Ocean Prime Orlando: Best Dining Experience in Seafood and Steaks

If you’re in search of an extraordinary culinary encounter in Orlando, look no further than Ocean Prime. We just ate here after dropping off our son at college and wanted some diversion from the dining experiences near campus. This prime destination boasts an impressive menu featuring exquisite seafood and steaks. Situated on Sand Lake Road, the restaurant also offers stunning settings with a refined and exclusive ambiance. Continue reading to uncover the unique qualities that set this establishment apart.

Key Takeaways

  • Ocean Prime Orlando is strategically located on Sand Lake Road’s ‘Restaurant Row’, (in the Dr. Phillips neighborhood) providing easy access and valet parking for a seamless dining experience near popular attractions.
  • The restaurant offers an impressive menu featuring high-quality seafood and prime steaks, with notable dishes like Chilean sea bass, twin lobster tails, and various prime cuts of steak, complemented by thoughtfully prepared appetizers and sushi.
  • Ocean Prime Orlando is equipped to host private events with their five private dining rooms, offering customizable menus and modern amenities, making it an ideal venue for business meetings, family celebrations, and special occasions in stunning settings.

Discover Ocean Prime Orlando

ocean prime cocktails
As you know, I always start off a great meal with a dirty martini.

Nestled on the famed ‘Restaurant Row’, or Sand Lake Road, Ocean Prime Orlando offers easy access to sought-after attractions such as Universal Studios and Walt Mike Disney World. This prime location is a magnet for both tourists and locals eager to enjoy an exceptional dining experience amidst their adventures in Orlando.

Upon arrival at Ocean Prime Orlando, guests are greeted with the convenience of valet parking service. It’s this level of attention that elevates the customer experience from beginning to end, eliminating any potential parking concerns so patrons can effortlessly transition into an evening of gastronomic delight.

Reviewers often laud the upscale ambiance and chic decor at Ocean Prime Orlando, which compliments its lavish setting. The restaurant exudes comfort intertwined with luxury, creating an exquisite backdrop suitable for celebratory events or simply a sophisticated night out on the town — all integral parts of what makes every visit to Ocean Prime truly distinguished.

The stunning settings of Ocean Prime Orlando, with its elegant and exclusive atmosphere, further enhance the dining experience, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a memorable and refined evening.

The Ocean Prime Dining Room Experience

ocean prime orlando black truffle caviar deviled eggs
We started off with the black truffle devied eggs with caviar and they were out of this world!

Upon entering the dining room at Ocean Prime, you’re enveloped in an ambiance that radiates elegance and refinement. This space is adorned with:

  • Contemporary decorations
  • Soft illumination
  • Chic furniture pieces
  • Subdued background lighting

Every aspect, from the impressive menu offerings to the breathtaking surroundings, has been meticulously designed to deliver a supreme dining experience.

The expansive area within the restaurant’s dining room facilitates various seating configurations that comfortably cater to both small intimate gatherings and larger festive groups. The well-conceived layout of Ocean Prime not only allows for ease during meals, but also affords diners privacy—perfect for low-key dinners as well as celebratory occasions.

Ocean Prime Orlando captures a slice of New York City’s ocean-inspired vibrancy within its walls while offering panoramic views over active Orlando streets right from your table in its main venue. As one enjoys their meal, they are surrounded by Florida’s urban energy—a perfect marriage of peaceful enjoyment and FL city life hustle—all encapsulated within this spirited establishment.

Seafood and Steaks at Ocean Prime in Orlando

ribeye ocean prime blue cheese crusted
I devoured this blue cheese crusted ribeye!

At Ocean Prime Orlando, the impressive menu demonstrates the establishment’s dedication to providing exceptional taste and quality. The seafood options are a true highlight, crafted with skill by Ocean Prime Associates in a style reminiscent of those found at Ocean Prime Sarasota.

  • Blackened snapper
  • Florida grouper
  • Teriyaki salmon
  • Sea scallops accompanied by Parmesan risotto

The Chilean sea bass is especially celebrated among patrons for its splendid preparation and flavor profile. It comes paired with broccolini, pearl onions, creamy potato purée, and an aromatic truffle vinaigrette. Adding opulence to the selection of seafood dishes are twin lobster tails that arrive beautifully plated with asparagus spears and rich drawn butter.

