Master Ba’s Hot Pot & BBQ: The Best Korean BBQ on Sunrise

If you have never tried Korean hotpot, you are seriously missing out. If you have had it, I promise you haven’t had it like they do it at Master Ba’s Hot Pot on Sunrise Boulevard. I love Korean BBQ (I mean, who doesn’t?), and I am always searching for my new favorite spot. Honestly, I have found it, and it’s just miles from our house!

What Is It?

master bas robot
Your food arrives on a robot!

Master Ba’s Hot Pot is a cozy little spot in Sunrise, Florida. It is a simple, fuss-free spot where you can sit around a large table and share a great meal with friends and family. I have been for quite a few meals there now, and the quality and service have never let me down- and I look forward to introducing more people to my hidden gem.

How It Works

master bas korean hot pot
I always get the hot pot and bbq combo as I like both methods of cooking.

Korean hot pot & BBQ is a traditional dining style where you cook your own food. I know what you are thinking- what is the point of leaving the house? Trust me, this type of interactive dining is a brilliant experience and makes a meal out feel homely- especially in Master Ba’s Hot Pot, Sunrise.

The tables have small stove tops at each seat, and everyone gets a pot of water. There is also a BBQ grill for those who want to cook meat as part of their meal. You pick your soups, spices, vegetables, meat, and fish items- which you can add to your pot to create a delicious broth or grill on the BBQ.

I usually pick and mix dishes with the others in my group because I find it the best way to enjoy the experience, but you can do it individually. That said, some of the dishes come in pretty big portions, so be careful not to over-order.

What’s On the Menu?

master bas vegetables

Master Ba’s hot pot menu is extensive. It starts with seven soup bases, then moves through a dozen different meat options and almost as much seafood.

There is also an excellent selection of vegetables and other vegetarian options- and some classic Korean appetizers to dip and enjoy on the side (I especially recommend the dumplings, popcorn chicken, crab Rangoon, and fried pork).

The BBQ menu is what keeps me going back time and time again. You have 20 different choices- all hand-marinated in Master Ba’s secret BBQ rub, which might be one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted.

How Much Does It Cost?

master bas korean bbq

Oh yes, I didn’t even get to the best bit yet. Master Ba’s Hot Pot & BBQ is all you can eat. If you just want the hot pot, the cost is $29.99- the same applies if you are only there for the BBQ. My recommendation is to do both for the amazing price of $35 per person.

A word of caution- don’t go wild and order everything right off the bat. You will pay a surcharge if you leave large amounts of uneaten food since you can’t take it away and they can’t reuse it.

My advice is to start slowly- you can add more as many times as you want.

When, Where, and How to Visit

Master Ba’s Hot Pot is open between the hours of 12 noon and 11 pm every day. You can phone to book a table. The address is 12703 W, Sunrise Boulevard, Sunrise, Florida. The second location is currently closed.

Check out the restaurant page or the Yelp account for photos and reviews- and book yourself a table!

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