Best Italian Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale (For All Budgets)

Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen, but thanks to a huge population from the Northeast, we have some of the best Italian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale and for a rather small city population-wise, we really have some bangers that I’d put up there with Italian cuisine anywhere in the USA. Today I’ll cover the wide variety of Italian dining options in Fort Lauderdale and share my opinion on which ones are the best ones in the area.

This information spans my over 20 years living in Ft Lauderdale, and I’m embarrassed to say how much money I spent over the years putting into this round up.  Hey, my pain, your gain!

Italian Dining in Fort Lauderale Overview

  • Las Olas Blvd is the hotspot for Italian cuisine in Fort Lauderdale, with places like Louie Bossi’s and Trattoria Romana offering authentic dishes and unique dining vibes.
  • Homemade pastas and family traditions are at the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s Italian dining experience, with family-run spots like Kitchenetta serving up classic recipes in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • An Italian meal isn’t complete without the perfect wine pairing, and places like Trattoria Romana enhance the dining experience with an extensive selection and knowledgeable staff.

A Taste of Italy on Las Olas Blvd

A bustling street with outdoor seating at an Italian restaurant

Some of Fort Lauderdale’s finest Italian restaurants occupy the bustling Las Olas Blvd. Consider Louie Bossi’s Ristorante with its alluring ambiance and mouth-watering food. The high-energy atmosphere, complete with a live DJ, makes for a thrilling dining experience. But it’s not just about the vibe; Louie Bossi’s is all about authentic Italian food. From delicious house-made pastas to wood-burning Neapolitan pizzas and Sicilian comfort food, every dish is a testament to Italy’s rich culinary heritage.

Another Las Olas Blvd gem, Trattoria Romana, proudly presents its signature dishes: Lobster Tails Garlic & Oil, Veal Chop Romana, and Jumbo Shrimp Saltimbocca. Prepared with the freshest ingredients, each of these dishes offers a taste of real Italian cuisine.

Rino’s Italian Restaurant impresses with its superior Italian fare and live entertainment, and Piccolino delights with traditional Italian dishes like pizzas and pasta, complemented by scrumptious homemade desserts.

Each restaurant on Las Olas Blvd offers a unique dining experience, transporting you straight to Italy with every bite. So whether you’re a fan of classic Italian dishes or eager to try something new, Las Olas Blvd has got you covered.

Family Traditions and Homemade Pastas

Family traditions and gastronomic delight equally define Fort Lauderdale’s Italian food scene. Take Kitchenetta and Trattoria Romana, for instance. These family-run establishments are well-known for their homemade pastas, each carrying on family traditions in their recipes.

Trattoria Romana offers a laid-back dining experience, perfect for savouring their classic homemade pasta dishes. It’s all about enjoying great food in a relaxed setting, making it a top choice for Italian food lovers.

On the other hand, Il Mulino is a go-to spot for friends and family. Famous for its friendly vibe and authentic Italian flavors, it’s the perfect place to gather over a delicious meal. Each of these restaurants carries a piece of Italy in their heart and serves it on your plate, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Wine and Dine Italian Style

A wine cellar with a variety of Italian wines

Can one truly enjoy Italian dining without a fine bottle of wine? The perfect pairing of Italian cuisine and wine is a key element of the dining experience, enhancing the flavors of the food and adding a touch of elegance to the meal.

Take Trattoria Romana, for instance, that prides itself on its extensive wine range. The wide selection caters to different preferences and adds to the authentic Italian dining experience, making it one of the top Italian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale.

Trattoria Romana houses over 400 world-class international and domestic labels, promising a perfect wine match for every palate and dish. The knowledgeable staff play a significant role in this experience, helping guests pick the perfect wine to complement their meal, thereby making the dining experience truly unforgettable.

What is the Best Italian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale?

For us, it has to be the iconic Casa D’Angelo off of US-1 near Sunrise Boulevard.  In this restaurant you’ll find it all in an upscale environment that offers a great cocktail list, an expansive menu, and many daily specials.  Bring your checkbook and be ready to hunker down, because this is our go-to for special occasions.

foccaccia and bruschetta
Complimentary! at Casa D’Angelo

A close second at this point in time is Runway 84.  They did a massive renovation in 2022 and transformed the legendary restaurant into more of a supper club complete with live music starting at 7:30 each night.

Cafe Vico

For an old school, family-oriented experience, I can’t recommend Cafe Vico enough. Its one of our go-to restaurants!  It’s just miles from Las Olas Blvd to the north up US1 just past Sunrise Blvd.