Steak aficionados will find their expectations met with aplomb at this esteemed eatery. Exemplary cuts such as an 8 oz filet mignon, luxurious 12 oz bone-in filet cutlet form part or prime offerings alongside robust 16 oz ribeye steaks – all of which can be Indulged upon when adorned with decadent sauces like béarnaise or black truffle butter or Maytag blue cheese crust enhancements—a veritable celebration for connoisseurs who prefer their meat tender and bursting with savoriness.

A tour through appetizers reveals standouts including Sonoma goat cheese ravioli alongside Point Judith calamari and sophisticated white truffle caviar deviled eggs. For pristine marine flavors head straight to ‘On Ice’ where diners dive into succulent East Coast oysters. West varieties chill crab handcrafted cocktails grand jumbo shrimp cocktail chilled Maine lobsters luxe entirety sumptuous treat dubbed surf turf coupling savory scallops shreds braised ribs kickstarting epicurean experiences unforgettable manner.

Sushi lovers won’t feel left out either—the sushi array boasts creations such as signature rolls: one embodying essence itself often referred directly eclectic calling dynamic captures attention international savvy guests ensuring spectrum diverse delights cater to gourmet preferences every kind visitor frequenting venue ImVecable memorable moments culinary enjoyment alike.

Ocean Prime Happy Hour in the Lounge

At Ocean Prime Lounge, the daily happy hour from 5 to 7 in the evening is an enjoyable affair. Offering a $5 reduction on its lounge selections, patrons can savor sought-after starters and mixed drinks without stretching their budget.

During this period, guests can take advantage of specially priced beer, wine, and cocktails. The allure of reduced-price beverages paired with scrumptious appetizers has cemented Ocean Prime’s happy hour as a crowd-pleaser. It serves as an ideal setting for either decompressing after work or starting off an evening out with prime relaxation and pleasure.

Enjoy Live Music at Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime in Orlando enhances the dining ambiance with live music performances held in the lounge, delighting guests every Wednesday and Friday starting at 5:30 PM.

Private Dining at Ocean Prime Orlando

Ocean Prime Orlando isn’t just a place for an outstanding dining experience. It’s also the perfect spot for hosting private events by the ocean. The establishment is equipped with five luxurious private dining rooms in Orlando, each featuring a flatscreen TV that marries opulence with state-of-the-art technology. Ocean Prime caters to various occasions, including corporate meetings, family gatherings or special celebrations, providing both exclusive and partially-private settings tailored to your event requirements.

The venue’s Prime Room I has the capacity to host up to 16 guests seated and 25 for standing receptions. On the other hand, Prime Room II can accommodate up to 30 seated patrons or 40 standing guests. For grander affairs, when combined together, these adjoining spaces offer room for as many as 50 individuals sitting down or approximately 70 mingling during a reception—offering adjustable configurations suitable for any type of function.

Should you require space for slightly bigger parties without sacrificing comfort and elegance—the Rialto Rooms are your answer—with individual capacities mirroring those of Prime Room II: seating arrangements catered towards groups of up to thirty while offering sufficient stand-up space during cocktail-style functions accommodating forty attendees per room. Merge them into one unified area and they transform into an expansive hall conducive not only to seating close-knit circles totaling sixty, but also to welcoming celebratory crowds numbering around one hundred reveling attendees.

For more secluded gatherings demanding exclusivity amidst sophistication—look no than their Club Room which comfortably seats twelve diners or supports nearly double that number (twenty) should it be arranged as a socializing zone within this intimate enclave setting—all underscored by customized menu planning courtesy of Ocean Prime’s dedicated team who work closely with clients ensuring every occasion becomes exceptionally memorable.

