, Sushi by Bou is a real treat. The restaurant offers a range of sake options, including Kikusui Nigori ‘Perfect Snow’ and Katsuyama Den Junmai Daigingo. For those who want to try something new, there’s also ‘Mr. Sake’, a self-pouring sake machine that provides three sakes for $30.

The sakes at Sushi by Bou are sourced from various regions across Japan, highlighting the diversity of styles and techniques from different geographical areas. Whether you’re a sake connoisseur or a novice, you’ll appreciate the smooth, versatile flavor profiles of these carefully chosen imported sakes, thoughtfully selected to enhance the omakase dining experience.


For a more enriching dining experience, Sushi by Bou’s staff can provide expert pairing suggestions and information manage. Whether it’s a glass of sake, green tea, or a crisp white like Koshu, the right beverage can complement the flavors of the sushi, creating a harmonious combination that elevates the overall dining experience.

The recommended approach for pairing drinks with sushi should take into consideration the type of seafood, whether it has been aged, and the specific flavors of the sushi. Popular choices include koshu and other crisp whites, low dosage champagne, and sake tailored to complement the delicate flavors of sushi. Don’t hesitate to ask the knowledgeable staff for pairing suggestions – they’re there to ensure you have the best possible dining experience.

Sushi by Bou Price Overview

Although Sushi by Bou provides a priceless dining experience, it remains quite affordable. Here are some ways to save money at Sushi by Bou:

  • The average cost per person for an Omakase experience at Sushi by Bou is $125 if you go for their top experience.  This is the one we did and we were not let down.
  • The establishment provides seasonal promotions.
  • Join the VIP Sushi Guest List for special offers.
  • Use a 20% off promo code for discounts.

To make the payment process as smooth as possible, Sushi by Bou accepts the following payment methods:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Furthermore, they offer the option for prepaid reservations for their 4-seat sushi counter. These reservations are non-refundable, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Per-Person Fee

The Omakase experience at Sushi by Bou offers two established price options: the Standard 30-minute Omakase for $60 per person and the Bougie Omakase for $125 per person, which is a 60-minute experience. Each option guarantees a curated selection of sushi, ensuring each guest receives the freshest sushi possible.

While the set price includes a selection of sushi, keep in mind that there are supplementary costs for extra pieces or special orders. Guests have the option to enhance their experience by upgrading to the Bougie Omakase, which includes 17 pieces, a hand roll, and sake for a more elevated dining experience.

Payment Services

Settling your bill at Sushi by Bou is a straightforward process. The restaurant accepts both credit and debit cards, including AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

If you’re dining in a group, Sushi by Bou provides the option to divide the bill among diners. This flexibility makes it easy for everyone in your party to enjoy the experience without worrying about splitting the bill at the end of the meal.

Tips for a Memorable Visit

Tips for a Memorable Visit

To maximize your visit to Sushi by Bou, consider these tips:

  1. Arrive punctually for your reserved time to ensure that you have ample time to enjoy your meal without feeling rushed.
  2. If you have any shellfish allergies or kosher-style dietary restrictions, be sure to notify the staff in advance.
  3. Please note that there are no vegan options available.

For larger gatherings, Sushi by Bou offers group dining options for 5 or more guests. Special requests can be accommodated and celebrated with their Bougie $100 per person 60-minute Omakase. Whether you’re planning a casual get-together or celebrating a special occasion, Sushi by Bou provides the perfect setting for a memorable dining experience.

Arrival Time

Being on time is paramount when dining at Sushi by Bou. The timed dining experience ensures that each guest receives the freshest sushi possible, but it also means that arriving late could shorten your dining experience.

While arriving early is permissible, keep in mind that there is no designated waiting area for early arrivals. However, arriving on time ensures you’ll have the full time allotted for your omakase experience, allowing you to fully savor the flavors of each dish.

Dietary Restrictions

Sushi by Bou aims to accommodate a wide range of dietary needs. The restaurant is able to accommodate shellfish allergies and kosher-style dietary restrictions, although they do not provide options for vegans. If you have dietary restrictions, it’s recommended to inform the staff in advance. This allows them to prepare accordingly and ensure your dining experience is as enjoyable as possible.

In addition to accommodating dietary restrictions, Sushi by Bou also offers gluten-free options, including gluten-free soy sauce.

Group Dining

Organizing a group dining event at Sushi by Bou comes with numerous benefits. In addition to an exclusive and intimate experience featuring a personal chef and a private sushi counter, you’ll also have access to a tranquil private room, offering a 75-minute, 12-course Omakase.

To organize a group dining event, simply choose between the signature 12-piece omakase or the upgraded 17-course omakase, both of which are perfect for any special occasion. With a capacity to accommodate up to 80 seated guests and an additional 30 standing guests, Sushi by Bou is the perfect location for your next group dining event.


Sushi by Bou presents an unforgettable omakase experience that combines a curated selection of traditional sushi, a unique speakeasy-style counter, and a high-energy atmosphere. The craft cocktails and imported sake selection, along with the thoughtful pricing and payment services, ensure a seamless dining experience. With tips for a memorable visit, including punctuality, advance notification of dietary restrictions, and options for group dining, Sushi by Bou is the perfect destination for a memorable sushi experience. So, whether you’re a sushi connoisseur or a first-time omakase diner, Sushi by Bou invites you to experience the magic of an authentic omakase experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns sushi by Bou?

Chef David Bouhadana owns Sushi by Bou. He is the co-owner along with Erika London. They are excited to bring their passion for sushi to Boca Raton.

How does sushi by Bou work?

At Sushi by Bou, you can enjoy a classic 12-piece omakase experience, with the option to upgrade for extra time and additional pieces. Additionally, you can savor craft cocktails, imported sake, and high-energy vibes.

How much is sushi by Bao NYC?

Sushi by Bao in NYC offers a timed Omakase experience starting at $60, along with craft cocktails, imported sake, and fine Japanese spirits. You can enjoy this unique dining experience at Sushi by Bao.

What is the cancellation policy for sushi by Bou?

The cancellation policy for Sushi by Bou states that a 50% per person fee will apply to cancellations and no-shows for reservations made within 24 hours of the reservation time, with no same-day rescheduling allowed. You can cancel by texting 312-818-1156 or 917.268.7268.

What does ‘Omakase’ mean at Sushi by Bou?

‘Omakase’ at Sushi by Bou means ‘I leave it up to you’ in Japanese, indicating a dining experience where the chef selects dishes using the freshest ingredients.

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