Offering a full menu of signature Italian dishes with other dishes like Italian pork chops, steaks, and a huge wine list, you can’t go wrong here.  They also have a bustling happy hour scene, iconic decor, and live music.  It’s also priced in the mid-range for Italian and every dish we’ve had has been spectacular while offering incredible service.

The Best of Oakland Park Blvd’s Italian Scene

A mix of traditional and modern Italian dishes on display

A diverse Italian culinary scene awaits on Oakland Park Blvd. From rustic home-style dinners at Dal Contadino Trattoria to modern twists on classic flavors at Il Mulino, there’s something for everyone.

Known for dishes like Homemade Mozzarella, Veal Marsala, and Chicken on the bone Cacciatore style, Dal Contadino Trattoria embodies traditional Italian home cooking. On the other hand, Il Mulino and Azzurro Cucina Italiana offer a contemporary take on Italian cuisine, featuring dishes like pita-crusted salmon and wood fire dishes.

Vito’s Gourmet Pizza certainly stands out on Oakland Park Blvd, thanks to its uniquely special pizzas. These pizzas bring a unique twist to the Italian dining scene on the boulevard, making it a must-visit for pizza lovers.

List of Italian Restaurants in the 954

Embarking on an Italian culinary journey in Fort Lauderdale takes you beyond the usual pasta and pizza. It’s a celebration of the diverse regional flavors of Italy. From Sicilian cuisine at The Etna Rosso to Tuscan flavors at Luigi’s Tuscan Grill, you can embark on a culinary journey through Italy without leaving Fort Lauderdale.

Café Martorano offers a taste of regional Italian specialties with its classic pastas, seafood dishes, and meat entrées. Meanwhile, Il Mulino keeps it real with its authentic Italian food, offering a genuine Italian dining experience right here in Fort Lauderdale.

Places like:

  • Cafe Martorano
  • Cafe Italia
  • Il Paesano
  • Dal Contadino
  • Gran Forno Bakery
  • La Mia

These Italian restaurants are all about that authentic Italian cuisine in Fort Lauderdale, making them some of the best Italian restaurants in South Florida.

Delivery, Takeout, and Date Night Ideas

A romantic candlelit table setup at an Italian restaurant

Craving a romantic Italian dining experience, an easy takeout or speedy delivery? Fort Lauderdale’s Italian restaurants have got you covered. Take Serafina, an ideal location for a romantic date night. With a variety of options and special deals, it guarantees an unforgettable evening.

Serafina’s takeout menu is packed with appetizing choices, including:

  • Funghi di Bosco Risotto
  • Zuppa di Pesce
  • Mahi-Mahi Adriatico
  • Salmon al Limone
  • Butterfield Branzino

You can enjoy the best Italian food at home.

What’s more? With its service extending to delivery within Fort Lauderdale, Serafina makes it seamless to relish a delightful Italian meal at home.

Other Cuisine Roundups for Fort Lauderdale:


To sum it up, Fort Lauderdale is a treasure trove of authentic Italian dining experiences. From family-run establishments serving homemade pastas to trendy spots offering modern interpretations of classic dishes, it’s clear that the city’s Italian culinary scene is as diverse as it is delicious. So whether you’re planning a romantic date night, looking for a casual dining spot, or simply craving a classic Italian pizza, Fort Lauderdale’s Italian restaurants have something for everyone. Now, it’s time for you to embark on your own Italian culinary journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular Italian dishes I can find in Fort Lauderdale?

You’ll find a variety of popular Italian dishes in Fort Lauderdale, such as Lobster Tails Garlic & Oil, Veal Chop Romana, Jumbo Shrimp Saltimbocca, homemade pastas, and wood-burning Neapolitan pizzas. Enjoy exploring the delicious options!

Can I find regional Italian dishes like Sicilian or Tuscan cuisine in Fort Lauderdale?

Absolutely! You can enjoy Sicilian cuisine at The Etna Rosso and Tuscan dishes at Luigi’s Tuscan Grill in Fort Lauderdale. Happy dining!

Which Italian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale are good for a romantic date night?

You should check out Serafina for a romantic date night in Fort Lauderdale.

Does Serafina in Fort Lauderdale offer delivery services?

Yes, Serafina in Fort Lauderdale offers delivery within the city.

What restaurants are known for their homemade pastas in Fort Lauderdale?

If you’re looking for homemade pastas in Fort Lauderdale, Kitchenetta and Trattoria Romana are known for serving just that! Enjoy your meal.

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