If interested in arranging prime private dining experiences at their Orlando locale—one could reach out directly via phone call discussing options available through consultation facilitated personally through our Sales & Event Manager on standby at (407) ­781-4880­­­­─ensuring detail-oriented service excellence from initial inquiry right until event culmination ensuring perfection throughout all phases guaranteeing total satisfaction showcasing why “ocean” is synonymous not only aligning perfectly alongside words such “prime” but solidifying its stance unmatched atop lexicon defining culinary festivity embedded inherently within bounds crossing over territories catering distinguished clientele island-wide encompassed plentifully under Floridian skies azure enshrined forevermore infinitely stretching shores enlightened beyond imagination’s stretch invariably fascinating everlastingly captivating uniformly consistently – Or simply put – reaching out ensures individually crafted events steeped in luxury where “ocean meets prime.”

Ocean Prime Review – Service and Atmosphere

Ocean Prime Orlando is celebrated for its superb service and sincere hospitality, ensuring that each guest has a customized experience at the restaurant. The staff’s attentive nature and thorough training are integral to this dedication, earning high praise from patrons who value their commitment.  We found the service to be a 10 out of 10!  We will be back!

The dining room at Ocean Prime in Las Vegas exudes luxury with its stunning settings, sophisticated lighting, stylish decor, and sumptuous seating. Meticulous attention to detail is given to ensure that both the ambiance and table presentations contribute to an elegant yet inviting atmosphere.

Ocean Prime Reviews (from Other Customers)

Patrons frequently recount their exceptional dining experiences at Ocean Prime in Orlando, often highlighting standout dishes like the acclaimed ten-layer carrot cake praised for its flavor and visual appeal. These personal testimonials shed light on the unique allure of Ocean Prime, underscoring its continued reputation as a preferred dining destination.

Ocean Prime Photos

I’ve inputted actual photos from our experience throughout this Ocean Prime review.  Here’s a shot of Michelle’s go-to, the seabass.

ocean prime seabass

The loaded baked potato did not disappoint, either!

ocean prime baked potato

Location and Contact Information

Located in the Rialto at Sand Lake Road, adjacent to Turkey Lake Road within Dr. Phillips, Ocean Prime Orlando boasts a superb position that’s just a stone’s throw from the Orlando Convention Center. This distinguished location ensures that it is highly accessible for those nearby as well as travelers, including patrons who have visited York City Ocean Prime. The restaurant welcomes guests during its hours of operation: Sunday through Thursday from 5 PM until 10 PM and extends service on Friday and Saturday nights up until 11 PM.

For individuals looking to hold private gatherings of any size, Ocean Prime Orlando presents an array of options tailored for such events. Those interested in Details about private dining opportunities or wishing to submit inquiries can reach out directly to the Sales & Event Manager by dialing (407) 781-4880.


Ocean Prime in Orlando presents a remarkable gastronomic journey with an impressive menu that expertly fuses sumptuous seafood and prime steaks. The restaurant’s stunning settings, featuring an elegant and exclusive atmosphere, further enhance the dining experience. Boasting a superb location, this dining establishment enchants with its sophisticated interior, spirited happy hour offerings, and lively musical ambiance. Ideal for both grand celebrations and unforgettable regular meals alike, Ocean Prime Orlando invites you to indulge in its exceptional environment and understand why it’s recognized as a top-tier culinary hotspot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ocean Prime Orlando located?

Situated close to the Orlando Convention Center at Rialto on Sand Lake Road, near Turkey Lake Road in Dr. Phillips, Ocean Prime Orlando can be found.

What are the hours of operation for Ocean Prime Orlando?

At Ocean Prime in Orlando, business hours are set from 5 PM until 10 PM Sunday to Thursday, and extend an hour later on Friday and Saturday, closing at 11 PM.

Does Ocean Prime Orlando offer valet parking?

Yes, Ocean Prime Orlando does offer valet parking to enhance the overall dining experience.

What are some popular dishes at Ocean Prime Orlando?

At Ocean Prime in Orlando, diners frequently enjoy favorites such as the prime filet mignon and the Chilean sea bass. A standout dessert is their decadent ten-layer carrot cake.

How can I inquire about private dining at Ocean Prime Orlando?

For information on private dining options at Ocean Prime in Orlando, please reach out to the Sales & Event Manager by calling (407) 781-4880.

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